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  1. Yea bigger bass are definitely moving in, I saw a guy bring in a 32 incher yesterday and it was nuts. South shore is pretty dead right now but the north shore is loaded with bass.
  2. How did your 3 mojos break? I just purchased a brand new mojo surf and I love it but am scared of it breaking.
  3. Huge thanks to Porgy Paul for the molds and the unbelievable advice and tips, very intelligent person!! Thanks to SOL & Paul once again!
  4. I hope we can... I literally just bought my night permit a few days ago...
  5. This is horrible, I was just fishing WE2 a couple of days ago. I hope the beaches stay open
  6. I caught my first every false albacore with him right next to me on those rocks..... May he Rest In Peace.
  7. Wow that’s very interesting, even when I purchasing the rod I made sure that there weren’t any cracks under the guides (the other 10’6 had some cracks under the guides). Thanks, I love this rod and that was my concern.
  8. Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it!!
  9. Wow I knew knew this, did any of your guides ever break off because of the cracking?
  10. Hello guys, I just purchased a brand new St. Croix Mojo Surf 10’6 rated 3/4-4oz from J&H. I used it the first time 2 days ago and it was rinsed down with freshwater after I used it. Today I’m looking at the guides and noticed tiny cracks at the top and bottom of the guides. I am not sure if this is normal especially for a BRAND NEW rod that I only used once.. Is this common? Has anyone else had a similar problem like this? Will it eventually fully crack? Here are some pictures. Thanks for the help in advance!!!!
  11. I love my Spinfisher VI
  12. Hello, looking for a Do it mold Flutter jig, 2-3 OZ. Also interested in other jig molds if available 1-4 oz range. Thanks!!!
  13. I definitely do not need another rod, but I would like to respectfully offer $100 in cash at the Ward Melville show. Thanks
  14. Thanks, I most definitely will!