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  1. Have good luck with white and chartreuse surf candy too, imitates sand eels and is easy to toss
  2. Clouser's and Deceivers are hard to beat
  3. Intermediate is the easiest to toss and manage for a beginner. Backing and line on the reel is no sweat, if there is a factory loop on the line I cut it off and make my own.
  4. Oh there's plenty of starry eyed vets too. Not too many beginners are going to pay $2k for an Abel paired with a $1k Thomas & Thomas
  5. Heard Mary Magdalene was down to party
  6. I learned on a baseball field when I was 10. My great uncle let me use an old 3wt with a Phlueger Medalist reel. No fly, just leader and tippet just kept repeating the cast over and over. Would go a couple times a week and cast over and over, extending the distance. Funny thing is the first time I fished after practicing was a trout stream where I only had enough room to roll cast. I didn't start salt water until I was in my 20's but used the same method in a field. The only difference was I used a clouser with a clipped hook. Still bashed the back of my noodle plenty of times. I have a 9wt WF floating line (Rio cold water) I use for the flats with the spare spool WF intermediate (Rio cold water). I use the 10wt on the boat for deeper water, WF intermediate (Rio cold water) and the spare is WF sinking (Orvis depth charge).
  7. I have two of my reels loaded with this line, I like it
  8. Love me some Cape Cod kettles but I’m stuck on these right now, they’re like crack
  9. Not gonna lie, had to google gravlax
  10. We used to dredge Head of the Passes and the Southwest Pass every year, July and August it was 140 in the engine room. You'd drink water non-stop on a 12 hour watch and still not have to piss. Plus the coonasses hate yankees down there. One of my first crew changes we made the mistake of going into the Den in Venice, it makes Big Dan's in New Bedford look like Chatham Bars Inn. Didn't even get to order a beer before the pig stickers came out, off we went to the crew boat lol
  11. Its not worth getting involved nowadays
  12. Unless it was egregious I mind my own damn business
  13. I just feel the dude's pain, it sucks trying to learn something new and it sucks ten fold doing it with an audience. And then you get chuckles who has to snap a picture and put it on a forum
  14. Could have been worse, could have been New Orleans or Venice