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  1. I have a new bail for a Penn 710. They made two bails for this reel. This one has the 1/4" thread diameter. Part #24-710. Asking $15 plus $4 for USPS first class shipping.
  2. There are quarries scattered all throughout the keys. The Blue Hole on Big Pine is another one. The one on No Name Key is the most interesting. All of the mining equipment is still back there rotting in the tropical sun. Cranes and heavy equipment. There are fish that live in there. The keys have all sorts of mysteries and history. I once saw monkeys running around on Sugarloaf key. I assume they escaped from the research program they housed on Lois Key.
  3. SP minnow for $2 is a score. I picked up a few MirroLure Top Dogs the other day for $2.50 each. Upgraded the split rings and hooks, I'm good to go.
  4. I don't know about Grassy Key specifically but there are a few possible reasons. One is a contractor started a project but didn't grease the right people. I was fishing in Key Largo once and met a local guy and asked him about the strange canals he had next to his house. He said there is a lot of corruption in the area. Especially with the Ocean Reef Club aholes who have stupid amounts of money. Apparently, years ago, people started canal projects but didn't get their paperwork approved by the right people. The contractors dug out the canals but after their paperwork was rejected, they created a barricade to prevent them from being used. Hence landlocked canals. That's at least what I was told. Second reason is gov't grabs. I think the gov't came in and bought up property years ago to prevent over-development and environmental damage to the region. It's a fragile environment with unique ecosystems. Also, there are too many people, there is only one road out. The keys are essentially maxed out. The gov't and locals don't want people moving there. At one point, some areas might have been private property but later got turned into NWR land after a hurricane bombed the area out. Lastly, and I don't think this applies to the canals you posted about, is quarrying. Back in the day, the center of some of the keys were mined out for rock to build the Flagler railroad bridges. If you've ever been to Bahia Honda key, there is a quarry in the back that goes pretty deep. There are giant grouper down there by the way. Another quarry is the horseshoe right after Bahia Honda. The swimming hole on Ramrod Key. There is a large one located in the Key Deer Wildlife Refuge on No Name key.
  5. Not sure what your issue is. If that post somehow offended you, you should take your own advice and chase it with some cranberry juice. I've got better things to do than argue with people on the computer.
  6. I went to the local Walmart yesterday but the tire center has been converted into a Covid testing area..... I'll check with a local shop about prices.
  7. The best lure for them is the Gotcha jig in chromed silver. Reel it in with lots of quick erratic twitches. I do best with a fast retrieve.
  8. Thanks I've been looking at the Nitto Ridge Grappler and the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac. I'll check out the ones you mentioned.
  9. I already have perfectly good A/S tires that the vehicle came with. I have zero interest in keeping them. I prefer the style of A/T and I want to increase the size. I'll sell the A/S online afterwards. I could care less about noise or decreased fuel economy.
  10. $230 each is about what I've been coming up with too. I'll check out Tiresunlimited, my local Walmarts, and Costco. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. PM sent
  12. I'm looking to score a deal on AT tires. Vehicle is a 2019 Tahoe. 18" rims. Looking to keep the stock rims. I'd like to go one size up in the tires though. Current size: 265/65R18 Anyone have a tire recommendation? Looking for something that can be used on pavement and offroad/on the beach.
  13. I looked up the part online. It says 15-722Z fits both a 722 and a 720. 15-720 was out of stock but I'm almost positive that it will fit either reel. It looks identical to 15-722Z aside from the color.
  14. I wish that I had also hoarded guns and ammunition. This is only the beginning.
  15. Bump