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  1. I doubt this will help a lot, however, there is a boat specific sale forum here on SOL, I'd at least move it to there before completely removing.
  2. Reel them in even slower. You should pretty much be right on the bottom and hardly moving. There isn't really any action to be imparted on them, I lift my tip slowly just a bit on a pause every once and a while and that is it. Otherwise I am reeling them straight in as slow as possible to hold bottom. Although I have had some luck on floating needles in shallow boulder fields I tend to always stick with sinking needles and always at night. As mentioned, the do tend to bring the larger fish out of the groups.
  3. The Complete Angler fly shop has him in the building doing fly tying a couple times a month it seems like btw, they should also be able to get you his number directly if you were to call or stop in.
  4. Penn just came out with a fly rod line in the Battle line up. I think the combo retails for $250 and might be worth starting with if you're not sure this will be something you stick with. There is a charter captain Ian Devlin who is from your area and does fly casting lessons throughout the year. Might even be able to get some lessons and some fishing in with the winter Housy fishing available to you. You can find Ian by Face Book searching for him.
  5. After my success with them I even went out and bought the wife a pair when her 4 Most (Cabela's) stocking foot waders became too much of a pain to repair. She's had hers for this entire past season and although we didn't get out as much as our typical years due to how crazy work has been and a wedding for us they have held up nicely throughout the season. I will certainly keep your comments in mind being sure to keep receipts if I end up with another pair when I have to inevitably replace mine. I have to wonder if anyone makes waders like Kokatat makes their dry suits. Although I am not sure I'd spend anywhere near $1k for waders my dry suit is tough, thick and reinforced in all the right areas. I am sure I will have repairs on that at some point but they certainly seem like they will outlast the last couple waders I've owned before needing repair. TBH I've never spent more than $200 on waders because I know everyone complains about the need for replacement so I'm hesitant to spend much on them.
  6. I take you word for it with that type of experience. TBH, there's too much structure in RI and Eastern CT to find myself fishing the beach unless it's fall, even then I tend to stick to structure until we get down to the diaper stripers this time of the year off the beaches. I know the few times I am out on the beaches a year I do not seem to have an issue with my gravel guards on my Caddis stocking foot waders. TBH, for their price point they've treated me as well or better than the other waders brands I've had in the past.
  7. I don't care what anyone says about the BOA system. Yes, I have had to replace mine and I keep laces in the truck along with zip ties so if the problem happens on the water I have a solution to this issue (as you can probably guess I have had to use this trick in the past). With all that said, as I started this comment I will continue to use my BOA systems on the beach, rocks and anywhere else I happen to use waders to fish. I always use gravel guards when on the sand beaches but I do have to admit I mostly find myself in boulder fields or on hard structure so the problem may be much worse, and there for a differing opinion for other people who fish the sand beaches a lot.
  8. It's not about being weighed down, it's about the build up of sand in them which makes everything uncomfortable especially when walking long distances. I always use my gravel guards though and wonder if the complaints would be somewhat reduced if those people used waders with that option.
  9. What a deal!
  10. Not terribly far from my location but do you have any information on the Mike everyone is speaking on? I will be reaching out to Crafty One Customs in RI but looking to do a bit of research on a few reputable guys and make a decision from there.
  11. I have purchased a Century Stealth 11' blank to have built this winter for my new eeling rod. I'm located on the Eastern side of CT, very close to RI and wouldn't mind getting the rod built here in CT or over the boarder in RI. I am currently looking into Crafty One Customs in RI but looking for other options as well. I will appreciate any and all help with the topic.
  12. I myself am looking to get a Century Stealth 11' rod built this winter, I see Billy D's location is Greenwhich which is pretty far from me. Any chance you have a last name for Mike and where he works out of with contact info if it's not a shop?
  13. As mentioned, when moving spots trolling is a no brainer. However I run a trolling motor on my yak and if i am marking sporadically or not getting a bite I will switch to trolling because you can cover more ground and present your bait to more fish. Typically I troll metal lip plugs but sometimes I will go out knowing the tube and worm rig will be my trolling choice.
  14. Other than early spring here in CT I haven't had too much of size or numbers going on since myself. There will still be the group of people who say the fisheries call on the decline in the population as a "cycle" and not truly a problem, a lot of them rely on the species to make a living...
  15. Respectfully offer $150 picked up locally to you.