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  1. At mass maritime we used to throw pickles at the windows in the mess deck and see who’s would slide down first.
  2. I’ve actually had great luck trading with guys, they don’t care about the money just want the parts they need. That’s how I got the original primary cover for the ‘28, which are selling for stupid money. I’ve got a set of ‘47 45 cases just sitting here because I don’t want to deal with trying to piece it together with the money people are asking for parts. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff from Rat up at harbor vintage, he’s a good dude.
  3. Double post
  4. It’s gonna be ok, the USACE are selling tickets
  5. I have the 45 and a 28 JDL that I run. Tell me about it, I can’t believe what people are asking for frames and cases now. They’re a great put around bike
  6. Yeah I missed last year but have raced a few of them. Was hoping to go in october if the world hasn’t ended by then.
  7. Lol sounds like how I roll! It looks like it’ll easily hold 1500 yards with a 150 yard top shot.
  8. I’ll use a line calculator, I appreciate the advice!
  9. How many yards of JB?
  10. Lol his paint prices are asinine