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  1. That's reasonable offer. I'll take it. PM me your paypal information. I will send you an invoice and once paid the rod will be shipped your address on paypal. We can also meet up in person around philly area or south jersey
  2. The jacket is around 21 under arm to under arm so it should fit. If you wear 42. I am also 5'7 170 ish so i wear 40-42 on all of my jackets. If your in NJ area we can meet up in philly or belmar
  3. Some pics of the jacket
  4. Some pics of the rod plus case
  5. I'll get you the pics later today if not early tomorrow
  6. Thanks everyone, I bought a ODM surfwave 3.5 I think it's a decent choice for the style of fishing I like. I did end up going 75 more than my budget for a surf bag.
  7. Lol, I actually have a black mackinaw jacket 40 S/M that I am willing to sell for 150 otherwise it's going straight to the bay.
  8. Tsunami airwave elite 05 -12 oz 12ft is around 220
  9. I'm in philly I'd like to look at the bag before I commit to it if possible. Otherwise it make more sense to buy a new bag. I can drive ti anywhere in NJ
  10. Where are you located man I'd like to look at the odm bag In person if possible.
  11. I am interested in the 4 tube gear up bags as well. I think it's about the same size as the odm 3.5 bag
  12. If you can post some pictures that would be nice, right now I am leaning towards just buying them new from a local store.
  13. WTB ODM surfwave 3.5 bags, I am open offers on flatlander or gear up bags of similar size. Offering 200 for excellent condition ODM surfwave 3.5 bag
  14. Might pull the plug and buy a surf bag. Not really sure if ODM bags are that much better than shimano bags that it justify $200 increase in price. Are there cheaper alternative for good quality surf bags
  15. Interested in trades? Got a b stock legend 10 ft 1-4 oz