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  1. What grains are you throwing with it?
  2. Thank you so much for the intel! Was JUST wondering about the guides/reel seat as I don't have time to wrap up my own rod at the moment. May I ask what 12' spinning rod you purchased? Also, great idea with the rope for testing. Just got myself a scale so will def try this.
  3. Thanks so much for the info Red. As for cost - I'm looking to get a cheaper one for now ($100-$300) and then hopefully by this winter I will have enough saved to splurge on whatever is the best/stoutest TH rod - no price restrictions. So I'm very curious about this 14' blank...might it be the one from Mike Oliver? As for those carp rods...I will check them out. When outfitting for a flyrod set up, do you guys always start with blanks? Having little time and patience (for now at least) is there any serious problem with just buying the completed carp/surf rod and throwing the reel on? The larger guides can't be THAT big of an issue right?
  4. I'm a little embarrassed to have started this thread since I just realized you guys are way ahead of me on this. So much info in the "Two Handed Rods for the salt" thread. This Forum is awesome. I have much to learn from you all. Thank you guys in advance for all the info I'm about to absorb. Red, do you have any blanks you'd suggest? I'm looking for distance of course. And if it could throw lines in the 600 to 800 gn range that would be awesome. (really can't afford to buy more lines to fit a rod)
  5. Whooooa. The carp rod idea...that is awesome. I'm going to look into that -- just started a thread asking about using surf rods (conventional) for casting fly line...but it seems like you have already mastered that idea with the carp rod. And I will certainly be checking out what Red Green has to say about the Pac Bay build. FYI - I started off using as close as I could get to 525 grains...though I have finally come to learn that those grains are a suggestion with a much larger window than I previously thought. At one point I was loving a 465gn Outbound intermediate. At another point, I connected two skagit lines together for 1,250 gn which was not very smart...though I could cast 140+ feet sometimes (rarely, but sometimes, and only on a step ladder) Thanks for your intel.
  6. Love the older 37.5 head length Rio Outbound lines. They are all 30ft now which is so annoying. Have a search set up on ebay for these old ones. I also got my hands on a Scando Outbound with a 42ft head and it rips.
  7. Hello Stripsetter - I have that same G Loomis 12wt two hander. Over the past 10 years I must have purchased about 20 different lines trying to figure the thing out. I have settled on longer scandi heads 37-43 feet in grain weights of 580 to 680. I am so curious to hear what your best line combination for that rod has been. I'm also so curious to hear about this new rod you made -- like it much better than the CC? Do you suggest I go and make one too? I live on Fishers Island, NY -- and basically just want to throw casts as far as humanly possible. (perhaps not the smartest tactic, I know, but it's fun) Lastly, I saw that you are selling the G Loomis...and I'm so scared of breaking mine that I would love to have a backup. That said, I'm VERY cognizant of the guidelines here, and am NOT making an offer here. I intend to follow all guidelines. As a new member, I am unable to reply to your post where it is for sale. But I'm coincidently almost at 15 posts...which I think allows me to reply...so maybe i will be able to reply to your listing soon. Thank you!
  8. Was just re-reading a book of mine: "Fly Casting" by John Symonds and he mentions "The haul should NOT start until half-way through the casting stroke"
  9. Here are the idea ingredients: I love two handed fly rods & want more. Problem: they are expensive. I know there are alot of spinning/surf casting rods out there that are cheap. Fly rods are basically rated for the weight of the line they can throw. Spin rods are rated for the weight of the lure they can throw. Both are bendy graphite poles. Why couldn't I get a 12 foot surf casting rod rated for 1.5oz plugs and then RIP long casts with 700 grain scandi heads? Yes the butt would be too long. Yes the guides would be big. But saving $700 is a big factor too. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  10. Some other ideas: I love the CandF boxes but they are expensive, small, and not totally waterproof. I have taken to buying pelican boxes and then cutting this slit foam to size and lining the box with it. As for plastic bags, I like the 6mil bags found on clearbags.com. despite that advice...I still haven't' found the perfect system either...after custom cutting all that slit foam...I find myself throwing the flies in without taking the time to use the slits. sigh
  11. Thanks Paul! Though Gotcow says his is Forsythia. I think I've heard both and both are right. Anyone have a different indicator?
  12. What species is this? I've been trying to remember what plant marks the stripers arrival.
  13. oh and thats just the location of the tide station
  14. i aint got no secrets to hide! That would imply that i catch alot of fish somewhere. I mostly tie flies and get skunked