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  1. If you decide you’re willing to ship and have a straight sale price for the 9ft weapon I would be interested
  2. Any news on an actual release date? After waiting EONS on lefty VR’s I spent that money on saltigas and Stella’s. If it’s going to be another year before I see a reel in person might as well wait for Zeebaas to build a reel for me.
  3. A few are caught every year off a couple different beaches in Va Beach. The piers catch more. Most are caught on the bottom and a few come from pin rigs. Fresh big menhaden for the bottom or you’re wasting your time. Candy bar blues, spot, is jumbo menhaden on the pins. Keep a jig nearby for cruising fish. One of the local piers regularly has a couple 20 plus fish days a year.
  4. It’s terrible for casting. The spool is way too big and heavy. Why would you want to?
  5. What’s the butt length to the middle of the reel seat?
  6. Static mags are glued or epoxied into the reels frame in close proximity to the spool. Your torque did not come with any factory braking. If it’s done properly it should be a sweet little casting reel. They’re wayyyyy to fast to be effective casting reels otherwise.
  7. I looked for four months down in Virginia and never could find a TRD pro or a OR with the add ons I wanted. The one truck that came in that I entertained talking to the salesman for was advertised without mark up but they tried to add it on during negotiation. I walked and ended up with a Rubicon Gladiator. No regrets
  8. Thanks for all the replies everyone, I’m glad to see there’s a strong fishing community here. I’m even more relieved my sarcastic personality is going to fit in here lol
  9. I see them referenced a lot for Van Staal service
  10. Looks like I’ll be taking 3 year orders to Naval Station Newport. I’ll be looking for new fishing friends around the end of 2022 to beginning of 2023. Spent most of my life fishing coastal waters around VA and NC. Spend a little lime on the panhandle of Florida and limited time fishing in Texas. I’ve got some knowledge of the new area but I’ll largely be a noob. I’ll be bringing a Hobie Compass and have 4wd capability. I’m bringing all my gear with me ranging from 3k sustains to 18k saltigas and more long casting conventional reels than I know what to do with. Im looking to chase fluke, tog, striper, Albies, tuna, and anything else worth my time. Anyone looking for a regular to put in on gas, or buddy up on the kayaks? What do I need to know?
  11. I’ll take it for 300
  12. Thank you. I would like to offer 515 paid through Zelle and shipped to Virginia Beach
  13. Does this have the same short butt to reel seat length the USDM models have?
  14. Not familiar with that particular rod or how to balance it, but remember there are small frame 5000’s and large frame 5000’s in most large manufacturers. The 5k he used is the large frame if it’s a Stella SW
  15. ooeric has the best advice of anyone. take it for what it’s worth, yes you need a long shock leader. Even running heavy braid. Mono cast better than braid on those style conventionals anyways. 15-17 for the 525. 17-25 for the abu. Under 5 oz you can get away with 30lb shock. 6oz and above 50lb is fine. Anything thicker than that is a waste. Leave the lexa for other uses it’s Not designed for this