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  1. Huh a file only? Never thought about that I will have to give that a try as for the eye what do you mean a little lead in there will cause it to flash?
  2. I think I will give the 3407 with a sinker eye a try. I like the idea of using those over stainless for the reason you brought up. I appreciate the input!
  3. The mustad 34185 short shank is what I was looking into and wanted to use but I cannot seem to find them anywhere. If you have any hints on where to get them it'd be much appreciated. That is why I was leaning toward the the J hook/sinker eye combo. do you have any recommendation on J hook models or where to get sinker eyes?
  4. I bought a do it jig mold back in the spring for the smiling bill 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 but have yet to use it as I have not been able to determine which hooks to use with it. Im looking for strong hooks as the bucktails will be used for larger stripers or in decent current conditions or boulder fields. Does anyone have any recommendations for strong hooks? I know I may need to modify the mold a little which isn't a big deal. I've heard of people using regular hooks like a siwash and the using some wire or a sinker loop for the eye of the jig, anyone ever do this? Thanks in advance everyone! I'm really looking forward to making and catching stripers on my own jigs
  5. That’s why I’m leaning that way. It just seems like a perfect all around rod for so many different applications and would be more fun to fish than a beefier rod like the 1201M. Plus I have my penn carnage 2 10ft 1-5oz rod that is my canal and my big fish rod right now that I could use if I’m ever fishing a spot that I feel I really need that backbone and think this one would be underpowered.
  6. Have you landed anything of size on it? And if so did it feel underpowered at all or like it could handle more?
  7. That’s not a bad option either! Custom build on the Lami skinner blank, might have to think about that as well
  8. That’s kinda why I’m getting the vsx200 instead of the 250, just seems like the most versatile
  9. L is the way I was leaning since I’m not too worried about the higher end of the weight range. Outside of the canal I think I’ve thrown a 3oz jig maybe once lol. Thank you!
  10. It’s a good point. I was just trying to get some first hand reviews and maybe get the rod in my hands but I may end up giving them a call. Thanks
  11. Useful info only please
  12. Really appreciate your .02. Custom 1201L or 1201M was the other route I was thinking. Get exactly what I want and I can get a feel for it before hand just trying to swing that price tag. Any input on the 1201L vs 1201M if I were to go that route?
  13. That’s why I’m thinking about the custom route, just seems so worth it. The price is the thing though, definitely not cheap. I’ll have to checkout the st croix and ODM you mention
  14. I’m sure it is too I just don’t like the idea of not being able to put my hands on something before buying it the reason I was gonna put a 200 on one of these is that is what Skinner says he used on it for years and recommends on it. If I don’t get one of these then I’m planning on a 10’ for sure. May do a custom GSB 1201L or 1201M but haven’t decided if I wanna spend that much yet. Really appreciate the input
  15. Anyone have any experience with this rod or anyone living in Mass or Rhode Island have this rod and be willing to meet up so I could take a look at it? I will be buying a VSX200 at some point before next season and am trying to figure out what rod to match it with. For the way I fish, plugs I use, and locations I fish this seems to be an ideal rod for me at a reasonable price point and based on his last couple videos seems to have more than enough backbone for any striper application since he's caught and landed multiple sharks on it. My only concern is that I would like to handle the rod before spending that kind of money on it. I am also open to other rod options and am toying with maybe having a custom one built but not sure if I can really spare that kind of money right now. I fish mainly bucktails from 3/4-2oz, all sizes of SS needles, SS darters, SS bottles, pencils, SP minnows, occasionally gibbs dannys, rarely if ever anything over 3ish ounces. Anything from sand beaches to boulder fields and areas with decent current Thanks in advance guys. Any and all input is much appreciated