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  1. @ReelSharp that is amazing, love it.
  2. Dang never realized how close the Hogy’s were compared to the Smack-It, def look like they would work great.
  3. Lol— this pace is fun as hell AND can teach you sooo much about the surf/stripers, but can also be a reminder that any minor mistake or misspelling will take ya through the gauntlet. Some tough skin def helps but it’s all in good fun, most of the time. Lots of good stuff in the beginner forums regarding lure selection, fishing the canal, bike setups etc. This year is my first year with a 4x4 permit and a lot of guys offered some stellar advice for me getting started on that front. As for my advice for you, YouTube is incredible for old seminars by some legends in the industry regarding tides, moon-phases how to work certain lures, it’s endless. Good luck out there this year hopefully you catch many more!!
  4. Oh **** I def did....
  5. The video of people who disobeyed the quarantines getting dragged down the hallways are prettttty crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the methods used for control increase in the coming days, but as was said we only know what they’re telling us and I doubt they release the real numbers anyway.
  6. Firinne that is pretty cool I had no idea companies were making them to buy off the shelves like this! There are also a bunch of freight guys that hand paint scaled trains like they would out in the yards. Some of them even add patina to make them look aged it’s pretty cool— check this one out from Jurne TGE, complete with weathering. So cool how detailed they are.
  7. I feel like I spent more on my gf before she was my wife, but I’m honestly not even sure. Pretty sure we used to go out, but now we really prefer to not leave the house lol. Buckmaster that is some really really great insight, great job dad!!
  8. Ahhh gotcha— my fault I just assumed since some YouTube and other links come through it was on a delay. Happy to let it die, thanks Brian.
  9. Lol you’re too nice. Wtf was he digging for two years??
  10. Oh hey CPalms— Wasn’t the NYPD was the one saying it was coming back... but you still don’t want to comment on their tweet??
  11. Well Red you got me nailed lol. The whole thing was ridiculous. No one was debating the issues of NYC subways nor where graffiti would rank. I was literally just throwing out some genuinely useless information, I really didn’t think anyone would even respond to it. No need for it to escalate to where it did but whatever— obviously someone doesn’t have the facts to back up what they’re saying. Appreciate the support fellas.
  12. Drum that’s a great idea for bringing them in and out of the house, thanks!!!
  13. PM me I just found a bunch today. 4 reg size in white, prob 10 mixed red/white and hol/silver w/ yellow head.
  14. No comment on the PBA tweet??