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  1. Give it time
  2. Definitely worth a stop. They have a very good inventory.
  3. Coupla Crabs First one is a strong arm I tie for stripers and the lower is my version of Chatham wade fishing guide Chris Kokorda’s merkin.
  4. Those look really good though. Just don’t look at SeaDoggs ties and you’ll be really happy with your own. I purchased the glue sticks and guns SeaDogg recommended. I found the glue gun with the precision tip worked best. Have a bowl of water close and hustle!
  5. I’m in!
  6. I’m in!
  7. 4"- Jumpin Minnow 5" - Yozuri Hydro Pencil 6" - Hogy Dog Walker 7"- Musky Mania Doc 9"- Musky Mania Doc all in bone.
  8. Would you split up the jig heads?
  9. Lucky for you and Nigel up there it’s now the second location in town for the Chatham perk. But if you actually want good coffee you should go a few doors down to Snowy Owl Coffee.
  10. Sounds good to me.
  11. Would you do $165 shipped?
  12. This is pretty much the price of a new SP……
  13. He’s wrong. If you know what a good spot looks like then just go find one and fish it. Bring whatever you normally would and just cast. Don’t waste your time driving to mashpee or wherever. You’d be leaving fish. these speculation threads are funny to read back after the season has started… let us know how it goes.
  14. Statue of limitations is up. What fly was it?
  15. If you live around Chatham go to North Chatham Outfitters. They have a good selection of rod, reels, lines, flies and advice for fishing around this area.