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  1. For me it was my Uncle Jim. Spent alot of time on the water learning from him at an early age. Mainly fished bait starting out but progressed into plugs. Learned so much just observing him from the beach as he would fish the tip of the jetty at sunrise/sunset. Unfortunately he passed in 2000 from colon cancer. Was such an influence on me of getting into the sport, I had to name my boat after him. Can't imagine the trips we would go on if he was still alive.
  2. Night time is the right time............
  3. Would also have to go with braid
  4. Don't have one myself, but have seen them in action, prettycool to see......hopefully soon!
  5. Worked the usual stretch outfront in MOCO early am into sunrise yesterday morning. Great looking white water with a steady ENE and got the skunk.
  6. Cool, thanks Marc.
  7. Report from late last week........Caught some cocktail size up to 5lb bluefish with some healthy sized schoolie stripers mixed in early am outback in Sussex County, DE. Most fish were taken on the Ocean Arsenal Tackle Peanut Pogy along with some on soft plastic and topwater.
  8. Could you do $25 shipped with the Gags poppers just bought?
  9. I'll take em Marc, thanks
  10. Last 2 hours of the outgoing.....
  11. Think you & Dan Tinman are on to something here looks like I'm going to be busy this winter for sales next spring. As classic and productive Chicken Scratch is, it's strange that is readily available for most other lure types except soft plastic.... maybe it's in the works.
  12. Some nice catches there in AI fellas, nice work!! Fished the early am outback in Sussex County.....combination of bluefish and stripers caught up to 25". Plenty of bait observed.
  13. Gotcha.....yeh his stuff looks pretty good, just haven't fished them yet. Wonder how long it will be until Chicken Scratch is available by all soft plastic makers?
  14. Really like and have had success with the Large RM Smith Jigsmith. Casts great and real easy to work.
  15. Don't know how long the Chicken Scratch soft plastic color has been available by Al Gags, but recently purchased and have had some pretty good success with them on the surf. Have caught on both the 4" & 5". When I picked them up at a local shop the guy at the counter said "Hey, it's the Chick-fil-A swim bait" They are a little more expensive than most brands and can be tough to throw again after being bite off by a bluefish, but seem to produce. Just seeing if anyone else has thrown these or aware of any other brands selling the chicken scratch soft plastic?