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  1. Lunatic!!!
  2. Damn, A 10 lb fish did that? I was thinking about using my 5500 for bigger fish.
  3. Thanks for the tips, I think the main problem is the mussels. I had to cut my line 3 times and retie and spent 15 minutes try to untangle and finally gave up and left. I will up my hook size to 5/0 and give a another try in a few days.
  4. MOCO out front Tried bugs the first time today no luck keep losing my lines to mussles can only cast out about 50 feet with 2 bugs on 3/0 hook to 2 ft leader 20lb flo. I must be doing something wrong will try again next time maybe a better spot with less mussles around.
  5. I would just stay 6 feet away and watch you helping the DD blond just to show my support.
  6. Yes, it is and love it.
  7. I put my left over bunkers and salted clams in the freezer I hope it’s still good.
  8. I went bait and waite for BD last week also came out empty cost me $70 for baits and tackles. Will try again next week.
  9. Out front MC 5:15 - 7:00am ran into a hot bite of blues 10 fish and lost 5 in an hour all 2 - 5 lbs cocktails. Happy Father’s Day To all the daddies and tight lines.
  10. 7/8 is the money, Seamoney That is.
  11. Great story!
  12. Wait til someone comes up something With Viagra than you would have to choose between a hard on and a good fish bite........ now you have a hard or not hard decision to make.
  13. I own a pen battle II 7 ft Rod and reel 4K, even that’s light for Stripers I only use it for fluke and tog. I use my slammer 5500 Paired with 10 ft lamiglass rod or Spheros 6000 Paired with 9 ft mojo surf for stripers. I don’t feel comfortable using my battle ii 4K for stripers or blues.
  14. Is Lobster Consider fish?