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  1. Thanks All! Ill start digging around with these suggestions! Now just have to wait for the SaltX 4k to come
  2. Hi All i have a 10’6” Tsunami Airwave Elite / Saltx 6k setup for my regular plug rod. Any suggestions for a light surf tackle rod for these smaller fish running these days? Thinking something that might pair up with the SaltX 4k.....when it finally comes out.
  3. I was there a few days ago....Didn’t even throw the AVA they wanted the finback shad and the tsunami eel right at the beach lip.
  4. Copy....yes I read that but it got buried in the back of my brain under all the N/S MoCo posts. Understood MoCo only
  5. Need some help here... Looking for clarification....new to NJ and this forum, not looking to burn any spots either Can anyone loosely define NMOCO vs SMOCO What are the towns that divide the two? Thanks in advance
  6. And this is what makes it so interesting to me. I may be wrong but I haven’t found another plug with such contrast in opinion.
  7. Didn’t throw the AVA today....was on a mission to get a fish on a needle. I spent some time working the needle then swap in a 6” tsunami holo eel to verify there where fish as I worked up the beach. The eel brought up a whole bunch of schoolies 10 or so biggest being a fat 26”. OC Fished an entire tide first light - noon they where all right at the lip.
  8. Hi All So I went to an OC tackle shop and grabbed a 1.7 yellow SS needle. Hit the beach @ 6 for first light. My cast was just short of the far bar most landing in the white water of the broken wave from that bar. Slow as molasses while still feeling pressure on the needle I reeled it in. I could feel it hit the inner bar, go up and over and into the trough before the lip...same slow pace all the way through. Worked up the beach stopping at spots some of which I could clearly see structure because of the the water action. In these areas of structure and after 3-4 casts I would swap to a 6” Tsunami holo sand eal and bring it trough the closer trough just to see if there where in fact fish there. BAM every time on the eal....but no love for the needle. Feedback is welcome....I’m going to catch a fish on one of these needles some day.
  9. True sorry didn’t mean to de value your input it is a combination of everything! And yes there could be a color they are keying in at that time. Writing in these platforms obviously isn’t my best skill....doing my best to try not to insult everyone my first go around. Im going to OC tomorrow to pick up a ^ yellow needlefish. Going to walk the beach and see what I come up with using the techniques mentioned here. I understand conditions may not be so great tomorrow but its my only day off.
  10. All good....I can see the type and color question happening a lot. I try to take time and listen to the salty old schoolers because in their priority list there are so many things that fall in line before type and color. Safe to say the easy OC bite on Wednesday last week was not based on green tailed AVA but on the fact of the tide/time/lunar/conditions/bait all came together? Im sure there is more but am I on the right track?
  11. Wow that’s cool! After a recommendation on this thread I went and bought it....yes that’s me. (Jonathan) Thanks!
  12. The change of color comment I made was me being completely sarcastic...hoped the wink would show I was kidding sorry if that was not clear. I also agree about why where and how. Looking to explore a lure and technique beyond the green tailed AVA a lot of people are fishing now. I spend every trip taking as many notes as possible on the conditions, structure, and catch to support the why where and how as my experience grows. I appreciate any insight on the why when and how....The initial post was to cut down on my anxiety at the bait shop needle plug wall with the small variance in weight between them all. I was left scratching my head as to where to start. That has since been clarified with all of your help. Along with that came some great bits of info as to the why when and how. I’m new to this forum, wasn’t sure how much I could ask before it would turn from education to ball breaking...although I do love me some good ball breaking. Thanks again guys!
  13. Exactly what drove me to make this post. Not that the green tubes are bad but I want to expand my horizons....maybe I’ll even go for a yellow tube next time
  14. Was in OC last week and did well between an olive epoxy and green AVA both with a Yellow/White teaser until the first light bite died off. White finback shad at the beach lip for the next couple of hours did well too. Wanted to expand my horizons so that’s what inspired this post. Grumpy’s brings me back to the days of walking into Toys R Us as a kid. Problem is I have a credit card now! #bringcashonly #leavethecreditcardathome
  15. Makes sense thanks to you and everyone as well for helping solve the initial mystery....now time to put it into practice. Hoping one of the local shops have it in stock, looking forward to giving this a run. Heading out Wednesday and Thursday AM (only time off this week)