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  1. Leukotape is amazing for this
  2. I have: (excellent used) Shimano Bantam MGL 151HG (left reel) G Loomis IMX Pro 852C JWR Looking for: (excellent used or new) Van Staal reel (vr or vsx, 50 to 200, bail or no) I'm on the South Fork of Long Island. Could be passing through CT/RI next weekend (14-16)
  3. If you don't have purpose built apparel just use common sense and layers... non-cotton layers.
  4. Right now you can go everywhere except for a fenced off staging area the size of like a basketball court which doesn't infringe on the immediate coastline.
  5. "Revetment Construction Project – Montauk Lighthouse" It looks like some spots might be temporarily closed, but others will be open no matter what. There is a construction area there right now, but I just walk around it.
  6. I've been happy with the 5000 stradic FL on the 8ft black hole Suzuki for jetty stuff. The 4500 spinfisher vi live liner is pretty cool if you plan on soaking bait with circle hooks. For rods, I'd also give the J&H dark matter inshore a pretty strong look
  7. Could this be because of different gear tooth layout with the xg vs the slower jdm models?... I think Scooby's raving review was of a JDM FL.
  8. My Stradic arrived today, and I was pretty excited for the upgrade.... Until I put the handle on it and spun it around for a bit. I noticed a clicking sound while reeling. Tried to see if it was related to the top and bottom of the spool oscillation. It was not. Then I realized that the clicking was coming from the play/slop in the handle (or where it interfaces with the gears). Everything else seems smooth, but I'm a tad disappointed that this thing clicks so much. Is that normal for this reel, or is it cause for concern? Send it back?
  9. Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.
  10. Has anyone handled the 4000 and 5000 side by side? They are listed with a 0.2oz weight difference, so I'm guessing it's just a spool size thing. Anything else I'm missing? Handle difference? Plan to pair it up with my 8ft Black Hole Suzuki. Also, is the Ballistic 5000 the same size or smaller than the Theory 4000?(LT vs old Daiwa sizing is confusing when you don't have a shop to hold them side by side). Final question... Everyone seems to be pretty jazzed about the Stradic FL. At basically the same price, which would you prefer for light shore/dock/beach fishing? Cheers
  11. I caught one just like that this year... Decided not to bring it all the way in because of the big sandbar at my beach. Roughtail Ray?
  12. I respectfully disagree, the PP V2 40lb is definitely more supple/castable than the 50lb.
  13. That was the message i received too... You'll get an email in a few weeks asking you to review the product. I didn't hold back
  14. While fishing with my kids this morning on a south fork ocean beach, we caught a sea robin that coughed up a seahorse. How rare is that?