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  1. Throw it in the trash and buy a 9" Doc. Half joking and half serious, the larger size outproduces the smaller all day long. Good luck, its produced a healthy amount of fish over 15lbs in the past week for me.
  2. @HillTop that is nifty!! Love the idea as I usually sit there rotating the fly around the light and vice versa for a few mins this would really help shorten that time up
  3. No I did not, I bought a pack of Loon and its working perfectly. I likely needed to amp up the UV/battery power for the solarez from what I've heard. A few buddies reccomended the loon stuff and for the amount I use it this has been much much better, I can tie up a flag/dressed hook or teaser in minutes and have it cured and on a plug ready to go. But much agreed frequent tending of the batteries goes a long way! Even leaving the teaser/fly in a sunny window did not yield the necessary hardness, so maybe was just a bad batch of the Solarez. This is prob the most true, I just hated the feeling of it being tacky. Much better with the Loon Thin
  4. @Kones1 I’m thinking more and more that it is one of Johns
  5. I’ll take lot 4 for $16 shipped — I think it’s a worthy gamble lol thanks!
  6. LOL I was actually thinking that it was a little sloppier than what I have of his, but agree the glitter and paint was cleaner and more consistent. But the swivel makes me think it is.... I had thought may be a Gibbs but now im not sure
  7. Could you take a few extra pics? Specially of the belly swivel and tail wrap? Thanks!
  8. Is that a LIFishVT stubby needle in lot 4?
  9. Mostly using a 4171 bag with front pouch or a standard 2-tube gear up -- usually have 10-15 plugs, bucktails and few soft plastics. Some days if I am fishing dark into dawn I'll bring a second 2-tube with topwater.
  10. Heat-gun/hair-dryer
  11. Im just gna say there is a direct trade-off between action and hook strength. Once you start to change out and upsize the hooks you will lose some action. With that being said I have testing plugs working on my own solution and what I came up with is the following. All trebles are VMC 9626. The best action on the 5-1/8" is honestly #1, but is too thin to really handle a decent fish let alone a high teen fish. So I now use a 1/0 on the belly with the dressed flag on the rear and for the 6" I use 2/0 treble on belly and again dressed flag on rear. This may become an issue with blues later in spring and their desire to hit the tails of bait, but only time will tell. I did also try testing inlines on the belly and just didn't like the action plus amount of missed hits although I'm sure it would still work. Hooking up to a bass and not having so much as an inline to get them in the eye or gill plate is a great feeling. Plus it makes them extremely easy to get them out of the bag! Good luck whatever you decide
  12. I only have his Combat and Mini Dart-- and they are both fantastic. I am looking to get a few more and maybe a larger dart/predator in the coming weeks
  13. The speculation here is pretty wild. Firstly I would like to meet the "kids" that give their drugs on random animals/dogs. If a kid buys a weed brownie or cookie.... they're gna eat it or share it with their friends. Dogs can be rather inquisitive and if the owner was raking leaves, I doubt she could have been paying full attention to the pup. Not saying kids are perfect angels, but as someone else said you better have more substantiated evidence than just a coincidence to place blame on them.
  14. Alans and RM Waverers