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  1. You're doing it right, Red. Goya's overpriced yuppie crap, like starbucks.
  2. Im sure alot of people are worried, but it's still way to early to make any predictions. 2020 has to be one of the strangest years since at least the late 60's.
  3. My guess is Chauvin will still be found guilty of murder.
  4. Strange thread even for the fly....................Not surprising, though......................
  5. Didn't do himself any favors, imo.
  6. Big talk on a internet forum. Be honest now. If you have kids, do you want them to be required (aka forced) to do 2 years of military service when they graduate high school? Possibly being sent (aka forced) to fight in some chithole?
  7. Now you're speaking like a communist........
  8. Hmm. Wanting to require a picture id for voting vs.wanting 2 years required military service out of high school. Apples and potatoes. When you want to require (aka force) others to do something you never did,that makes you a leftist.
  9. You want to require others to do what you didn't do. Joey, you're a lefty!
  10. As of now the nfl plans to severely limit attendance and tarp off a large amount of seating areas featuring sponsored logos. Sat what you will, the nfl is tops in creating generating revenue among the top 4.
  11. What's your military service record?
  12. You think he would have learned by now.
  13. I'd protest outlawing alcohol, no doubt about it.