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  1. Thanks All out of powder paint ! Time to order some.
  2. So I scrapped the swing hook plan and went with 6/0 hooks in 2,3,and 4oz. Now to finish them
  3. Nixon makes some decent tide watches. I still have mine but it’s getting more difficult to see too ! Tide Chart app is what I use mostly now
  4. Hi all and Happy New Year! I want to make some 3&4 oz ultra minnow jigs with sinker eyes to attach a open eye 4/0 or 5/0 hook. Should I include a barrel swivel or attach the hook directly to the sinker eye? Will the swivel affect the action of the jig? I will be using gulp grub or swimming mullet or otter strip on the swing hook. thanks BG
  5. Couple of oldies but goodies. Sustain 4000 FB. Both on 7’ St Croix rods. One Ben Doerr the other custom. 1/4 to 1 oz.
  6. I don’t have a D but bought this 5000C in 1973. Used it for largemouth bass and my daughter fished with it for fluke in the late 90’s. Great little reel!
  7. Every snapper counts when flukin’ now
  8. I broke a Loomis years back setting the hook on a blackfish. Just recently started hearing about high sticking (not hockey). Didn’t have any other rod issues. Loomis replaced the saltwater series with a newer comparable model.
  9. I always keep this under the seat in the truck. Not too expensive but serves the purpose. Good for the light stuff
  10. I just stick em on. You can coat over them if you like.
  11. I use natural hair and coat the winding with head cement. To powder paint ,I heat the jig slightly with a propane torch. Then dip it in the powder. The jigs then need to be heated in a toaster oven for about 25 mins to harden to paint so it won’t chip off so easily. The finish you see is just paint. No clear coat.
  12. Previous posters have covered everything to know. I ordered most everything from Terminal Tackle ☹️ Local B & T shops might have what you need. Have fun!
  13. Just switched after years of 955’s. Smooth solid reels no complaints so far. Just paired the 300 with JW extra heavy for next season.
  14. PP user for 15+ years. Other than color fade early on, no problems.