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  1. A trusted trade partner LOL LOL LOL long as your paying them ...I believe in ww2 the chineese wanted the payment in gold up front before the chineese would build the Burma road or a landing strip ...they aren’t nice people
  2. Every need is a rite including housing per bidens manifesto ....his words not mine ....I don’t know what happened to going to work saving and buying a home ....tell us any one who was denied the purchase of a home if they had the correct finances....some one is playing the race card and looking for free funds from bidens money t I t
  3. Let the republican bul c h I t continue ....some one ,any one has to get a set of testicles or t I t s and get the demedia out of the Dems back pocket , ,if that’s possible ...republicans have to expose the Dems to the public for the socialists that they are....the Dems control the demedia with out the media the republicans will have an uphill battle ....the present demedia is where they will turn dem votes into Republican votes ....we already know republicans don’t watch the demedia and the dem present propaganda
  4. The violence,racism,hate,rage,emotionally unhinged,kens,karens,soccer moms,antifa,b l m ,bought prosecuters,'' the perfect society,Biden's manifesto,catering to mob rule,appeasement votes,occupation of two cities ,BEATING ON ASIANS,southern border illegals,control the media,the self admitted propaganda from c n n ...white privelidged.. freedom of speech ...gun control...equal wealth ,stay home we will pay you,farm cooperatives.this all fits the de m narrative...does any one think the de m politicians care about any americans....the 80 millions de m voters are in for a hard lesson ....your getting f u q d just the way you li!e it....the umbrella is already inserted in your rectum ...wait until Biden opens it and tugs gently.....THE DEM NARRATIVE ISN'T SAVING YO U R PAYCHECK or the violence from hitting your white privileged neighbor lol lol
  5. Just another example of the festering swamp stewing in its own lol lol .....I believe during the v p debate Harris said just be friends like her leader ,joe...there is a leader....what a crock of swamp manure that is and 60 million ignorant dems believed lol lol
  6. Not good ....but it's going to get worse....the dems are backing the violence ,racism ,the demedia , the occupation of two cities and California next ....with the bought prosecutors blessings....don't take the ply wood down...
  7. Not an open border policy.....bu bu butt butt it not a closed border,existing immigration laws are being ignored per executive order....the illegals aren't held in Mexico until there court date to get in ..I didn't here you whining about the trailer camps....most folks whining this hard are hiring the illegals .... the tax from the illegals and their pay checks tell it to the self admitted propaganda reporter from c n n ....we know they stopped some terrorists from coming in but how many would you ESTIMATE got in lol lol
  8. I have been calling Biden's supporters ignorant due to their refusal to acknowledge the violence in the streets ,Biden's manifesto and the so called perfect society.....mob rule Abe lincoln,appeasement reagon....60 million of them to ignorant to even look at it....don't know how else to explain it....they showed lol lol
  9. Not making friends ....but the I'll gotten bonuses are out of ...meaning ful work...essential jobs.not preaching non productivety..but a college diploma and union jobs both need to be evaluated for productivety,we know the productivity is up since eye on work computer and the other eye on your phone while sitting in your easy lol lol...your bonus should not depend on how much money a manager can save by cutting the work force to bare minimum and expecting the same results.and a manager needs a college education for lol lol many managers bought in the new account,improved production lol lol ....oooh We shipped the work overseas and the New manufactor is licensed by us and follows the strictest standards...uh huh cheap as they can make it, skimping on everything....
  10. Trust china.hmmm what's in it for them? How much are they willing to pay for much are you willing to pay for that gold ,u.s. Currency,bit coin,Chinese currency or spread out over three different countrys currency...they are theiving dogs who are playing this country like a donkeys tail when swishing flies off of its lol lol
  11. Thanks for the clarification on the 4 twenty game winners...have a good day
  12. if you Don't like it ,click turn the the I'm soo offended for the drama queen ,a o c or the self admitted propaganda rectum from lol lol
  13. Biden s america,the bought prosecuters,149 riots in the streets,the creating of ''the perfect society'',this isn't by accident .California letting out life term criminals..equal wealth,Biden's manifesto....this bul! C h I t doesn't go away...and now the taxpayers have to pay for it...payroll tax 48% if Biden's proposals become law...and 60 million ignorant dems voted for this garbage....Biden's manifesto is on your may have to look for '' the perfect society''..don't know where al l the money is going once they shut down the jails or defund the p d...
  14. There is another side of Cori Bush's issue the public isn't hearing...not sure what it is ....but I would love to hear it......
  15. Not derailing a thread,I'm not a Orioles fan ....a few posts back was mentioned palmer...I believe the Orioles had 4 twenty game winners in one year ...doubtful many teams can have that claim ...and in today's baseball probably will not be duplicated.....cuellar,mcnally,palmer,martinez?...not sure exactly but those names come to mind