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  1. It's all going to depend on what type of sand is there where you're going to drive. There are Texas beaches where people drive their FWD cars onto the hard pack and are fine. If you try to go down to NC beaches, I guarantee you're NOT going to have a very good time.
  2. Most likely just got a batch of softer than normal teflon washers. Order a new one for a quarter plus shipping and I'll bet you're good to go.
  3. The struggle is real here. I'll probably change my mind 100 different times before I get home and pull the trigger, but i like to read up dates like this in the mean time
  4. Plus 1 on what Grayson said. Thousands netted every year in Va and Nc with no problems
  5. What's the finish like on the FD? Been curious since most places I see have it listed less than the SW. Been trying to decide between that and the new certate or the bj saltiga
  6. I've been browsing, slowly building my post numbers up. Hopefully by the time I can post in the BST a mint 150L will pop up in time for me to jump on it
  7. If you can positively rule out the line slipping, how hard are you pushing on the spool to hold it. I doubt that 90 dollar abu low profile bait caster has very much drag to start with. If you're putting a lot of downward strain on drive train to test the drag that could also explain your metal shavings
  8. You're only going to find them from Daiwa and Vega in the US. *
  9. To elaborate on this.. are there any other differences between the sdcs and the sd versions? Such as bearing type etc.? I want to pick up two to play around with and prefer the squall style mag plate and dial so trying to decide whether to buy the SDCS and convert dial or save time and effort and just buy the SD.
  10. You're not likely to catch anything except dogfish and skates until the water warms up. Wait until you hear about the puffers being caught, that's about the first species to show up.
  11. I think you already answered your own question. In my opinion your not going to find a better value in what you're looking for than the Seigler. Be it a SG or LG.