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  1. @DM66 DM sent
  2. Hey @snapper1 yes it is
  3. Bump $400
  4. Yes.
  5. Bump
  6. Sold. Thanks SOL
  7. @rookieoftheyear
  8. ODM frontier X - 10ft 6, 3/4-4oz. $450 please. Like new - a few months old / lightly fished. Pick up in NJ or NYC area
  9. @Allejo thanks DM sent
  10. VR175 bail less - about a year old, well maintained and I just had it serviced. $450 pick up in NJ
  11. @ExcessiveAngler of course
  12. Lami xs10ms 10ft 2pc. Just had it rewrapped and barely fished it since. $200 pick up in NJ
  13. Hi @TFeuts Are you interested in a Vr175? just had it serviced
  14. From the album Forum Attachments