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  1. I don't buy Saltiga anymore for that reason since its much harder to service and parts are hard to come by. Shimano however is pretty much guarantee for 10 year of service. After 10 the part might not become available.
  2. i have SS 1506 if your interested. used a few time in good condition
  3. For the most part in the east coast there isnt a reason to have stella or saltiga over vs for pier or surf fishing but if im out on the rock and trying to catch a tuna or gt. I'd much rather have a saltiga or stella.
  4. Like new, 430 pick up 450 shipped. Pick up in PA/ NJ
  5. As title states wtb a 8 ft mailing tube to ship a surf rod. Pick up near Philly / NJ, im flexible so let me know where to meet up
  6. Im in philly, but i typically fish all over NJ from cape may to the hook. So i can take some time while im out there to meet up. Preferred to meet up so we can fly it and what not
  7. don't fall for the all purpose rod trick, there isn't one. get 12 ft that can throw 10+ oz should be good for the surf.
  8. I got a phantom 3 PRO with 2 extra bettery for 500 preferably pick up in NJ
  9. they have them, just really really large. GT recorder, BKK, Decoy, etc. Owner I think make the smallest barbless hooks
  10. Listing on FB