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  1. The Godfather Saga is a great example. Put the first 2 movies in chronological order and had over an hour of deleted footage included.
  2. The weed gummies at Halloween basically replaced the razor blade myth
  3. The "weed laced with fentanyl" bs stories always remind me of when towns release statements telling parents to check their kid's halloween candy to make sure it's not weed edibles because it happened one time 1000 miles away.
  4. Toyota's had a hydrogen powered car for years.
  5. Always took you for a duck duck go guy.
  6. Do you think rape victims should be forced to birth the rapist's baby? Serious question.
  7. They didn't do anything but issue an empty statement...
  8. Used to do Dr. Pepper and Bacardi.
  9. Tested positive a few days after Memorial day when I was at sister's house. We had a couple of tests at home and I took one after one of my nieces came down with it. Never would have known I had it without the test. No symptoms or anything, felt fine