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  1. You got it. PM sent.
  2. My best price is $35 shipped.
  3. I have six identical Striper Swipers for sale. 1 1/4 Oz, bright orange. Looking for $40 shipped for the lot.
  4. I'll take them for asking.
  5. Some sellers are naive to actual shipping costs. Some randomly guesstimate a price. They either have to eat the cost or they will cancel the order. You pull that too many times though and ebay will close your account. USPS has a service called parcel select that can be reasonable for shipping rods. Especially if you aren't that far away. It's all done by zone.
  6. I saw this the other day and ordered a 4500 and 6500. They arrived today, thanks for posting about the sale. What lb braid are you guys fishing on the 4500 size? I typically fish 20lb on a 4000 sized reel but had a few breakoffs last season. The Slammer puts out a lot of drag, I'm considering upping my braid to 30lb.
  7. Sounds good. PM sent.
  8. For throwing lures I really like my St Croix tidemasters. I have both an 8' heavy and a 7'6" medium heavy. For live baiting/chunking, I use four 7' Shimano Tallus Bluewater. Super light weight rods. For trolling, I use 6'6" St Croix Triumph conventional rods.
  9. My best price is $30 shipped.
  10. I have five new twitch baits for sale. All are 80mm, 1/2 Oz, sinking. Three colors: two root beer, two green chart, one red white. Asking $35 shipped for the lot.
  11. The other day I went to get something out of my suv and there was bobcat at my bumper. I see them all the time. Right after they did the lockdown in 2020, I saw a Florida panther. Farther north than what the internet claims their range to be.
  12. Just looked up the tranx. Nice looking reel. I will be on the lookout for one.
  13. Yeah, seems pretty stiff, I plan to use it for paddletails and bucktails 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz. What species do you target with that setup?
  14. Got it. Thanks for the info.
  15. No worries man. I just looked up what these retail for and I decided I'm going to keep it.