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  1. Uni-to-Uni knot!!
  2. I used a really fine 1,000/1,500 wet-sand from 3M, might be slightly overkill but at least I am very careful about how much material I am taking off the rotor.
  3. Thanks send me a pm with your pp info I’ll get it sent over
  4. I’ll take the small darter for asking— assuming it’s a BM and Tommy doesn’t take it.
  5. thanks for this-- greatly helpful. I got it here second hand but was hardware-less when I received it. Thanks! yep should have specified junior wood bottle-darters. I wonder why specifically wolverines? wouldnt anything the same size like an owner or spro work too? or is it bc the width from the 3x coil? that is interesting -- thanks for the feedback!! yes some of it, have to admit i didnt watch in its entirety-- i do have to say the concept is extremely intriguing to me especially on smaller plugs like 5" mag darters and redfins etc
  6. Morning guys, Recently acquired a chart over white sporting wood jr bottle darter, and am curious how everyone rigs theirs. My thought was 2/0 belly treble and dressed 5/0 siwash on the rear, but interested to see what everyone else is going with. thanks guys! -Ryan
  7. Sounds I’ll take it— shoot me a PM with details thanks!!
  8. if its 3oz ill take the bm
  9. I have to agree with @Lou T on this one, its a ****ing shithole. The amount of prostitutes and illegal dumping I see in ENY is atrocious. I've been wokring here for 7-years and its never been like this. Literally piles of debris from guys dumping out their cleanout trucks anywhere they can, hookers shoulder to shoulder on a few blocks like they are fishing a north bar blitz. And to top it off the cops have been told not to pull anyone over after the molotov cocktail incident last week, and honestly I dont blame them. To be fair I certainly dont know what the answer is, but damn we are moving awfully f**king quick in the wrong direction. Thank god I only work here.
  10. Cow Harbor and Saltwaters on LI carry ODM. J&H does not carry ODM. Not too sure about Jack's, that place is a trip though.
  11. Ahh thanks for clarifying.
  12. just speculating here -- but I assumed that was her father, in the video I saw you can hear him saying "you didnt just shoot my baby" and then "shes just a kid." Clearly the officer did exactly what he needed to do saving lives. Cop handled it perfect.
  13. There some preventative measures being taken in parts of the NE. They are not by any means the answer but here in NYC I have an EAB contract for the application of a pesticide that actually gets injected into the trees. You drill a number of holes based on the caliper size of the tree and then put little one-way valves in, and the use an Arbor-Jet to inject Tree-AGE G4 into the holes. I honestly cannot tell you if it works or not, the applications are supposed to take 2-years to kick in, and the contracts are only 2-years long. Soo yeah..... there is some hope out there, I guess.
  14. How much for the small ah darter??