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  1. Which fish tastes better? Fights harder? Harder to catch? I would like to hear opinions.
  2. I got the saltwater edge vise the other day and I'm impressed with it so far. It can clamp and hold tight with ease 8/0 hooks and fully rotates. I like the simplicity. I tie flare hawk jigs ranging from 1.5 oz - 3 oz. It's a good buy imo. I myself aint about all these homemade vises. Looks complicated, unable to rotate 360 deg, and uncomfortable to use.
  3. I've questioned about the tail being on the bottom myself. It's probably due to ease of use and not getting in the way of the hook. I have seen homemade flare hawks with the tail on top. I'm sure fish won't notice if the tail is top or bottom since flare hawks are mostly fished at night anyways. Maybe it may be beneficial for the strip to be on top if you're fishing during day light hours.
  4. BG! You can get them for less than $100
  5. Looks like an awesome rod but it seems like their warranty program sucks.
  6. I don't believe the reel is capable of 50 lbs of drag. It's a marketing scheme. Alan Hawk said the same about the 19 Stella claiming 55 lbs drag but tested it at 38 lbs max drag.
  7. As of now the 2014 Saltiga Expedition
  8. Saragosa and Slammer are the top of my list for the price range you're looking at. Had a Saltist 5000 which I had high hopes for that lasted only 6 months before needing service. Turned into a grinder after getting splashed & dunked repeatedly. It's a great reel, powerful, and smooth but it didn't hold up to the punishment I was giving it. Had it serviced and grinded again after 2 months. A couple bearing spring clips popped off in the inside while I was plugging. I pretty much gave up on the reel and bought a Saltiga.
  9. You just sound like a googan and it's apparent ya'll like to chat together on these forums. Nuff said.
  10. Eh I use it for jigging mostly due to the low retrieve rate. It's a powerful reel for sure.
  11. It will probably be cheaper in Australia and Japan
  12. The new STELLIGA? I would pay extra to have it all black or even replace some of the gold with blue