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  1. Do you want PP funds now or cash on pick up?

  2. Yes, I'll take it! Let me know how you prefer payment. Only issue at this time is pickup as I'm in Essex Co. If I can't get away in the next few days you may have to hold on to it a bit till I get back from Fla. if you don't mind?
  3. I'd be interested at $150.00 if the deal with Fish Bucket falls through
  4. Spinner or conventional?
  5. If you split & give fitd the bottom pair, I would take the top pair (Blue Frame) for $80.00 as well!
  6. TTT
  7. Oh did you mean PayPal Friends & Family? I can do that...PM me your info & we'll get this done.
  8. I'd pay the extra $10. 00 to have it shipped, save on gas & tolls. But all I have is PP or Venmo... I can send a USP Money Order if you like?
  9. I'll take this, but you may have to hold onto it a while till I can get over to get it if that's ok with you?
  10. Sold to giggyfish...Thanks Tim & SOL!
  11. PM sent, pending payment from giggyfish.
  12. Hello,


    sorry, I didn't get a notification that you responded to the ad.

    Please send PP payment to:

    Please PM your mailing info & I will get these sent out for you after payment is received.