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  1. And 5 lol
  2. I will take 1 2 and 3
  3. I will take them
  4. None of those jump out at me. I will just take the 45 I paid plus 5 for shipping to make this easy
  5. Anything wonder bread, doesn't need to be wadd or bm. I will let you know size when it gets here
  6. Any wonder bread?
  7. Yes. It looks cool, but probably look better in your gas collection as opposed to my non existent one. Only thing I am really looking for now is a Mike's. Only looking for same value as I have into it.
  8. Who makes the metal lip?
  9. Hey I just picked one up cause I thought it looked cool. BM needle for the WTS section. I would trade if you are interested.
  10. I will take it
  11. I will take gas
  12. I will take it
  13. Interested if Chris opts out.
  14. Lou, I will take the spoons.
  15. I will take them for 175