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  1. I’ve been using a stripping basket while fishing off my skiff. It’s not that bad but the other day I decided to bag the basket and just let it coil on the sole of the boat. It worked well enough but I did step on it a few times and it got wrapped around stuff on my outboard a few times. Could you guys point me in the direction of a bucket or something that could live on my skiff. Thanks, Tom
  2. We've got a wide range of fish at the moment. A lot of small fish with mid 20s in the mix. There are good fish to be had but you’ve gotta put in the time.
  3. The past few weeks have been great here on the cape getting to tie flys and test them that day or the next. Sometimes I think I’m getting false confidence because these fish seem to be hungry but either way having success off a pattern you’ve tied is a great feeling and adds another fun aspect to fly fishing. These two have been productive and I enjoy tying them. Not pictured is the chartreuse over white clouser and the tutti fruiti which have have deadly as well. -Tom
  4. Thanks. That was going to be my next question because the glue I've used tends to yellow. Would you mind sharing the brand of glue?
  5. Seadogg, what did you use to build the head like that?
  6. I have the Orvis safe passage sling pack. It’s really comfortable and holds a few medium to small size fly boxes plus your other tackle and terminal essentials. The water bottle holder works well and doesn’t take up space inside the bag.
  7. I’ve ordered materials through Bears Den website which can be a little dicey. Everything has been good quality and they deliver really quickly.
  8. Talk about useful information. Thanks man!
  9. Hilltop, Thanks for all that information. When I first saw the fly I did a ton of research and found a lot of that information but those photos of the different variations are great. Jim, Okay that makes sense, like I said previously I did a ton of research about and never stumbled across a book. thanks again, Tom
  10. Hey Jim, what’s the name of his book?
  11. My first time tying up the Betsy. I’ve never fished the fly before but I just really liked BFDs pattern, use of materials and the story behind it. I tried it in a few different sizes and colors but I’m still trying to work out the right amount of materials. I’m using supreme hair, sf blend, and crystal flash/ lateral scale. If anyone wants to throw out some pointers or tips it would be much appreciated. Also if anyone can let me know if these are better tied sparse or a bit thicker.
  12. Kicked off the new year right! A friend and I found a hole in a cape kettle pond and landed 7 rainbows in 1 hour. Great way to start the year of fishing. -Tom