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  1. So I read an article recently that was saying when conditions are too rough for top water plugs to work correctly or effectively that hard stickbaits are a great way to go and can be killer for stripers. It did not give any examples really though. Anyone ever use stickbaits for stripers? And if so which ones work well?
  2. I recently graduated college and this is actually a route that I’m looking into. Seems like a great job with great benefits if you stay till retirement or opens up tons of opportunities like Environmental Police if you get out early
  3. Mind letting us know how they are after you try them? I’m very interested and might buy some too
  4. I recently got a revo 13 and I’m working on getting geared up for night fishing for stripers and I’m leaning towards some type of navigation light like those. I was talking to an EPO at my work the other day about the requirements and he said that it’s not required but he think is it’s a good idea to have them because it gives extra visibility and shows your direction of travel. For the $13 I think the piece of mind is well worth it
  5. Long story short, after a midnight new moon fishing trip with dense fog setting in to the point that I could barely see my hand in front of my face I would really like to find a fishing buddy. I’m usually fairly comfortable fishing on my own but this and a few other experiences this year have me kinda on edge soloing late at night. On top of this I’ve never had anyone to teach me anything about striper fishing outside of tackle shop owners so it’s be nice to bounce ideas around and get some help finding new spots and techniques and most importantly have a friend to fish with! So if there’s anyone who surf fishes and/or kayak fishes the buzzards bay area who’s also looking for someone to fish with send me a pm.
  6. $40 price point on amazon is exactly why I was looking into them haha. Heck of a lot cheaper than buying another pair of bootfoots. My shoe size varies between brands but it’s usually around an 11 so I’m thinking a 12 probably. Thanks for sharing your experience with them!
  7. Any particular brand/type you’d recommend?
  8. So they do work well with stockingfoots? My big concern is the sand getting in and wearing a hole in the water booty. How’s the sizing on them? Like would I need to go up or down a size for them to fit right?
  9. What’s a good dive booty or wading shoe for stocking foot waders on sandy beaches that will keep sand out? Was looking at the frogg togg Aransas. I currently have a cheap pair of boot foot waders and a pair of Simms freestone stocking foot waders paired with korkers dark horse with studded soles. I use the boot foots whenever I fish a sand beach but let my girlfriend or a buddy use them if they want to come with so I need something better than the korkers for my Simms in this situation
  10. This is good to know. I will really try to pay attention to feeling the weight of the plug rather than trying to feel the taps of the zig zag action This has been my problem I think, just not having the confidence in it. Gonna force myself to throw it for a while next time I’m out
  11. Just wanted to update everyone. I was able to go demo both a 2019 revo 13 and a 2019 outback. Did not demo a predator as they didn’t have a demo boat for it at the time. I liked the revo better as it has a similar feel to my kayak I have now and I all around felt more stable in it(I feel because of the seat height on the outback even in the lowest setting). I ended up buying one right there because they gave me such a good deal I couldn’t pass it up. Thank you all so much for your input. It has been extremely helpful and informative. I will be picking it up Monday after they rig a gear track and run my fish finder wires for me and will most likely be taking it out that night! I will let you all know what I think when I land my first fish on it!
  12. Thank you guys for all the input and examples. After demoing I think that I’m gonna put an 8 inch track on the right side for my fish finder and a rod holder and leave it at that. I can’t wait to get it on Monday and take it out!
  13. You do make a good point about keeping things clear for easy reentry points. Both the sail mast mount and a rail mount have their pros and cons. I guess I’ll have to mess around while I’m on it during the demo to see where I feel would be best for me. Exactly the type of information I was looking for though to get me thinking about stuff that I wouldn’t have on my own. thank you
  14. I do like this idea, dual purpose one track for both rod holder and fishfinder rather than having to spend on and install multiple tracks. Being able to use the pre installed through wire cap rather than installing another one is also a big plus for me
  15. I have seen that idea and am thinking about that as I have my fishfinder mounted in a similar location on my current kayak. My only concern is that I have a hook2 5 inch and it is a bit of a ways away so seeing it and setting waypoint/changing screens can be difficult and sketchy in chop when leaning forward towards it. I do like how our of the way it is though, really provides a lot more room