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  1. I have an opportunity for any Stella. Poking for something to go on light to medium offshore trips with. Which one is most appropriate. Thanks for your help. O
  2. Have em both except in 4 and 5k sizes. I would say hands down the new Stradic FL. But then again they are 2 diff reels. I guess it depends on what your using them for. I use my FL for stripers and love it.
  3. Check out Lami on line. I just bought a rod 10 minutes ago. They are having some sales on line ONLY! Good luck. Hope ya find what ya looking for. Tight lines! cl
  4. Unreal, I bought the Saltx. Got it when it was out almost immediately. Well, I too had issues with it. Got ahold of a gal in jersey who almost always answers the phone and was rude as can be. Told me they dont have parts for it and don’t know when they will, and pretty much told me I was **** outta luck. So I gave it a while for benifit if doubt. I was hoping to see them get better with their cust service but your just proof nothing has changed. Hope someone buys them out. I actually love their rods!!! If anyone resting this is associated with Tsunami please contact me here as you really need some things to change. I think people are liking your stuff, but man cmon, just a little courtesy!! cl
  5. Yea, I hear ya. Funny, I was just thinking yesterday. Why the hell do that make so gosh darn many choices. It’s insane!! At the end of the day your, high/low end to midrange price point reels are a lot alike in many ways. Thing is, fishing got soooo Technichal thru the years. Take it all away, and I still have my first 2 reels I ever bought which were Penn SS’s. 650 and 850. Back when I bought them 30 years ago the blue fishing throughout the jersey coast was plentiful year after year. Anyone who’s ever fished them on a headboat at night just sleighing 15-20 pounders knows what them trips will do to your equipment. And especially your drag!! As them bastards tear when hooked!! I’m not so sure all this new stuff could handle the good old days!!!
  6. Do you happen to know why them 2 particular ones. Cause you can still get 40’s, 50’s, 60’s. Was there a problem with them? If you know why I’d appreciate your input. Just surprised as I thought they were an awesome reel!!!’ cl
  7. They Did???? When??? I didn’t know that and was just gettin ready to look for one
  8. Can never have too many!!!!! Lol!! Good luck!
  9. How many shims you needed? Do you remember?
  10. I love it actually!! But the old one is nice too!! Think I like the black better though. So how do you get a custom??? Are they sold that way with certain amounts available I’m assuming? How do I get one?
  11. When you get any additional info, please let me know and I will do the same. Take care!
  12. Thanks for the info and agree 100%. But this is seemingly a little beyond minimal gear lash imo. Idk? I wanna chalk it up to me just being to critical because It’s a Stella. If the spool is stationary or better yet let’s say you have the rod and reel in hand and your sitting there on slack line waiting for your bait to fall after casting. Imagine Now your holding the handle of the reel so as to not move the line at all which is almost a Ever so slight pressure in reverse motion as if you were gonna unscrew the handle. At the point when I’m just about to turn the handle to reel up some slack that very first nudge forward is felt as if the teeth of the main gear are engaging the pinion or vice versa. But either way it’s like there is a gap between the engagement and enough to be felt if that makes sense to ya. Sorry to say glo, but that is not good!!!! Period!!! It will no doubt cause excessive or premature failure to the gear teeth of the main and or the pinion Orr both! That’s just engineering 101. Of course gears need some tiny allowance between them. If not, friction and kinetic energy would absolutely destroy them. But that is usually mitigated with grease or should I say the proper grease As to achieve that feeling of -0- play and silky smoothness that Scoob talks about. Scoob Is it possible that what I’m feeling is actually some type of clutch engagement maybe?? Possibly something in the AR that Iam just completely aware of. As opposed to 2 gears coming together. With all do respect, you would know way better than myself. Anyhow, it’s just something that I just wasn’t expecting to experience. Not sure if you read JK’s response or not, but had the same sensation and concern. If your interested, I would be willing to send to you to do a tear down along with a small donation for your time. I say small cause I’m outa work right now and yea that’s about it. Thanks for your help
  13. Hey. Jk. So you got the same problem? Huh? I REALLY dont like it man!! I don’t know why but I feel it more in my freakin “top of the line” reel then any other quite frankly. The second you pick that reel up it’s got that certain weight to it that makes it feel like a solid ass reel. It really does!! But then when you start turning the handle you just can’t help but to feel what’s going on there!!! Point is, it’s so freakin solid at first grab and then, idk, but only word I got is “slop”. I mean something is moveing inside of there do doubt and it can not be good! Especially wit striper, Albie, or mahi and smaller tuna tearing back at ya. It feels like 2 parts are so close but yet so far away on every turn and since I’ve noticed it which was pretty much immediate, I can’t get rid of the aggravating feel of it. I’m just not sure how to describe it right to send back, and will that actually be able to do anything about it. The reason I put it out here is to hear exactly from people like you that have and know the same issue or maybe feeling ya get from it. It just doesn’t coincide with when you first pick it up and then start reeling. It’s like WOW what a piece of equipment, then you start reeling it and your like “WTF” is that. I’m wondering if that feeling will go away under a load? Or will it be worse under a load? I’m no reel expert. But I gotta say that whatever 2 parts are involved in what’s going on in there, I know enough that it can not be a good thing.
  14. Wow. That was great info. Thanks! cl
  15. I recently bought myself a new Stella SW5000HG right before Christmas. I’ve unboxed it and that’s it. Haven’t even spilled it up yet. So anyhow, as I’m sitting doin nothin around I’ll pick it up every once in a while and play with it. Yesterday I was just checking things out on it and noticed something with the handle movement. So at a complete stop no matter what the position of the handle from 12am to 12pm if I ever so slightly go to turn the reel handle there is a certain amount of play before the rotor spins. And I can also feel it as I’m turning the handle as well. I thought the handle was loose, or the power knob was loose causing this Almost clicking sensation. Or maybe I should say lack of tolerance, not sure. It’s kinda hard to explain. I think some of you hardcore REEL guys out here will probably understand what I’m saying better than most as it’s ever so slight but noticeable. Honestly I don’t really feel anything like this in my Stradic Fl 4000 or 5000 or my Diawa Back bay 4000. If I hold the rotor on both maybe a little. But that’s why I saved up a grand for this ree and expected To have that oooooo la la sensation. It does feel amazing let me say, but It’s really annoying to me and for the amount of money I spent and it being BRAND spanking new!!! I kinda demand it to be perfect in all that it claims. So......... 1. Is this right what I’m feeling. (Am I expecting to much?) 2. Is there anything anybody knows about this? 3. if not right, is it a shim issue maybe, and should I send it back or stab at it myself. I have been in a few reels in my life and pretty good wit them. But maybe outa my league?? thanks for any advice or help you can give. cl