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  1. I think adding 3D bulk depends on the materials your using. Gunnar Brammer’s Chosen One is a good example of building bulk while keeping the materials fairly sparse and laying out the taper in the loop. Check it out -tgd
  2. That is a great point. Thanks for addressing that. I’ve got a few pairs of costa and kaenons but those Oakley prizm are a great recommendation. I’ve already found some on eBay that I’m going to scoop up. Thanks again James
  3. Youve got to go more in depth on a float tube that will carry a ladder. That sounds super effective and stealthy. I have had similar conversations with a very expirenced old timer who is very big on water displacement and disturbance. He’s been very successful also. That something that I haven’t tried much of it but will give it a shot when the opportunity presents itself. Completely agree with the no or little flash. We have a ton of juvenile fluke inshore so I’ve been thinking about some flat flies to mimic them. Idk about you but I tend to pull out size 6 or even 8 at times but I’ve never gone to 8lb before. Might need to see how that works when times get tough. We have got so many gosh darn seals. They are very curious and always want to let there presents be known. Especially when your trying to fight a fish. Always makes things more interesting. As for sharks I haven’t had a close call and I’d like to keep it that way haha. thanks again for that thoughtful response and all that info. Really great to hear your take. -tgd
  4. That was an awesome recommendation. Thank you again. The guy hosting the pod was a little pushy and stoped Rich in the middle of a good point at times but he really kept the conversation flowing. Seems like Rich really favors that heavy sinking line. I wonder if he would use that for sight fishing also. I think I would tend to slap that thing down to hard a lot of times. But to James Brownes point you can definitely shoot those sinking lines in one or two false casts.
  5. So you guys both prefer to use a floating line. I’ve really only used the clear sink tip. How long of a leader are you typically using? Do you ever find that if your fishing a weighted fly that your pulling it up in water column instead of along the bottom?
  6. Well I wasn’t asking about where to fish and I don’t think it’s any secret that Chatham is a good place to fish. Again, I was looking to start a discussion on a certain type of fly fishing and the tactics that surround it. Some have gotten that and others seem to be missing the boat.
  7. Thanks for the response. I live and work in Chatham. So that’s about the only place I fish. Monomoy is a great place to go but you’ve got to play the wind/ tides/ weather right or your going to be in for a long day/ night waiting out that next tide. Lots of great spots beyond just monomoy around Chatham.
  8. Man, James thank you for the post and the advice. I’ve listened to the podcasts your on and follow you on YouTube/ Instagram. Not to sound like a complete fanboy. That’s a great point about the quickly/ accurate delivery in a stressful situation. I think we might need to have a conversation about those helpful two hours of guiding.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Now that is a book I don’t have that I really really want to purchase. I haven’t found the right price yet.
  11. That is a great book. I have read it many times and reference it even more. That was the origin of getting my wheels turning for starting the thread.
  12. Thanks for the response. I’m not a guide I’m a regular guy who lives near inshore and off shore flats and wants to start a discussion about people’s approach to this sort of fishing. What you said that the end of your response about “doing everything right and getting the middle fin” that’s the stuff I’m talking about. Why do you think that happen? See the boat? Fly to big? Saw the line? I wasn’t looking for advice but more so opening a conversation. I’m guessing now that I just didn’t explain myself well enough. I am well aware that many guides and fly tyers around New England are holding zoom meetings that you have to pay or subscribe to. I think those are very helpful and a lot of fun to fill the winter void. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a conversation here about similar things openly. Seems like people want to log onto a zoom chat at 8 pm on Tuesday drink a beer and listen to what one persons opinion on that specific spot they guide is. I was looking to open that up past an hour zoom and dive deeper. There is a thread with hundreds of responses about people’s in-depth opinion on names of fly patterns. I took a good amount of time (for me) and put myself out there to talk about a style of fishing that I love and am obsessed with. If you’ve got a sarcastic response go back to talking about fly patterns. If you want to talk about a difficult style of fly fishing that takes time and effort then let’s get into it! -TGD
  13. How so?
  14. After I submitted the whole thing I kind of realized that was a bit lengthy. Your point is very well taken. The topic I wrote was sight fishing scenarios. That to me really only means one thing. Seeing the fish in shallow water or deeper from a boat and casting to a fish or a large school of fish if your lucky. What you described is blind casting at bait and birds. You even said you rarely see the fish which means it cannot be sight fishing. What I’m talking about is very hard in the northeast and very rare. Which makes the topic specific in itself. Thank you for the book recommendations. I own the tabory book and many others.
  15. Nice man, that’s awesome. I’m sure the 12 will be able to handle all that. No I don’t and I haven’t casted it either. I have a buddy who has the 750 for tuna. My thought was that it’s a cold water line that those grain weights would align with what you would want for a very fast action 12 wt.