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  1. Southwest allows up to 91 inches as an extra "bag"
  2. Thank you for the information, I won a drawing at my work for $250 gift card to the online giant. I found a TFO Loomis or Mojo for roughly the same price, both seem to have great warranty and free returns so I may order both to get a feel.
  3. Yes, anyone that owned one will never forget starting it. Great bike
  4. I missed it, they are down to 10ft casting only.
  5. Thanks, I'm thinking 2 piece, Southwest is free and allows a tube up to 91 inches long and 3 inches wide. I will be fishing south, Cabo is up first. Airwave and Saltx are on the list, I will look into the Cedros.
  6. Hi, I've been lurking,reading,searching for information. I was gifted a Penn Slammer 6500 high-speed for Christmas by my wife. The reel was spooled with 50lb braid, I know this is overkill for most surf fishing but I travel to Costa Rica, Cabo, FL so that was what BP put on for her. Roosters, snapper, tarpon, snook, Cobia My budget is around $300 A few I looked into are mostly 10'6''mh or 11 1 to 4oz Mojo, new tsunami saltx are a few I've been looking at. Mostly throwing poppers and spoons. Thanks for the help and let me know if I missed any details to narrow it down.