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  1. Hello, I want to sell this Penn Int. 50tw with Cal sheets 2 speed and tiburon frame. There is some scratches but mechanically is perfect. The asking price is $450 plus $20 shipping. (USA quote). I am also looking to trade it for a 12'+ spinning surf rod with or without a surf reels. I'm a sucker for vintage Penns, so a 706z would be a huge bonus. Best,
  2. Hello, All my fishing collection was stolen from my storage unit after 2 days of being in there... so it is pretty suspicious to me... but oh well. I'm looking for just 1 of the rods I had taken because it is my absolute favorite one. So if you have a Harrington 454 that is made or a blank, please let me know!
  3. Hello! I'm looking for part 43-705, a crosswind arm for a 705. This part is not interchangeable with the 704 version unfortunately. Will pay for part and postage, please and thank you!!
  4. Price drop $60 + Shipping
  5. They are more common in Australia but they are used for deep drops. I hope this link comes through, the video gives you an idea. https://alveyus.com/project/alvey-deep-dropping/
  6. I want to sell this Alvey 525 c12 snapper reel. It is in good condition and is fully functional... and quite pretty. Asking price is $75 + Shipping from 98366 USPS Priority Mail. Accepted forms of payment: Paypal goods and services, or any payment protected form please.
  7. Good luck! I'd post what you have to trade... If you can wait, the prices will drop significantly once everybody isn't at home worried about FPS on their games/Googling PC upgrades because they are stuck at home due to COVID. Depending on what you have, I have an 8gb 590 FATBOY I would possibly trade for the right item/s.
  8. Thank you!! That gives me much more to google search! I'm trying to save up for a guide, but I don't think my wife will let me fork out $300+ haha. If I found someone who is going, I'll throw in for gas and bait haha but I know my chances are slim.
  9. Hello!! My trip for CA has been cancelled due to COVID so they are sending me to Irving, TX for training. Ill be there 3/1/2021 - 3/13/2021 ish. I was planning on treking to galveston or going to PINS, but someone suggested going to Lake Texoma and i started looking into it. Im super excited as striped bass are one of my bucket list fish. Anybody have tips for an out of stater who doesn't even know where the "dam" is? Told to fish off of that, but i am probably blind because i cant find it on google maps. Anyways.... any help? Any cheap cheap cheeeeaap guides? Idk if i can bring a rod or not.
  10. Well, the search said this is the best spot to find my answer. I hope y'all are still around! I have a 13.5' Honey Lamiglas rod/blank. It had the seat and handle wrapping, and a tip top on, but no other guides. The model printed numbering is: SB 162 5M. I have 2 questions, what would be the average weight throw with this rod? What rating would it would the action be? I'm not sure if you can tell from the model number. Just curious... I can send pictures if needed.
  11. Are you looking for local only or were you looking for someone from Washington? I have a size small white willow women’s fishing waders. They are stocking foot but in great shape.
  12. I don't know if I should post this here or on the fly forum because it touches both... Anyways. I have a few rods which I will be glad to take pictures of if there is any interest. All the rods are in good shape and the guides are tight and the seats are good. --So basically, I'm asking for a trade, I'll trade these rods, for a nice 3-4pc 6-7wt Fly rod with a reel. Depending on location, we can meet up or trade shipping costs. (Not sure if I need to have that hammered out before posting. I'm new to trading items.) Please let me know if this is the right place to post! Lamiglas with hidden hood - 8.5' - 8-12lb - Graphite Berkley Buccaneer - B91 - 8.5' Wright McGill - 8.5' - Casting Wright McGill - 8.5' - Casting UglyStick Tiger - 7' 1pc - 20-50lb UglyStick - 7' 1pc - Extra Heavy - 50-80lb UglyStick Elite - Extra Heavy - 15-50lb
  13. I didn't want to get in trouble posting on your selling post about your flies... but holy hot dang they are some nice clousers. 

    I want to start wrapping my own but I haven't wrapped any before. Where do you get your supplies? Do you have a supply sheet by chance?

    IF it is top  secret, I understand... haha 

    1. flycaster99


      Hi Wiretap, those flies were actually bought from a fly shop in Australia for a trip that was cancelled.  



      Postage to the US will cost you quite a bit though.


  14. So, I stopped by my favorite used/thrift store and picked up these. I need to do some reading into which flies or fly styles I should be using, but I figured there was enough variety i'd get lucky. If there are any specific ones I should use first because they are "beginner" flies, that would be awesome to know, but hopefully I will find a good Wikipedia article or something haha
  15. I've already connected with him a while back!! I've got spots for days, and they do produce just seems like the fly rod would work better in some places.