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  1. I tried this morning incoming and not as productive as I was hoping
  2. I admire your determination. After getting skunked on too many 2am wake ups it has been getting much harder to get out of bed, even for 4 am alarm.
  3. Ha. The mating horseshoe crabs freak me out every time.
  4. Was there this morning. Some fish but not great
  5. They are taking over everything!
  6. I was at sore thumb this morning as well, but was casting on top half and didn't have many issues. Didn't have any fish either. Except robins.
  7. Thank You to all involved in making this happen! Except Cuomo!
  8. Not sure who was involved in making this happen, but, Thank You!
  9. Did you check in median by exit or along the bike path? Most likely places for it to slide off roof turning corner and as wind speed increased.
  10. Today beach was closed halfway to cut 2. Told me because of plovers. Might open July. Burma Rd is open.
  11. Ns bay this morning. No wind, no fish. Plenty of fog and bugs. I had to tap out.
  12. I I saw same thing during a morning last week
  13. Does seem like that. I did see my local guy on NS driving in unmarked vehicle
  14. Ok. I will do 40