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  1. Heard on the radio he's getting between 60-80 million.
  2. Saw him perform 3 years ago at Parx. Funny as hell and after the show he still sets up a card table and sells his CD's, t shirts, coffee mugs, etc..
  3. When editing a post can you include how many points are awarded?
  4. We know
  5. Don't think he gets anything close to that. But I've been wrong before...
  6. If your relationship with your siblings is based on their political views, you're probably mentally damaged.
  7. You just described Little to a tee.
  8. Checkpoints are BS. I've read that roving dui patrols catch more drunk drivers than checkpoints for the same money spent and believe it.
  9. Bandwagon Brady licker. (just kidding, I know about the bet.)
  10. Heard NY is sticking with eli this year.
  11. Whatever team that trades for him will make sure he's willing to sign a new contract /extension before the trade is completed. Not sure if that would negate the franchise tag, though.
  12. The team he's traded to.
  13. My sister lives in Morgantown. Derrick's description nailed it.
  14. Weird...your post numbers are close to that.