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  1. What do you think of Dans swimbait heads?
  2. Yup I’ve noticed....assuming 12 is for the boat
  3. Looking to throw some Z-MAN MinnowZ and Keitech Swing Impact Anyone have a recommendation on jig heads for the surf? thanks in advance
  4. And that’s why this virus will continue to spread....mobs of people.
  5. I’ll take it for $20 pp shipped ?
  6. PayPal on the way address in PM thanks!
  7. I’ll take thes for asking
  8. Where are you located ? I would like to do cash if possible?
  9. Very interested...I would like to take it just wanted to check For bucktail loops In front pocket?
  10. Somebody had an early morning snack!
  11. I like it....going to put it on the list to look at! Thank you!
  12. Yes sorry you are correct Penn Pursuit i had a feeling it might be ok however the lure weight is a little off. Some of the stuff I have is 1-1.5 oz. im sure that must have been one heck of a ride! Nice work! Thank you!
  13. Hi All So this will be my first back bay season and I’m looking for some rod reel suggestions Here is what I currently own: 10’6” Tsunami Airwave Elite SaltX 6000 (currently spoiled 30lb P.P.) 9’ ODM DNA SaltX 4000 (currently spooled 30lb P.P.) 6’6” Ugly Stick Elite Meduim 6-14lb 1/4-5/8 Penn Pursuit II 3000 (Currently spooled 10lb mono) ^^this is my pond setup when me and the little guy go for some bluegill I’ve been picking up some back bay plugs. Looking for back bay rod/reel suggestions as well as typical leader and line weights? Don’t mind interchanging what I have with other rods or reels if that’s and option but I also don’t mind picking up a dedicated setup. Thanks!
  14. I have that plug but haven't fished it yet (different color way)! What size inlines/split rings did you use?
  15. We are going to have to change it up.....rather then the next chapter in the log book it will be the next book in the series. Its going to take patience and with some help from mother nature hopefully some new spots will pop.