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  1. That'd be awesome!!
  2. Dang, i was hoping to steal a spot hahah That is such a drive for me, guess Ill find a spot on my side, or someone with a damn boat who wants an apprentice lol
  3. I assume on the Poulsbo side? I am gonna do some digging on good public beaches out there when its summer. I finally got my rod wrapping supplies but now i realize i need bigger guides for my rod. The crb 10'+ pack is, ... not the greatest. Get what you pay for. Good price.
  4. Stonefish, I have seen that, but never have seen good results. I guess I didn't check during the summer though! Again, thank you for all the help! B
  5. Im out of Port Orchard. Ive got a few buzz bombs, never can find rotators in stores. Ill have to get some of those lures you recommended. I have a few but mainly white. I havent gone out to hood Canal area but I have been told its great fishing. So far I have been hitting the Tacoma Narrows Park and plan to go up to Evans Point just pass the bridge. Havent gotten anything but I like the spot. Ill definitely do more research on that website you recommended as well! This site has taught me so much so far... I even bought The Art of Surf Casting with lures. Kind of sucks I dont have the action he describes but its good reading.
  6. I dream of owning a boat. I have a lot of spots for salmon off the beach when they are in, and a few spots on rivers where I have caught some this year. I have just been looking for spots they I can catch ANYTHING while my spots are dead. If you ever need another person on your boat let me know! I have $20 bucks for gas! haha
  7. I receieved the BMAX3 as a gift a year or two back, its fantastic for light stuff, havent gotten past 1oz with it, so I was wondering. Good to know that I shouldnt use it with heavier stuff!! As for the 209, it was given to me as well with a bunch of other rods as a gift for helping my sister's fiance out. I literally just nailed an interview and am starting a new job in Feburary, so I should be able to invest in a proper reel. Since Im new Im probably going to go with an Abu. Looking into the thumb drag and it looks like a fun learning curve. ARE THUMB DRAG/WIND THAT MUCH BETTER THAN LEVEL WINDS? Is it night and day, or brunch and lunch?
  8. OMG I just died laughing. HAHAHAH
  9. The Bmax3 has a cap. of 130/30#braid. I doubt ill be close to that. Even if I hit 100, still have 30 for the run, or is that not nearly enough? Sorry for the newbie questions. Probably should save up.
  10. I'll give both a shot and see which one works better! I think the BMAX should be good. I'd hate to throw a lure into the ocean, but I have done that a few times before lol
  11. Hey guys, Another question came to after speaking with my father. I was planning on using a Penn 209 Level Wind on my 12' Lamiglas surf rod. I am in the Pacific NW, and in the puget sound, so I will probably not see too many HUGE fish. The Penn 209 has a 10# drag on it. I have an Abu Garcia BMAX3 with 18# drag on it. I will be cleaning them off after use in the salt, to make sure they stay in good shape. My father told me that I need a bigger reel because I'll be hucking 2-5oz weights and it will burn up the bearings on the reels. Is this true? Will heavier weights mess with the reel to the point of breaking it? So I guess 2 questions. Will a Penn 209 or BMAX3 withstand heavier gear on it? If so, is 10# drag enough for most fishing in the puget sound? I normally use 15# on my spinning.
  12. I am gonna shoot for gauntlet style with a wrist strap and when I get a wrist sealed jacket I should be good. I need a shield from the wind more than the water.... I think. I was able tough out a hole in my waders in 21 degrees for 2 hours and purple foot, but the wind is like razors.
  13. Hello! I was curious if you guys have any recommendations on cheaper fishing gloves. I think I want waterproof, but with the index and thumb out, makes that impossible. My hands are the only part of my body that actually gets cold and bothers me, if I can stop that I can fish forever. Please help! I am open to private messages so nothing gets deleted.
  14. HAHA I watched that video last night! I found out I was using Buzz bombs the wrong way. I would cast and almost immediately retrieve it.... I didn't know about letting it sink. It is tough learning how to fish on your own for the most part.