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  1. Thanks for the offer but it's not gonna work for me.
  2. Have a ODM Nex1 114 3/4 to 4oz rod built by Haskell’s Bait & Tackle in Quogue, 2 inches cut off the butt so its actually 10'10" looking to trade for a 10 foot rod with a comparable rating. Bought 2nd hand on here last year, used a bit, still in great shape, no issues. Just need a 2 piece 10 footer for space issues. Pics are from the original post, I'll take new ones tomorrow. I live in central/Eastern Suffolk and work in central Nassau Tuesdays to Friday to meet up. Let me know what's out there.
  3. Eastwood used to have some affordable options. I used these spray cans with long hoses to cover the inside of a frame a while back on an old car I was rebuilding. Wasn't an off road vehicle, but worked very well to coat new frame sections and encapsulate the remaining rust that was already there.
  4. _
  5. Used Xterra or older bodystyle Pathfinder. Beast on the beach and fits the whole family comfortably.
  6. Would you do both fusion belts for 25
  7. As long as you have enough ground clearance and air down you'll probably never have a problem. That being said carry a shovel and even some traction boards. The transfer case/differentials aren't as substantial as most true 4wd and will be more stressed under heavy torque, but your drivetrain probably doesn't have enough power to blow them up anyways.
  8. No issues? Guides are good? I'll take for $100.
  9. I gotta say my spinfisher vi wound up seeing alot more use last year than I anticipated, and spent way too much time underwater than it should have. Heavy dunks, not just a splash here and there. When I cracked it open at the last month, it looked brand new in there. Could pick up 2, upgrade the knob and still be under $400. Just saying...
  10. Still available?
  11. Guns, ammo, tools?
  12. Looking for anything in trade? Partial or otherwise.