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  1. 300 shipped for the lot from Seattle. Trips cancelled and moved before I get to use them so my loss your gain 2x Hot's Keitan Aluminium Jigs Weight : 200g Marine Bait Shidenkai Jig - Color : NHB- Lure Type : 220g Yambal Cakra Jig Arrow - Color : 13- Weight : 210g Second Stage Magma Jig - Color : 007- Weight : 190g Second Stage Yaiba Jig - Color : 005- Weight : 220g Lamble Bait Kanpachi Haoli - Color : 07- Weight : 230g CB 1 Zero 300G CB 1 Zero 400G 3x Smith Nagamasa 220G 3x Shimano Butterfly Jigs Deepliner slow pitch jig 250G
  2. Reel body has not been used, the handle was used on another stella Lined with 30 lb power pro No box, only bag and reel 520 shipped,
  3. small tin are not the same as micro jigs. They have completely different action. Even thought they are very similar they have very different action and flutter when it's sinking. Maybe it's less noticeable on the beach since it's relatively shallow but once you get around 20 ft of water around jetty or something like that should be very noticeable
  4. Its fitted for 7 inch pliers like vs 7 inch plier
  5. Boga 30, I'm not interested in splitting it
  6. an adjustment range of 31" to 41"
  7. 150 shipped for the belt plus accessories. Price is firm
  8. WTT New Evergreen Poseidon PHPJ 600 for century weapon JR mag taper the .5 - 3 oz version or similar rod at that lure rating. This rod is new, additional picture can be provided.
  9. I picked up this reel Daiwa GEKKABIJIN EX 1003-RH from another person, it's JDM daiwa design for both fresh and salt but heavily focused on salt 1000 size reel. It's mag sealed, essentially a 1k size saltiga since they don't make saltiga that size
  10. Need 1 of the big stella bag if you can separate it out. Otherwise glws
  11. 340 shipped from Washington state Price is firm on the rod unless you are picking it up from me in Seattle Great rod for the price. Excellent condition. I moved to wa state so this is no longer needed.
  12. Is this the version with ags guides? If yes ill take it if you can ship it to Washington state