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  1. You're right... I was thinking about the dogfish and skate that tend to take bait.
  2. I used a Slosh30 for "8 and bait" when I lived in Hatteras 12 years ago. If I wanted to try conventional again I'd take a good look at the Daiwa Millionaire M7HTMAG. I have no personal experience, but it seems designed for your purposes.
  3. ... a bunch of "poll" strokers
  4. This big guy towed me around in my kayak for about 10 min until my hook finally bent and came out... Such a relief too, I had no interest in going hands-on. That's a 1/2oz spinner, probably strike king.
  5. Chickened out on the Talisman... ended up going with the 15% J&H discount and a Daiwa Theory 4000 (used your link, Scoob) thanks everyone
  6. Verdict: The Spinfisher VI 4500LL is going on the new rod and I found a TICA Talisman 4000 for my boat rod for $100... Risk taken
  7. Best/cheapest for the rod... Or perhaps: Which reel do you think is the best value for this rod at current holiday prices? Thanks
  8. Why are there no good holiday deeds on surf reels? I am considering options for my new Lami Carbon Surf 9’ M, 1/2 to 3oz: Saltist 4000 for $150 JDM Spheros SW 6000 for $130 Penn Clash 5000 for $150 (also, not much reading out there on Clash vs Spinfisher VI) BG 4000 for $80 or just swap my Spinfisher VI 4500ll from my heavy boat spinning every time I go out? The Ballistic LT 6000 is really intriguing for this setup, but currently out of my price range.... likelihood of finding better deals before spring? Thanks for the advice
  9. I haven’t tried the x raps... but you're right, they look similar. The bull minnow comes with a set of single hooks (like x rap) in addition to the attached trebles.
  10. Anyone fish the rocket size Sebille Bull Minnow? They cast much better than the LCs/SPs with my MH airwave elite.
  11. I’d get a Dobyns Fury... on sale at American legacy fishing for $97. They are well regarded by picky bass fisherman. maybe the 7' Heavy Casting Rod FR 704C?
  12. Ground zero in federal waters that shouldn’t be getting fished at all. It’s disgusting to me how so many folks calculate that the fishing out there is worth the risk of fines.
  13. Good find! Picked up two spools
  14. I picked up a 2 piece 9ft medium carbon surf $150 shipped. Hoping it's a little better at casually throwing SP and LC minnows than my 10'6" MH airwave elite. Now I have to decide if it gets a dedicated reel, or if my other rods need to start sharing. Please talk me out of splurging on a ballistic lt 6000.