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  1. 1. Viking Reload pod means easier to load /unload gear and better storage management launching/retrieval and fishing (of course the Viking kayak came with it ). 2. ********** CTug trolley with sand wheels (an improvement on my last trolley) makes life a lot easier 3. Fish Finder (why did it take me so long to get one!)
  2. Hi Own and use all VSX series as well as a recent VR200 that I use primarily for beach/surf fishing on a 13ft rod. VR does not feel as bomb proof as the VS but it still is a great reel and so far as held up well (but only one season hard use). For a 7ft rod, the VS100 would probably match a 7ft rod better than the VS150 although if I could only have one reel it would be the VS150 as its a bit of an all rounder. The equivalent sized VR to the VS100 would be a good choice but you may regret not spending a bit more for the VSX version. Some good used VS deals can still be found. Best of luck.