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  1. just saw one this morning,it was feeding on a hanging flower basket.we dont see them too often in Middle Village ,Queens
  2. Ok I'll take it for 140 shipped Pm me your info and payment preference. I can do PayPal or money order.
  3. would you take $130 shipped to long island ,new york 11779
  4. I cant understand why people feel they need to kill these fish and if they are returned kicking them back into the water or tossing them doesn't help either
  5. You got it. I'll take it for $120 shipped
  6. I will offer you $110 shipped to 11379. paypal or money order what ever you prefer
  7. does anyone have a surfcaster 2 rod rack for sale in very good condition I would like to match the one I have.
  8. payment sent thanks drewtuna 1993
  9. I'll take the 4500ss for $60 shipped send me information how you want payment. Thanks rob
  10. lets make it $75 I don't want you to take a hit on shipping its still a good deal at that price send me information on how you want the payment and where thanks rob
  11. I will take the Penn 6500 is that $65 shipped ?
  12. rockhopr I'll take the 650 w/spare spool. p.m. me your info. and I'll get the money order out to you for $ 85.00 Thanks rob
  13. I enjoy the cooler air and less crowded beaches.