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  1. Oh trust me I would definitely forget so I will for sure be leaving myself some notes lol This is also a great idea that I will have to look into once I put my racks back onto my car but I’m not too sure how well it would actually work. The saddles I have are designed to hug the hull basically and they have a couple rubber pads to grip and keep from sliding so if the yak is upside down it may not sit very securely. On the days I’m not using it though I think I will definitely flip it over so it rests on the gunwales Parking in the shade and loosening the straps is going to be a must for sure!
  2. Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and it feels good to be on again. I am going to be driving down to North Carolina to visit my brother for a week mid-end of April and plan on taking my Hobie down with me. My concern though is that I will have nowhere to store it while I’m there so it will have to stay on top of my car all week. I use the Yakima big catch so it has to sit on the hull, not the rails. Will this cause my kayak to warp or deform from sitting on the saddles for so long?
  3. I already experienced the frustration of tangles, hooks, and just trying to fish beyond my capabilities. The day I bought the fly rod I went to one of my favorite spots to surfcast, inlet of a salt pond, to fish the last hour of daylight and into the night and planned on casting pencils with the surf rod for a few Then switching to the fly rod till dark then back to the surf rod. Long story short had people fishing near me for the first time almost ever there and they crowded me like crazy so I couldn’t use the fly rod. They end up leaving after a couple hours before the tide even turned good so I try the fly rod again in the dark and between the two a**hats and struggling with the fly rod I wanted to throw the thing lol after that experience I’m gonna stick to the daytime until I get at least a few outings of consistently good casting on my part under my belt then I’ll try it again. And while I’m doing this and practicing I will for sure be keeping in mind all of your tips! if I’m ever on Long Island I’ll definitely take you up on that offer!
  4. Just read it and oh my does that sound like it works perfect! Once I get comfortable with basic casts during the day I will for sure be trying this at night thank you mike! Jake
  5. That would be awesome if you could find and send me that post! as for catching in close I’ve had that experience many times and it really is eye opening. I actually had that this morning around sunrise, had a a few hits on my darter and my metal lips basically at my rod tip. I can’t wait for this on the fly!
  6. much appreciated!
  7. Exactly why I reached out on here. I wanna nip any bad habits in the butt before they become engrained in muscle memory. I’m a big surf fisherman so I know all about the benefits of night time and once I get a feel for my cast I believe I’ll be able to comfortably fish at night at a few of my spots that don’t require long range
  8. That is exactly why I want to try and get a good foundation now. I tried searching NoBullS but nothing came up. Is there another way I’d be able to contact him?
  9. I finally caved and bought a 9 ft 9wt the other day to fish for stripers on the fly. I’m a semi competent caster if there’s no wind but throw any wind at me or put me in the dark and sh*t hits the fan lol. Anyone fly fish for stripers in the New Bedford/Dartmouth area of MA willing to fish with me sometime and give me a few pointers on casting and general striper techniques on the fly?
  10. About a month or so ago I sent an email to MA Division of Marine Fisheries asking for clarification on the regulation regarding the traditional method of rigging a dead eel. I was shocked to have gotten a response the next day but of course it was bad news. He told me that it fell under the circle hook requirement and explained the rule a little. I could post it here if you guys would like to see his response
  11. When I fish the canal I use a 5000 penn battle 2. I know many may consider it too small but I’m on a budget and dual purpose it from my kayak too and have had no problems with it. I have 50 lb power pro on it and have caught multiple 30 lb bass at the end of a cast with a pencil popper with no issues. Don’t fish it too much now but a few years back I fished it heavily, probably 3-4 times a week. Couple more 30 lb class fish on jigs and plenty of high 20s and that battle 2 is still kicking today with no issues and has never been serviced
  12. I was planning on trying to make one. On a bit of a budget and I’d rather out more money into the rod itself cause I feel that’s more important. But after the one time I’ve fly fished the salt from shore I have definitely found out a stripping basket is a necessity
  13. Since posting this yesterday I’ve been really thinking about it and I think I am leaning heavily towards the TFO Pro 2 9wt for the rod. Obviously I need to get to a shop and test a bunch out for the feel. Open to other options though So I guess my real question is actually about the reel and the line. I’ve been told some conflicting things when it comes to the reel such as get a cheap one because all it does is hold the line and you can just palm the spool if need be or get something nice for saltwater with a good drag and high line capacity. With the line I’ve been told intermediate cause it’s versatile, sinking if there’s any type of moving water, and you don’t need anything other than a floating line when fly fishing for stripers from shore. I’m not too sure which way to go with either and am pretty confused in this department I really appreciate any help and sorry if there’s already threads on this
  14. Always nice to get some input from someone in a similar situation. 9wt with an intermediate is kinda what I’m thinking for the versatility it would provide and I definitely don’t plan on going too cheap especially on the rod. I’m actually in the same place you are having a cheap 5wt for freshwater mostly trout and when it comes to actually casting with it it can be somewhat difficult. Thanks for the link to your thread too, definitely helpful
  15. I’ve fly fished for trout for just about 2 years now and am looking to try it in the salt for stripers. I’m a huge surfcaster and a few of my spots seem ideal for fly fishing and my boss recently let me try his 8wt out and it was awesome! Target species would be mostly stripers but also occasionally bonito and false albacore So any recommendations on rod, reel, line etc.? I spoke with the folks at bears den in Taunton, MA back in early spring and they recommended the TFO PRO 2 9wt and the sage 2210 or reddington behemoth. Thoughts on this setup or other reels or rods that would make it cheaper but still a quality setup?