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  1. The taste I think is the same. Snook, in BRAZIL the name is ROBALO, fight hard, on my opinion is more fast of stripe. They bite equals.
  2. I'll sell my AERO TECHNIUM, totally serviced by shimano, 2 full spool lines Extraordinary reel Check pictures $440,00
  3. This summer, schedule a weekend to fishing on CANAL of Cape Cod, will be a good experience. The powerful water force you to use a big lures on high tide. You will catch bigger like this, thi baby still there, me and my father release it. I hooked it on tail, big fighting.
  4. Hi, sorry I just read better now. This rod is for jigging 5oz lure, I used savage brand. With this rod is easy to fishing all night with this weight deeper lure. I like to fish on CANAL Cape Cod
  5. Thanks
  6. Thanks, I wish you get biggers this year.... lol lol
  7. Uau... shark is my dream.... take me with you LOL lol
  8. Yes, she go out fishing with me Lol Lol
  9. My wife give me this precious gift
  10. My wife give me this precious gift
  11. This is some things we building last year.
  12. I made last year, this year I don't make nothing yet.
  13. Thanks, I'll check it.
  14. I did the designer and a friend did a painting
  15. Somebody can tell me where can I find it bigger size, around 8" or 10"? Don't have to be a heddon brand, I'm looking for this model lure.