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  1. NIP old stock T1 with spare skirt. new and used zuri knuckle baits 1/8 Stanley. I have others and will scrounge em up. The T1s are my fav. Classic Titanium with quick skirt system. Last photo is a used knuckle. Just a better view outta the package. Slipped head for deep water application and bouncing off of structure.
  2. I have some in your color. Expensive and regular price options. Terminators T-1. Rare and hard to find. 3/8 (real expensive) stanley willow blade 1/4 I believe. (Regular) yo zuri knuckle bait 1/2 oz. (Somewhat pricey) I really like the knuckle as it puts off a heavy thump and Is something different. Looking for chartreuse blades now but I believe I had willow style.
  3. Kudos to you for taking a youngin out. Teach em well and you got a keeper coming your way for the solid effort. An old salt said the front hook is for the bass, the rear for the blue and the middle for your hand. I imagine @Raak looking like ralphies brother from Christmas story when the cold comes in. Hahaha hey Raak don’t take it personal. We bust your balls because we like you and you’re one of us. If guys don’t bust your chops then you should be worried.
  4. This. Odm for less work. Gsb for a rod that can flex with you. The gsb is a rod that you gotta work to get the proper action and casting. I got one and never looked back. Heard the DNA is much faster and less tiring. But the GSB is more forgiving to me. An old Lami S glass is a sleeper in my book
  5. Electrical sensations are not what works in my experiments. There were experiments done with magnets on sharks and how they really didn’t like the magnetic field created. A vibration from a rattle trap works, but only in certain conditions. These baits work when small bait are around as they kick furiously to move. I used vibrating baits near your fishing holes and got nada. All you need to focus on is lateral lines and how they are received by the fishes neurons. Chum slick and slow baits work best for me. There is a reason why every sharpie says low and slow. If you want more to study look into musky and the figure 8 with large inline bucktail spinners. It’s the thump sent off and the erratic nature that lies within.
  6. Congrats @Raak!!! All the hard work and patience led you to a solid fish. You deserve it man. I bet your family was quite pleased to see you pulling in a keeper! It takes some guys a bit of time to score a keeper so consider yourself ahead of the curve. Keep it up and enjoy. Shoot me a call sometime so you can fill me in on the details about the fight.
  7. Payment sent. Thanks again RC
  8. Wonderful. Thank you good sir. Pm incoming. Thanks Sol and all who make it possible!!!
  9. Gotta show the empress what I buy. She allows all purchase but likes me to be honest and clear about what I’m grabbing.
  10. Drop the bottom siwash white Gibbs, and make it a clean 75. That’s my limit at the moment. total is as follows lot 1, lot 2(Davies pencil, linesider, sud rat) rattle trap. lot 3 white Gibbs flag tail, red eye Gibbs bunker pattern, green Gibbs two hook with flag. 75 shipped total. place cleanly in photo if you please and we can close this.
  11. So the Danny’s come in at an extra 65 bucks?
  12. Whole things. Step back a minute. You got the first lot and the linesider, happy as a clam and sud rat for 55 shipped total right?
  13. Add the three mini Danny and the green Danny 70 shipped. 16 plugs total.
  14. Roger that. After looking at my list you ready to square up? If not do one more plug list and we can close the thread. I don’t wanna steal other guys bumps.
  15. Got any fireline? 20-30 lb 706z/704z spool or pancake handle.