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  1. I have feather from this exact store/seller. Everything I’ve got from there has been A++
  2. Would love a pic when you have a few spare minutes!
  3. Hard for me - they’re all a few hours away. Can’t really commit a half day+ with a 2yo and 1 on the way lol. So here I am
  4. For sure! I’m super super bummed I only got 1 and didn’t get out to see them in Marlborough
  5. Maybe I’ll order 1 as a test lol but yeah, their rep isn’t great from what I know
  6. Sorry to thread-Jack a little.. I’m headed for a bachelor party in 2 weeks staying on the beach near what looks to be the only outlet/river. I can’t sleep (or drink tbh) like all my single buddies any more.. is it even worth bringing a rod to fish the beach in the mornings while they recover before golf?
  7. I use a large Finsport and large Sushi Roll.. finsport Carrie’s most everything then I’ll grab a few of what I want and throw them in the sushi. if I’m going to be a long haul from the truck or out for a long time I’ll use the Finsport in my backpack versus my sling (largest Finsport doesn’t fit in the thunrderhead sling)
  8. I have my luck on Sanibel before 10am. Never made it out at night (in-laws live in Cape Coral, so I usually get mornings only).
  9. Would love some Silver Dr Blue if anyone has them from the Cordiero’s or something. Also if anyones holding older RLS saddles.
  10. Looking to buy a couple Beast Fleyes.. I’m curious about them, want to have some in-hand to try/reference.
  11. Theriault Flies… but I’ve bought a lot off eBay from sellers in the UK and have had nothing but great luck.
  12. I tie these .. I’d have to pull them out but I believe they were about 2 1/2”. This one in particular is a bit bulky but the only pic I have
  13. Rio’s new website, * is awful on mobile (how I live).. no more line weights listed that I can see!
  14. I suffer from “the lefts” too at times.. can be so frustrating, similar to the golf swing lol.
  15. Drove by Norms old shop today, sad to see t totally empty. I’m a big big fan of 239 Flies.. have been since I visited last year. I’m down in Cape Coral right now, made the trip to 239 while we were here, chatted with Jim and the guys.. they also fixed a spool I had that was way way overloaded with a poor connection to the fly line. They’ve been AWESOME to work with ordering everything under then sun - custom Ables to lines to travel gear. 239 is also opening a freshwater shop in NC in a few weeks. Can’t recommend them enough, plus they’ve got great style so the shop gear is fire too.