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  1. Hey all, I'm new to the spinning gear game, as I have been a freshwater fly fisherman for most of my life. I am shopping for some new spinning gear for use on the boat and kayak in the Cape Cod area. I will be fishing for Stripers, Bluefish, Albies, Bonito, Mahi and black sea bass. I have been looking at both the Shimano Stradic and Saragosa reels but don't understand the difference. Can someone please explain the difference and the pros and cons to each? Also, I have been told that the Shimano rods are a great value and have looked at the Teramar, Tallus and Terez. What do you guys recommend for my application? I was thinking about getting a light rod for small epoxies, a medium rod as a workhorse and a heavier rod for chucking the big stuff or live-lining some pogies. Thoughts? Thanks! John
  2. Well this is something you don't hear everyday. Care to share your experience with Hatch and why you don't like them? I have only heard great things about Hatch reels and they seem to be the reel of choice with many saltwater anglers. I have some experience with Hatch myself and have always found them to be top quality reels.
  3. Thanks bae, how much backing and of what kind do you fit on there with the 9wt line?
  4. From what I understand, the Gen 2 Finatics have fixed the sticky handle problem. Do you mind expanding on why you would go large arbor instead of mid arbor if you did it again? Would you still be able to fit ~200 yards of backing with the 10wt line?
  5. This is great info Albacized, thanks for the feedback! Well over 300 yards of 20# is A LOT! Sounds like I could easily get away with a large arbor with the 9wt line and be ok based on this info. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks Jeff! What is the show about? Are they showing new fly gear, educational seminars, etc? I will be there in February so Ill be sure to get myself there. Do you know what date the show is?
  7. Thanks Shadow, I will definitely check it out. I am an addicted trout on the fly guy and will absolutely be fishing for trout a lot out there. Thanks for the tips!
  8. That would be great WH, I would really appreciate that! Once I hit the required number of posts to have PM access I will shoot ya a message.
  9. I just enjoy being out there casting flies, catching is a bonus no matter the size.
  10. I would love to get involved in a saltwater fly club! I don't have enough posts yet to DM but I will shoot ya a DM once I get there. Thanks for the tips!
  11. This will primarily be used as a New England striper, albie and bluefish reel.
  12. I am having trouble deciding on getting a mid-arbor or large arbor Hatch Finatic 7+ for my 9wt. Anyone running a 7+ on a 9wt have any suggestions? I am probably going to go with gel-spun backing for increased capacity. Thanks for the help!
  13. Thanks for the info! I will be staying with family in Dartmouth during the move, then will be looking to settle somewhere close to the cape. I will probably be making the move around the end of January so unfortunately, making the show this year looks unlikely.
  14. Thanks Mike, lots of good info there, I appreciate it! I have asked for Rich Murphys book as well as Lou Taborys for Christmas. Thanks for the recomendations! Noted on the 10wt. My 10wt is an Orvis Recon that is supposed to be pretty true to weight rod, though I have not given it a cast yet. I'll look into some extra spools and lines for my 10wt when the 9 won't cut it. Thanks again for all of the feedback, I can hardly wait until spring!
  15. Thanks for the nice reception and striper tips, they are much appreciated! I had a question about lines; I was thinking of going for a spool of floating line and a spool of intermediate line for the 9wt and a full sinking line for the 10wt. Does this make sense? I have read that AirFlo makes some nice casting, long lasting lines that don't seem to have much memory and avoid tangles better than most. I am considering the AirFlo Ridge Striper for the 9wt in both floating and intermediate and the AirFlo Sniper Sink 7 for the 10wt. This is purely based on some positive reviews that I have read and could easily be persuaded to something else if you have better recommendations. Thanks for the help!