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  1. What they need is another Al Capone to straighten this crap out. Send out a few goons with Chicago typewriters and have at it.
  2. Occupying a park is way different than occupying real estate outside the White House. One or more idiots are going to do something stupid and they're all gonna get run over by MRAP's and cleaned up by bulldozers.
  3. That is fantastic! My buddy used to pilot Marine 1 back in the day
  4. I still like playing with trains and slot cars
  5. Either side of Bass River are a good place to toss lines, plenty of spots up to Swan River as stated above. Skippers has great fried food, head down to Holly's Deli in Dennis for fantastic lobstah rolls. Sesuit Cafe for breakfast if you do that kinda thing but also IMO has the best fried clams on the cape.
  6. My dad used to drag me to the local watering hole after his softball games and plant me on a milk crate with a bunch of quarters to play his buddies in bubble hockey. Good memories
  7. Got them for Christmas on different years from my grandparents. Wish I still had them
  8. Yes you did, and thank you so much!
  9. Cast like a dream, he loves it