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  1. Just shoot em"! No more PROBLEM.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing pics, I'm currently looking for one, Thanks
  3. Coulda swore it was $1.00 a lb. ten minutes ago : ) Thanks anyways GLWS
  4. Not looking to be confrontational, just want guidance in understanding the rules. To the best of my knowledge you turned down his offer & no one else seems to be interested. How else would I contact the prospective seller find a buyer? Isn't that the goal of this for sale forum section? I figured by responding on the thread directly would have been "hijacking". Guess I figured wrong...Again, respectfully just looking for guidance here.
  5. Bill, Don't want to hijack this , but I tried PMing you. Would be interested in the rack if still available.
  6. I'll take "the Striped Bass Book" & "The Art of of Surfcasting with Lures" for $28.00 please
  7. I may be interested if you don't have a deal yet. What would I need to mount this to the front of my 2018 F-150?
  8. Any issues I should know about? Wraps on guides ok, inside the guides? (Q tip test) Reel seat ok? If so I can do $250.00
  9. I'd take this for $240.00 cash @ pick up... I'm in N.Jersey, can pick up tomorrow.
  10. How bout we split the difference @ @205.00 shipped? Only because I hate that green! LOL
  11. Any chance you would ship to NJ, 07110 area code? I'd go $200.00 on the Premier & the Rodgeeks if you could ship.
  12. Got it, thanks for responding.
  13. White Pointer!
  14. Any chance this would fit a 2018 F-150 with the shorter bed, or is that another model #?