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  1. Nope no fish on li....
  2. Nothing but robins lol it’s funny seeing people catch non stop robins lollll
  3. Agreed, I am also still using mine and it hasn’t happened again. I’m sure once I hook into a big fish again it will happen. Yeah even if I get a new one the same thing will happen. The reel is an absolute beast though, I love it. This was the only problem
  4. If you can ship it I’ll take it!^ if that deal doesn’t work out.
  5. Yes the shaft must be flexing when the spool is fully extended with a fish on pulling drag.... I’m shocked this is happening though especially on a brand new VS
  6. It’s a very obvious deep scratch around the entire bottom of the spool....
  7. Wow this same exact thing happened to me 3 days ago and I thought it was only me... I bought my VSX 200 brand new last month and 3 days ago I hooked into a big fish on heavy drag and after fighting the fish I noticed scratches all around the base of the spool. When I went to Saltwaters in Islip and I showed the Technician and he said he wasn’t sure what that was. It was literally brand new reel and now I have an obvious scratch all along the base of my brand new spool... I hope there is a solution to this. I will attach pictures of my reel.
  8. The WE2 has been dead for weeks!
  9. They are still enforcing permit only, even though when you call Jones Beach Beach State park they say no permit is required to fish WE2 during the day, then you show up in person and it’s a whole different story... lol thank god I have the night permit.
  10. There were more people that arrived than what is seen in the picture lol duhh. I’ve fished that jetty with 20+ people on it, and it’s nothing but guys casting over you and white buckets.
  11. It was packed for 3 cocktails