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  1. Been debating having a welder at my shop tack some cut rings together bc ive been going throuhg the same problem with the charlie graves and hopkins tins, looking forward to seeing some of the responses here
  2. Mt. Ellen stands proud lol!
  3. RTIC Backpack Cooler -- my brother in law has one and its a pretty sweet and versatile pack. I gave all my groomsmen their softpack 20 last year and have had nothing but positive feedback. Not sure about space for your keepers (dims are online) but I would check this thing out!
  4. No i meant mean does it have 1 or 2 belly swivels for hooks, he makes/made them both ways-- no need for you to include any hooks thanks though.
  5. Im good with that-- just curious single or double belly hooks? PM me your address get you paid right away
  6. $18 venmo for the CCW?
  7. Yep same crew there the last few days-- I dont get it, but with my luck I'd have a ticket or get towed immediately lol.
  8. I always add split rings to the front of the weird shaped metals like charlie graves or hopkins, makes it much easier to put on/off with ta clip-- but never thought about adding a swivel. Good idea like a canal rig for sp i like it!!!
  9. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help, thanks Ross!
  10. Sold to Bxbandit closed
  11. Gotcha-- thanks! Lol my first thought was repelling in harnesses, and I just couldn't get passed that vision in my own head.
  12. I used to be the exact same way. But recently we've been doing work in and around some infrastructure in NYC, and let me tell you I would think twice before I do again. I wish I took a pic of this main the other day--- it looked worse than a clogged artery. 9.5" pipe with maybe 0.5-1" of moving water. Wife and I are currently living in an apt building, so we do get the Ready Refresh delivery once a month. Closing on a home in the coming weeks so hoping to put in a nice filtration system and ditch the delivery lol. I'm a landscape architect and to be honest, I had never even considered this as an issue. I try to eliminate plastic wherever possible, Nalgene's everday, breakfast/lunch is always packed in Snap-wear or reusable containers, re-usable bags at grocery stores, but f*** me I really never considered the fish or digesting/processing the plastic. Especially with all these blues that have been biting off the tails. Yikes! Thanks for sharing @PSegnatelli
  13. Wow whaaat?? I havent seen this, but I'm relatively new to fishing that area late/early and will be sure to keep my eyes out . Just to make sure i got this right, these guys are fishing from the top of bridge or do they jump the railing and scaled down??
  14. David passed— DM coming
  15. Let me see what he says. Really trying to avoid shipping if at all possible, where are you located??