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  1. Nick picked up rod in Milford today as stated. Smooth transaction, thank you and thank you Tim S and SOL.
  2. True surface? Any video of action on the interweb? I know Nick makes quality stuff all around just never saw his Pikie swim. Also maybe list a price cause I don’t want to make you go through leaps and bounds for no reason ya know
  3. Specs? @redfish007
  4. How old is it?
  5. Frank town, surf asylum?
  6. Oof already up right after Facebook , what are you interested in?
  7. To be honest I do not know if I can do that. I will be finished by 930am the latest. We will try to arrange a meet in PM.
  8. I have a lightly used super surf 2g pro for pick up in Brooklyn, 320$ cash. 9ft rates rated 1-3 70/30 split.
  9. I’ll do that picked up in Brooklyn or Milford at the location I am at on June 10th.
  10. I am not from CT , I am from NYC. I have some quick work being done on my truck that morning in Milford. It’s a Monday, I happen to be off from work. I have no problem letting you handle them but I am not going to drive around the state of CT for a meet up with no guarantee of sale if that makes sense. The super surf 2g pro is fast and the nex1 moderate. I would personally take the nex1 if I was you it is a great blank and it costs 240$ just for the blank.
  11. Both very light use. 300 take your pick. Would be able to drop off or meet up in CT June 10th.
  12. I have an odm nex1 9ft 1/2-3 1/2 and a lamiglas super surf 2g pro 9ft 1-3 available.
  13. Looking for a Voorhies Pikie. Also open to other giant pikies. Love fixter, but I can get those on my own. Fingers crossed for a voorhies.