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  1. Hey eels! The largemouth called…. They want their freshwater hooks back. If ya need some real metal lips you know how to call. Some one else. RC
  2. Thank god for antibiotics. Happy holidays uncle John. Im stuffed like a bass after a blitz. Darn good food shared with wild family. Can’t ask for any better. RC After my hunting trip I will be back to my normal shenanigans. Enjoy my absence cuz it’s not for long and I don’t let it happen often. Coming back with venison for the fling!
  3. Happy holidays to all you bass-turds! skunk for me last night. It was a good season. A recap might be in order but we will check with the powers that be first. Fish grippers are your friends. You don’t wanna get an infection like I did. It’s not fun when the doc says I don’t know what you got, but it ain’t good! Mycobacterium almost took my arm. RC Pro staff tip: Being Horny at family outings can lead to you eating alone at the kids table.
  4. A: 15% B: 15% C: 80% This is strictly blitz fishing numbers. Looking for the blitz is short windows of madness. Don’t chase other guys bites either. Make your own. Many folks like to give false reports to get you running around. Learn to fish alone and be content with the isolation. It will make you better without a doubt. Happy thanksgiving! RC
  5. @Baccigalup how was the hunt Tom? I’m actually gonna be on a hunt this weekend on the mountain . Turns out I tried on some Simms and I need a 12-13 bootie. The 9-11 is way to small. Looks like I’m not gonna fit in these. Sorry for the run around. Good luck out there. Go smack a 50 RC
  6. That’s what happens when you get too close to Horny guys. You get poked!!! It was so small ya didn’t even feel it. RC
  7. I wish it happened. Today was the day the fish took a break. Interesting birds, boats, and googans. There was a spotting of Goldy! He was crossing the road so I stoved the brakes. Sent some plugs flying, and he waves me on. It was quite humorous to me considering I braked heavy and heard my customs meet my dry top. Nice…… His face said “Skunk”. He and I shared the same fate today. Well at least until darkness set in. Angry Alan from Alabama decided to push on til midnight. 2 schoolies was all she wrote on a dahtah. RC Still horny. Still fishing.
  8. Im in the north country today. If you’re local I would like to pick em up. DM please. I AM SERIOUS! RC
  9. Those are some beauties y’all posted today . Congrats on all the large fish, and they looked to be non-Panko style! Putting in the time, and skill clearly makes the difference this fall. Dan and I could get out and catch nada, while X miles away you guys beat on em. That’s the nature of fishing out front. Googan tenacity doesn’t always mean success. Being Horny helps. A lot RC @mike07gsxr Poke you in the eye son! If these Jersey boys kill me. I leave to you my chum and gary2 collection. Be sure to sell my VS for top dollar as well.
  10. Ring ring. Ring ring. RC
  11. The young blood has a few screws loose!!! Eggplants in wetsuits, and white boys sniffing panties. This is the new order. Get on board or watch from the beach. I got a set of sea bass blue for ya if you’re game! RC
  12. I got out there for the sharpie tryouts. Since my references checked out they gave me a shot. 6-8 am peanuts with rats on em up north. Missed one at the lip and jumped 4 spots. Still Nada! Continued my pilgrimage south, but still couldn’t put numbers up from 8-12. Next move was south to get into the “Land of SunTzu”. I heard about his irrevocably true reports, so obviously I took them super duper seriously. Turns out I linked up with a few other searchers on their journey for bass fever. We stopped in at a hole to nothing special. Peanuts and birds picking. No bass showing themselves, but after 30 minutes it broke wide open. Miles of bass and nuts for hours. We finished off with a couple hundred slots & some overs. They were all over from the bar to the lip. No true rhyme or reason for their locations. By dark most guys left for family or other duties. Of course I stayed to make the best of the bite. It slowed down really quickly, yet I managed to nab a few dozen slots on micro profile baits. By 10 pm it was clear I had been out in the soak for 14 hours surviving on my last meal which was 45 hours prior. I needed to hang it up and give these bass a break. I got to teach some guys about being horny. They even taught me how to work some old custom woods. As always fish Horny, and speak less. Googans have great hearing. RC If you want some good mojo we don’t say “tight lines”anymore. We say “GOLDY SUCKS”!!!!
  13. Im fishing around the clock, so give me a couple days until I can get to the stash house. Before I go into all the pics, what size, pricing, and colors are you looking to find. All are NIP. Trades for specific gear could be welcome, but we would have to shift it to the other forum. I’m trying to be as efficient as I can be here, and not rob the other guys from their bumps. Plus, I’m fishing, which obviously takes precedent in all things. RC
  14. I’m still in the mix. Full report coupled with new wardrobe incoming. I am humbled today. Got a lot of help along the way. Let’s all remember to step back and just gaze in awe of the force of Mother Nature. I’m rethinking trebles now to. Back at it…. Respect to my sensei in all things Horny. RC @Goldy I might have your surface cruiser replacement on the wall. I might…..