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  1. I can do that. Sold. PM coming.
  2. Sold. PM coming.
  3. Dont think I got anymore of those left, sorry. If no one buys the lot by tomorrow, I'll take those out for ya.
  4. Yeah, that's what they are... been sitting in my garage for awhile. How many you want?
  5. Believe those are storm. Think I have a few extra packs of them if you just were looking for that size...
  6. Will take lot #2 if still available. Thx.
  7. Everything pictured including Planos. Paddletails, Curly Tails, Tsunsmi, Storm, etc... All in various sizes to match the hatch. $50 plus $12 shipped. Thx.
  8. 2017 Eurojett Pikie 5-1/2" 3oz Chartreuse over White $35 TYD
  9. #2 #5 #6 Left Thx.
  10. Sorry bud, cant go that low. That's already -$10 from what I paid. They are $40 plus $5 ship direct from Derek...
  11. Sold PM Coming
  12. Sold PM Coming
  13. Sold. PM Coming.
  14. Think they're about 6'5" 2.5oz Basically a thicker BM eely...
  15. I'd do $30 on the chipped one...