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  1. Definitely a good grab.....will take these if the 2 above fall through
  2. Respectfully offer $35 for the lot
  3. Fished numerous rockpiles outfront in MoCo incoming tide this morning. Water was crystal clear and the ocean pretty flat, saw some bait present at sunrise. No fish caught, not even a bump, got the skunk.
  4. Fished outback the last few evenings/early am's in Sussex County with some decent catching. Managed a mix of schoolie stripers, cocktail blues and the occasional shad. Biggest bass up to 25". All fish caught on light tackle and are still safely swimming.
  5. Hey Gatr, For sure more info on here and good idea on the thread, will try to get one up. It's definitely a sight to see and yes we're gonna get a pic of it swimming or someone holding it this fall.
  6. Can confirm along with Gatr522 of the smiling musky as it was spotted again yesterday multiple times. When looked up, one of the funnier comments/reasons why they do it was..... "Hey, you can’t catch me but here I am!” it swam away smiling. Speaking with a well known musky fisherman, he also said they may do it after eating a large meal or out looking for something to eat. But concluded that no one really knows why. Hopefully one of us will catch it this fall and will share some pictures.
  7. Gotcha....well good luck with the new rod!
  8. Been using the Jigging World Shadow Surf rods for a few years now and nothing but good things to say about them. Have both the 9'-0" & 10'-0" MH surf rods. Love the lightweight of these rods along with the feel of the Winn grips while casting. What reel did you pair yours up with?
  9. Yes, the fish was caught in the last hour of the outgoing.....
  10. Fished the end of the outgoing into the beginning of the incoming tide last night in MoCo. Started out with micro blues and small flounder on the swimmer, and managed to connect with (1) keeper size striper at 32" on the teaser.
  11. Hey Bob, had the same thing happen to me this spring fishing along the rocks 3:30 am. Always a tough feeling leaving the water after an experience like that, but like you said felt good to have the fight!
  12. Ok thanks I'll take them. Please send PP info
  13. What are the size and weight of each?
  14. Sure, ill take them. Please PM your PayPal info when you can.
  15. Nice fish there plt391 and glad to hear you were able to get your rod and reel back!