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  1. Well. I used to sneak into it 25 years ago. Only to get chased out by farmer and shot at with rock salt. I picked salt outa my friends left cheek for an hour on one occasion. My point is that it DID Then!! 5 pounders were common to catch in this pond. Now, it’s been 25 years since I’ve been there. Since then the farmer has sold land. About 10 years ago or so. Of course there are million dollar homes there now. I went back this past weekend for the first time in all these years with no luck or action. Didn’t even see any life quite honestly. But still looks the same. I’d there a chance these fish were removed?? How do I know if they are still there. Is there a way to tell. Or some piece of equipment to use that will tell. I just don’t know. What are your thoughts?? Thanks for your help.
  2. That’s actually a brilliant idea!!! So simple yet so brilliant!! I’m def gonna work that a gel for sure!! Again great stuff, I like it! Thanks again!! I’ll let ya know how I make out.
  3. So I took everyone’s advice and got out yesterday. It was a skunker though!! Tried several techniques with no luck. The pond I’m fishing is ONLY 100 yards x 50 yards wide. It’s pretty small. I’d say 10 feet deep in the middle with 2-4 feet around perimeter. I know there are 5lb + fish in there as I caught them 20 years ago when I was younger. I probably shoulda given this info initially. But does that change any opinions, or would any of you approach it differently?
  4. Huh?? Okay, so this is what I was looking for when I started the topic sometime ago. Was looking to hear the good , And the bad. So far, out of several responses there’s been nothing but praise and on furthermore on ALL sizes from the 50 and up. But even Stella has had its concerns through out the years!! Like anything mechanical, things break, wear, and ultimately fail in one way or another. I’m truly I treated for you to elaborate on your quote, “buyers remorse”, since it’s the first thus far with a negative review in this conversation. Did it fail on ya, did it bind up? Was it salt or freshwater use? And did you keep it clean? Speaking for myself, your info could be of huge help to keep my experience this far an A+. Again if you would kindly elaborate and let me know specifics to your experience that would be much appreciated. Worst case scenario, I’ll at least know maybe what not to do or to do to again keep an A+ experience with my own. Thank you much for sharing your thoughts and experiences!! CL
  5. I have neither of them two reels your asking about. So I can’t give you accurate info. Sorry! But it’s def a nice reel, especially for the money. Can’t beat it. All though I still think the new Stradic FL And Diawa Back Bay 3 or 4000 is one the best reels on the market at the 200 price point.
  6. Got ya! Thanks a lot for your help. Much appreciated. I’ll post back and let ya’s know how I made out. Thanks again!! cl
  7. Thanks a lot that helped tremendously. I understand now much clearer!! One more question though. Would you say it’s better to fish early am and early evening hours, kinda like normal in the summer? Or is it just whenever as your pretty much just tryin to get natural reaction That they just can’t help no matter what time it is. I guess there not really feeding on a jerk bait. More so just naturally reacting. Let me know your thoughts on time. Thanks a lot!! cL
  8. What size jerk baits would you reccomend. Also any particular colors you find that work best. I’m not quite sure how to “match the hatch” this time of year. Thanks for your help!! cL
  9. While I completely agree with you, it doesn’t quite answer my question. Obviously I m not as knowledgeable as most, I’m looking to learn, and with that, whatever the technique may be. I do agree that a jerk bait is MUCH more fun, but is it really practical this time of the year? I only ask cause I’ve done some reading as well and it has lead me to believe that top water, crank baits, buzz baits, swim baits, etc:are NOT good lures to use. I don’t Know? So is a live shiner practical this time of year. Again, not sure. IMO there’s NOTHING like seeing a 2-4 lb largemouth busting up on a frog, But that’s for sure not practical this time of year. So without prejudice, is a live shiner more practical I just wanna know so as to increase my odds for some action. Have read that Bass are very lazy now and anything that reflects a dead or dying minnow is a good bet. Also SLOWLY bouncing a jig with real long pauses in between jigs. Would you agree?
  10. How bout live bait this time of year, say hooking on a nice lively shiner and lettin him swim with a small widget and an fish finder swivel?
  11. Thank you both for your responses. You don’t know how much I appreciate it!! Truly!! You just made my day from wishin to fishin! one more question, as far as times to go, early am and early evening, are they my best chances? Thanks
  12. Hey. Ty so much!! I’m completely stoked right now just to hear that it’s a real possibility to catch em this time of year. Thanks so much again.
  13. I live in southeast Pa. I’m fortunate enough to have several small ponds near me that are primarily loaded with bass. And I mean some big bass!!! Anyhow I'm itching so bad to go fishing and I wanted to know if Largemouth can be caught at these water temps? If so, how do I go about it? I’m thinking bottom and very slow retrieve as they are probably pretty Lethargic this time of year. But they Eventually still gotta eat right??? Anyhow, if you have good knowledge of winter time Bassin please let me know. If I’m wasting my time please let me know as well. I’d rather put my energy toward something else than a fishless pond. Thanks I really appreciate any feedback.
  14. Completely agree! We should leave em alone from all the way north to as far south!!!
  15. After further, close evaluation I stand corrected!! There are 7 in the diagram. The +1 I’m sure is the AR. But I have seen a few of em that just weren’t there!!