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  1. Would you be interested in $200 PayPal and $80 worth of custom bucktails, and teasers/flies of your choice? (Any colors and sizes you would like)
  2. I have a RockHopper belt in good condition for sale.
  3. Yea all you need is 2 Pepsi’s or maybe 5 and food for a family of 7 and you are bound to catch a 40inch bass on the light tackle set up.
  4. Wow what a toxic thread. Just go out fish and have fun, don’t be the salty old guy complaining about every little thing. Here’s a bass pic from a few days ago. And yes that’s the poisonous sand everyone is talking about lol
  5. Very nice, yesterday was the day to be out, caught 12 a little bigger within 2 hours. I moved spots and continued to slay for hours. Everyone complaining about the sand on the fish must have gotten skunked yesterday lol
  6. The fall run is right back to the “Fall Walk”.... the other day I saw about 40 guys at a popular beach and I only saw 2 fish caught. I landed 1 one them....
  7. This is really sad, I’ve seen experienced guys with the right equipment get washed off a jetty by a rogue wave, it really can happen to anyone.
  8. Yuppp, there were big girls out Saturday and Sunday. Went back monday and tuesday and today... they are gone.
  9. I can’t wait...
  10. Thanks man
  11. That’s my red otter tail trailer hanging out.... all the bass completely swallowed my bucktails lol
  12. Yea seeing these guys casting with their strong head lights on just blow my mind....
  13. Went out today with 2 Pepsis and hit the Eastern SS.... my first ever 40inch bass from shore... definitely a night I will NEVER forget. Next time I will also bring a dr.pepper.
  14. How many do you have? Those will work
  15. My usual scrap yards are out and I’m having a hard time finding clean lead on Long Island. Anyone have recommendations? I’ve called 15+ scrap yards on LI and none have. Thanks