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  1. Mr.G. Try cherry chips alone and apple chips as well. I hate salmon in any form. This is the way my wife likes smoked. She just does dips. I'll do A chip. I did my first salman smoke bout 40 + years ago. We have acottage on a lake a mile frm a small river that the stocked with smolts (3-4 inchers) and one day while i was at work the boys and neibors kids rode thier bikes down to river to catch whatever would bite. Lots of nice yellow persh and smallies. I got home from work and they came running to me to fire my Indian Chief smoker. They said the all limited out on small TROUT.. Small trout are not smolts.They had a full limit for four kids. FORTY EIGHT of them..I almost crapped my shorts. They had them all cleaned and ready to go. Wife made up arub with brown suger and a bit of salt and had them soaking. We pulled them to get the pelicale (sp) and I loaded the munchkins in the buick and drove them down the river. There were a few notices on the trees with the notice of the stocking and pics of the difference twixt them and trout a hundred feet down river from were they got them. Showed them the posters and all 4 almost crapped thier shorts. Never saw any one so ashameed of them selves. A ccouple days later the local Game Warden was checking boats and fish takes on the lake. My boys called him over to our dock and told him what they did and told him how they sorry but it still was not right. My wife saw what was goig on and kinda waited a bit before going out. The warden told her that she should be proud of the boys for stepping up. He wrote them a phony warning and told the wife to burn it after they went to bed. Shook the boys hands and said don't do it again. They agreed and offered to have him take the fish. He said No you earned them today , even though you were wrong yesterday. Real gentleman. He stayed for supper. Real wierd coming home to a warden's vehicle in the yard.
  2. Bought it once. Made one sandwich and the rest the birds got,but wouldn,t eat it either. That tell ya anything?????
  3. My guy used BX to wire mine. Not pretty to look at . Also will rust over time. I'm going to hit it with rustoleum primer and give it a couple days and then get some shrink wrap tape and do it all over every inch of it. Each cabinet and drawer in the cabin has a small glass jar stuffed with cotton balls and soaked with mint extract. Two bennies. NO rodents or musty smell.. Win win for the Polock...
  4. Smoked is good. Better yet, cut out the blood line and cube the rest of the filet and do them in shake and bake. Yum...... Stash
  5. I used my local Walmart. I had 6 8mm and 8mmsupers done and got 5 cd made for about $70 bucks. Got all the films back as well. I was suprized that they were able to do it as the films were from 1963 ans a few years later. You can also choose background music as well. This was 3 yrs ago. Good luck. P.S. Thinking ofputting our 12 Kodak Carosel slide trays on cd next. . Stash
  6. My ss card says ( NOT to be used for ID ) Ya, I'm that old. Stash
  7. Is the Sundae School still open. Been years. Last time there I had Garlic ice cream. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Stash
  8. BOB G. Your out west a bit. The Hadley office of AAA is one that does all. Stash
  9. Jim G. Your last sentence says it all. An old friend once said. The repubs are for the rich and the dems are for the losers and lazy.
  10. Was yapping with my neighbor. If it does go up he said he'll buy the sporting and if if gets a bear or turkey he'll buy a stamp then . Wonder how many more folks would do the same? Stay well
  11. Been with hp38 for 38/357/45acp/9mm. 700x is my second choice if I can't get hp38. Use 4.7 gr. for all . Worked for lots of years for me.
  12. Sent a pkg to my son in Seattle, Not CHRISTMAS, but a few weeks back. Took 6 days ro get from western mass to N Carolia. Sar 2 days and one day later hit Seattle, in earlyam. Del. next day. Stash . Happy New Year All......................
  13. HO HO HO .. Can you PM me the recipefor the dumpling. Wife dose farmers cheese pirgis and sauerkrout ones as well for Wligia. Wesollych Swiat , Phan Stash
  14. JJbiker. Where are you located? Stash
  15. Go to your local FW WEBB and get an 8 ft section of forced hot water baseboard. Not sure if you can just get the enclosure or if you have to get it with the copper fin tube. Been out of the business over 20 yrs. Good luck. Stash