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  1. I will take 4 and 10 if Brian doesnt take 4
  2. Did you accept buyers offer?
  3. I would be interested in olive and black BM darter if you decide to split. Thanks
  4. Sounds good. I will do olive needle first pic and black darter and bunker mini in second pic.
  5. Bottom is the smoke color and is used top two are new.
  6. Let me dig thru the SS bin. Who makes the black darter and bunker mini in the second pic?
  7. Hard to be sure from picture, but vulture? We have bunch of turkey vultures in my area of western LIS.
  8. Happy Easter Lou. Would you do 260 for both FF?
  9. Looking for small wallet that you get with Flatlander bags. Called them and they don't sell them separately.
  10. I am looking for the small pouch that comes with Flatlander bags. I called them but they don't sell them without bag purchase.
  11. I have seen bald eagle past 2 days. Hopefully will become more common in my NS area.
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