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  1. You make it $100 with $10 for shipping and you bought yourself a brand new reel.
  2. Make me an offer. I want these gone.
  3. My COVID loss is your gain! I had to cancel the trip that this rig was purchased for and now I need to recoup some of my investment. Daiwa Black Gold (BG) 6500 New in Box! $120 Daiwa PrimeSurf T33-405 (13.28') Telescopic Travel Rod with bag and guide protector. $150 I'd split the cost shipping for any one interested in both. Buyer pays shipping if I split them up.
  4. I just got in T33-405 Daiwa Prime Surf. I'm excited to see how it goes. Pretty cool concept, lots of cool touches to it.
  5. Thank you so much!
  6. I'm inclined to agree with you. I looked into it a bit more and there is very few, verging on no, reports of ciguatera incidents in Baja's recent history. If I tie into a snapper, chances are it will be on the grill that evening. That being said, I really appreciate all the information above and always like a heads up. I had never heard of ciguatera before and it was worth looking in to. I have no experience surf fishing Baja, or anywhere for that matter.
  7. So would you avoid things like snapper or grouper?
  8. Thank you! That is awesome information! What is your hesitance about eating the predator species? Why would they not be safe? Is there some visual sign? Thank you again!
  9. Whenever anyone thinks about Baja, images of huge roosters or Jack's flash before their eyes. But my question is this, does anyone have any suggestions for species, tackle, techniques, locations etc. on the East Cape of Baja for catching fish to put on the grill or in tacos? Trust me, I will be chasing roosters with a fervent fire but I really want to feed the family too. Any suggestions are welcome, I will be on the Sea of Cortez side, just south of Los Barriles, right on the beach for two weeks end of May/beginning of June.
  10. What size reel do you like on the Daiwa Primes?
  11. Thanks bud.
  12. Do you have any experience with the Prime T30-450? Any notion of casting weight, speed, power? Thanks
  13. Have you fished the St. Croix?