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  1. Sorry about the delay, long weekend. So long as it's in good shape that tsunami rod looks like it would fit my needs best.
  2. No off the butt. Never really got the story as to why, figured it got damaged somehow. Doesn't seem to effect the rod, might alter your grip I guess in theory, never really bothered me though.
  3. That being said yes it's still available. Was looking for a 10' with similar ratings for space issues. Also broke my 9 footer last fall so looking to replace that as well.
  4. Is the Loomis 50/50 split? Or close? That might work well for me.
  5. It's still kicking around. I'm in Bellport. What might you have?
  6. Have a ODM Nex1 114 3/4 to 4oz rod built by Haskell’s Bait & Tackle in Quogue, 2 inches cut off the butt so its actually 10'10" looking to trade for a 10 foot rod with a comparable rating. Bought 2nd hand on here last year, used a bit, still in great shape, no issues. Just need a 2 piece 10 footer for space issues. Pics are from the original post, I'll take new ones tomorrow. I live in central/Eastern Suffolk and work in central Nassau Tuesdays to Friday to meet up. Let me know what's out there.
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