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  1. He lost a nice one in the spring over a bad leader. We had a somber talk about leader discipline. I found out where his limit is, and that has made the effort much easier. RC
  2. That’s what it’s all about in the end. Sharing the joys of fishing with the younger gen. @poopdeck is right. Fishing is supposed to be fun and a hobby. I have allowed it to become an addiction. So from my addicted days and nights the kid reaped the benefits. The kid also did what I said to the letter so I consider it a plus. Let me tell ya the look on his face in the rough stuff pulling in fish is worth the cost of mentoring. He will never forget the first time he got smoked by a 30 lber!!!! RC tight lines Mr B
  3. Go tie leaders up. The PA garbage man doesn’t have time for your shenanigans. RC
  4. If ya have to ask about the “code” then ya don’t know hahaha! hairy night= Dry lightning, rain, winds high water storm= well that’s self explanatory Manning up= holding on to me to cross waters, and sticking out an 8 hour soak in the cold. Being able to keep his trap shut about a good bite. Honestly fishing is not just fishing for me. It’s the dance with the devil where one misstep and you can kiss it goodbye. I made it clear to his folks and him that I do things different. He likes to push the envelope and see what the “sick” ones do. Trust me he is always protected from death or injury. I respect your opinion, and will attempt to incorporate it into his lessons. RC
  5. Update on the kid! This year we got into some nice fish! He broke his pb twice in one night as well. Got the kid out one night in hairy conditions. Didn’t tell his folks about how dangerous it was and he was a man about it. Never balked once, and he even began to really get dialed in. At this point he is getting stuff ready for college so I don’t take him out as much to be sure to focus him on his studies. I swear the kid leans into fish like he is fighting a marlin!!! It’s a blast to see how far he has come, and the joy of sharing the CODE with him. Thanks to @unclemikenj for the reel! He was getting on that thing like it owed him money! That reel was horsing in 20 lb fish with ease. All my best and thanks to those who got the kid rigged up. We were banging flatheads in the Fresh and rockfish in the salt. This girl came in at 1:30 am in a storm on the hairy night! Photo was doctored to protect his identity lol… RC
  6. Wasn’t me! I was bundled up getting sand blasted yesterday. Few fish picked on a T-hex but long day for a couple rats. Must have covered miles of beach. Congrats to those who got in on the action! You know Eric most folks use this reports page to live vicariously through the guys on the sand. Think about it this way, since you have duties to handle now that should buy you some time to hit the suds soon… RC
  7. Roger that. I am sure you will sell them reels in a jiffy! Good stuff RC
  8. Here’s some gear I grabbed in the midday lull between fishing and feasting. Most of my spinning rods and reels are mid class which I don’t think ya want. The baitcaster reel/rods are minty except for the storage wear on the curado. The Clarus will do all the drop shot ya need, and the heavy will pull hogs from thick structure. The heavy is also very good for the custom glide baits RC Is just the 27 avail now? I was gonna inquire about both reels. Thanks man
  9. Happy thanksgiving LD! I am hitting a tide right now. Will post up some pics, and off my head I have a new ish 1.shimano Clarus/bantam curado super free baitcaster. 2. G loomis flipping rod. Short story is I was a freshwater sharpie for 20 years and got into stripers 3 years ago. Now it’s all about the rockfish 24/7/365 let me know what species you are targeting and boat or shore action. RC
  10. Interested in a swap plus cash of freshwater bass gear for the striper gear. I have a ton of Solid bass stuff. Some secrets too. I need a small plug bag too. Let me know what you are looking for in terms of reels, rods, lures, and such. Tight lines RC
  11. In my b hole. RC
  12. Let it be known I offer private bachelorette party dances as well. Will strip for plugs… RC Happy holidays to you and your family sir.
  13. Sometimes ya gotta strip man. Thanks for the atta boy! RC
  14. 6 days straight from PA to NJ. $159 in gas $20 in gear snagged up I got frustrated and started taking clothes off to get the horny cows excited. Guess what it worked! Was almost down to my birthday suit and this girl decided to play! If ya can’t hook up just get a little horny and strip down. Works every time. RC Just shy of 38 inches Eff the wind chill and the boats
  15. Nice lot! I have way too many bombers so if you wanna split the MAVS out let me know. Good color choices there too man. Tight lines RC