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  1. The domestic communists aren’t interested in capitalism … they can’t make it in a capitalistic society .., they feel entitled, why can’t I , I’m not getting my hands dirty , meanwhile their are pt/ft jobs that pay full benefits , defined pension, AND GOVT COLLEGE LOAN FORGIVENESS jobs…. bu bu buttt buttt that job is beneath me …lol lol lol who the f u q told you your college edjumacation , I mean your 4 year partying degree was going to support you …lol lol lol
  2. The kens , karens, wookies , man bun kens don’t have to much money to spend … they can’t even use their debit /credit cards without risking a surcharge just to use it …and they can’t handle $100-200 cash in their pockets , they drop it on the floor when they pay for their latte matte soy chilled caramel machliatto no whip…… cancel culture/reset america = what can we get for free from the taxpayer… lol lol lol …
  3. Raise the price of fossil fuel so the cost of the so called green energy becomes worth the cost … as previously posted can any one ,any one at all tell us just how many degrees will joes green agenda lower the temperature in america ? 1/2/3/4/5/6/ -25 degrees? … come on man ,there has to be a climate control freak out there who has the knowledge to answer a simple question …and the ice age came and went with out burning fossil fuels …lol lol lol …hmmmm.. some one is making mega money from joes green agenda …lol lol lol ….
  4. Hate America lol lol lol ..the domestic communists, wookies , man bun kens, karens , lefties, progressives , lbgtqh are triggered into a rage by the American flag, a Disney fairy tale and live by their pro violence, racist narrative… and when the rewipes don’t get their way they will show you their DOXXING SKILLS …. Reset america = what can we get for free from the American tax payer … lol lol lol
  5. This am …Blue fish filets with skin on -$7.99 lb north Jersey…skate wings $8.99lb same place…
  6. Joe and The domestic communists have dumbed up america to the point of even the millions of pablum puking maggots who voted for joe are giving up …check your polls and I’m sure the word gigaloos will be practicing their trade …lol lol lol
  7. Any one who disagrees with the domestic communists narrative is first called a racist , then cancelled .. lol lol lol ..then the doxxing begins … these are the same maggots who want to reset america =what can they get out of the taxpayers for free… the white PRIVELIDGED domestic communists aren’t moving back to the blu controlled c h I t house cities they created … lol lol lol … the same dirt bags are triggered into an emotionally broken rage by the American flag, a Disney fairy tale and Russia Russia … lol lol lol …
  8. Lol lol lol …
  9. Remember when … gas was 35 cents a gallon in U- save, rte 17 ….Dems and repubs were AMERICAN… what an idea ! Lol lol lol
  10. Tic toc party and belmar seafood festival = traffic …4 -5 scallops was $ 16 at seafood festival …$2 water, $5 to enter the beer garden and $7 a corona … food was over priced …ended up in a gin mill on the corner , chilling in the AC …lol lol lol
  11. Pompous billionaires lol lol lol …. Hmmm Hillary , the owner of the n y times … ooooh their only pompous multi millionaires .. Russia Russia … lol lol lol …. Equal wealth , just not theirs .. lol lol lol
  12. Remember …man is head of the house ,and the wife is the neck, which ever way the neck goes ,so to goes the head … lol lol lol …
  13. Orange wood if you can find it for piallya …
  14. The formula shortage has been going for a few months it’s nothing new … bu bu buttt butttt joe will have you believe it’s a current event …lol lol lol
  15. Telling congress men can get pregnate and have abortions is not normal ….Joe and his maggots that are in power /charge are not well …lol lol lol