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  1. The 975 is unavailable for the time being.
  2. VERY enticing but I just upgraded my own 140, and don't need any more.
  3. I want to trade my Penn International 975LD. I AM OPEN TO A LOT OF THINGS. I like Vintage Lures, Heddon, Chub, etc. I'm really after a vintage(or newer) 11'-14' surf rod. Spinning preferred but if not conventional will work. I need it in great shape so I dont have to do anything to it. I plan to use a 700 704z 706z on it, or a 140 Squidder if conventional. Or NIB or excellent with box Penn Levelmatics. Any old Penns with boxes.... basically vintage Penn stuff.... Im also open to multiple item trades, so if you have a few older penns (with or with out boxes) we can still make a deal.
  4. How much were you looking for, including shipping.
  5. I live in WA state.
  6. Got any pictures?
  7. Hello. Im looking for a 706z that is in decent condition. Preferably with no scratches on the emblem or capacity sticker. I am open to some cosmetic defects but not too extensive; I'm not looking for mint. Does anybody have any for sale?
  8. Ill take the 3 reels if it is still available.
  9. Darn. I assume that means no shipping to WA state either. :/ Hope you get them gone ASAP!
  10. Sounds good! I'll PM you.
  11. I am interested in the 700. Would you take $40 for it?
  12. Port Orchard is great! Lots of good access around to salt and fresh. Where do you live now? Im debating on hitting the salt this weekend or going to a stocked lake. Either catch a salmon at 10% chance or less, or catch a trout at 85% chance or more... lol
  13. This is probably a long shot.. but I live out in Washington State. I'm a nice guy, and I LOVE to fish. I was wondering if there are any other fisherman from WA, specifically around the Puget Sound (I live in Port Orchard.) that would like another fishing buddy. Yes, I am looking for a boater as I haven't been in a boat for over 10 years, but honestly I love fishing from the bank/shore and rivers too, so I'm always down to meet new people and fish some new spots/my spots with them. I'm 29, male, married, 2 kids, I don't mind smoking or drinking. I follow rules, I am respectful, and I will throw down for gas. I'm not political, easily offended, or "PC", and I will not try to convert you to a religion.. heck I don't even go to church (wife and kids do though. *shrug*). I am a novice reel repair/service guy. I don't know what else to say about myself. If you have any questions I'm sure we will chat about whatever. Here's to wishful posting! ~Brandon
  14. Awesome! I actually have a few minnows that should work in this application. I can't wait until my State opens fishing on the 5th... I am craving some free time. I'm definitely going to give it a shot when I go and I will post pictures and the works when it comes time. Hopefully I catch a buttload!
  15. That's great info as well! Do buzz bombs get much action in the bay down there? That makes the idea of grabbing a cheap wallyworld rod and some tackle probably the best option.