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  1. uh-huh...
  2. Back in the 50's a guy in my mom's neighborborhood las name was Schitz.
  3. So in other words, it failed.
  4. Has anybody ever been prosecuted for lying on the form soley about being an MJ user? Serious question, never heard of any cases.
  5. Ugly game.
  6. Stable genius
  7. 1. Hope and facts are 2 different things. But how awesome would it have been if Trump personally took the jet's title from avenatti, jumped in the pilot's seat and flew that bird into the wide blue yonder while aveannti sttod on the tarmac crying! 2. Most definetly.
  8. Couldn't happen to a better guy. I always love it when scumbags like this go down! Do you have a link that says Trump seized the jet? All the fake news is reporting is that a federal judge ordered the seizure and federal agents carried out the judge's orders.
  9. Yep, between 5:00pm-9:00pm. Is it true they only call landlines?
  10. FINALLY!