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  1. depending do you have a gold ?
  2. Maybe a long shot anyone looking to trade a silver vsx 200 cosmetic 9/10 for a VS gold 200.
  3. I’m in Florida and everything is closed even have a curfew !
  4. Is this still available?
  5. Practically new twinpower 5k willing to trade for vs 150 color not a factor. Spooled with new suffix 832 20lb braid
  6. Stripers

    Hopefully it’s good when I go
  7. Stripers

    When the virus is cleared up hopefully
  8. Stripers

    Yes very knowledgeable I’ll get the hang of it
  9. Stripers

    Will do thanks!
  10. Stripers

    Whenever the virus is through with hopefully
  11. Stripers

  12. Stripers

    I can tell that the super strikers are pricey. Guys use them for snook here in Florida not sure why
  13. Stripers

    Thanks I’ll be down when the virus goes away
  14. Stripers

    Anything helps thanks you !
  15. Stripers

    We use rapala xraps and yozuri minnows