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  1. That is a nice tie. I bet it swims with lots of action and pushes water
  2. Thanks guys I will hopefully see the fall issue soon
  3. I know boat fish don't count but there is a huge body of bass leaving RB in the ocean. Hopefully they will follow the sand south and we get a shot at them
  4. I love this magazine and have not received it since Covid struck. I did get an e mail that they missed one issue and would mail it shortly. Tried unsuccessfully to reach them via E mail . Anybody know if they are still planning on publishing?
  5. This is my first season with 9' ODM DNA, have to echo the good reviews. Love this rod, you can cast it all day/ night long
  6. What if you leave the split ring off, does it change the action much. I use the TA clip
  7. I use them all the time with no issues and it doesn't seem to effect the hook up ratio at all I know fly guys that use the clips while fly fishing Go for it
  8. Bummer I hope someone on here finds it and reaches out to you You could also reach out to local tackle shops to see if anyone may have mentioned finding your outfit
  9. I am pretty sure the back bays are closed to targeting striped bass from 12/31 to the beginning of April
  10. Fished from the dark till about 2pm in OC. Buddy and I each had 8 bass, one was 33" a few just about 28" and the rest in the 20" range Most on green tailed metal but some took yellow teaser. Water was clean and green. Bunker, sand eels and mullet were around. Lots of guys fishing but plenty of room to fish around them. Got a feeling the weekend might get zooish
  11. The sand they are pumping sucks. It's so soft and like quicksand
  12. Give Pipe Dreams Marine a buzz He did two hard tops for me and did a nice job Pretty sure he has a website
  13. Fishing this week and missed quite a few light strikes Wondering if maybe they were shad or just really small bass
  14. Nice bass on the fly Got to love it when they come up top and give you a shot
  15. Fished this morning with my brother and a friend in NOMOCO. Started in the dark and fished most of the outgoing. Water looked good and we managed 7 shorty's between the three of us. Most on the teaser but some on rubber, surf was to big to control a plug. Did not see any bait or other fishermen in the three spots we fished. Boy the sand is really soft, it is hard to stay on your feet