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  1. When you are all finished please post pictures. Would love to see your handy work
  2. Why do people keep loosing their waders. Over the years I have found two pairs along the side of the road and never found their owners. Sadly, neither one was my size
  3. After the insane fishing on Monday, Tuesday was exactly the opposite. Beautiful day on the water with a few rats in the trough before first light and that was it for the entire day. My two day fish average is still WAY above average. Hope the sand eels show up as the peanuts wont stay around forever.
  4. Fished OC all day. Tough morning but as the day progressed the peanuts crashed the beach and the bass followed. TONS of fishermen out today and the fish cooperated. Just crazy amount of fish caught by all. Cant wait to do it all over again tomorrow
  5. Man, thats beautiful. Love the paint scheme
  6. Yes do this!! It is amazing how close to shore you will catch bass, many times you will cast much farther than you need to
  7. Thats all my wife thinks I have
  8. I started with a 9WT with intermediate line. It will help tremendously if you have someone that knows what they are doing get you started. If you start casting and develop bad casting habits they will be more difficult to break later on. It is a blast and you will probably get addicted to fly fishing like so many of on this site. Nothing better than tricking a nice striper on a fly rod with a fly that you tied
  9. Gotta love a nice bass on the fly!!
  10. I love when you have a "problem" and can figure out a good fix. Glad to see it worked out. Epoxy is such a wonderful thig
  11. Nicely said!! Ya gotta enjoy the ride while you can January is coming
  12. Man, I could not agree with you more. I am lucky enough to share ownership of two boats with my brother, but there is just something primal about being on the beach, just you with a bag full of plugs and your favorite rod. Boat fish are fun but when you get it figured out on the beach it just feels better. If I need to reconnect with myself I just love to be on the beach by myself spending time surfcasting
  13. Only did that once and luckily it was a cheap trout rod. I hope you find it
  14. Really nice tie, I would eat it too