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  1. Received the rod yesterday, thanks for the exceptional service!
  2. Sure, I will take it!
  3. Any update on shipping?
  4. Millertme, I will take this rod if you can ship for $100. I'm in N. jersey & it's a bit too far a drive.
  5. Mizzy, If the other guys don't come through & buy, I'll take it for $70.00 picked up.
  6. What Sandbar1 said in regards to a wall mount...Measurements, pics & release (in the water if possible) let the taxidermy guy take care of the rest.
  7. Every day is a good day for Strippers...Just bring $$$!
  8. So how's the trigger on this gal? I mean any creep at all? break clean? any take up before discharge (length of travel) Thanks
  9. You should consider posting this on one of the dedicated gun selling sights. It's a sweet shotgun & I think you could get it sold there for more than your asking here.
  10. Animalbarrie, ok that's probably good advice, didn't realize the level winds are not ideal for distance, I probably would never throw a plug that big...Looks like 8 & bait with this one. Thanks man.
  11. Ok, thank you kindly for the reply... Let me think on it.
  12. Hey Mizzy, possibly considering a purchase of one of these smaller rods for a lady friend of mine that expressed interest in joining in on the fishing fun as they are a bit easier to handle for her. Would you consider this rod on the light side for it's size? Also whats the action profile, fast, moderate, etc., & lastly what is the true weight range you can throw with it? TIA.
  13. Vinny, thanks for the input, truly appreciated. Yeah, at this point given all the feedback I'm thinking I'll leave it as is & give it a go. Now just have to decide which bait casting reel to go with. Looking at the suggested ones as well as a Diawa lexa in 400 size maybe.
  14. Nomad, I just PM'd him, thanks for the info & thanks SOL! This place is a wealth of knowledge & information.
  15. Catch, thanks for the info, i'll have to take a look at that reel. Bravo, very insightful answer to my question & gives me a much better idea of what I would be in for to convert it. Sounds like I would have to go all the way or leave it as is. Much appreciated gentlemen!