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  1. To late , america is communist you just don’t know it … bidens manifesto just doesn’t go away …. And 60 million pablum puking college edjumacated donkeys voted for this C h I t …. Or was it the promise of free tuition and abortions till birth ? Joes money t I t ? Suckers w w
  2. At this point in time the swamp is so f u q q e d up , no one can un f u q it …
  3. Second on the birthday of the marines …
  4. Hmmm uk s socialized medicine …. Just don’t get sick …they will terminate ( harvest your a s s ) … socialized medicine doesn’t want to pay for your sorry a s s … oooha they don’t mention that part of the equation … suckers
  5. Please tell me it ain’t so … it wasn’t Frank … can’t we all play nice today … lol lol lol
  6. Hmmm hairy arm pits lol lol she probably honks up lugees and spits in the street … lol lol lol
  7. Must be a college edjumacated rocket scientist…sucka
  8. Democrats lol lol lol …. They gave up that title with their blessing of the riots , doxxing ,equal wealth, abortions till birth, support for the butchers in Gaza , find a Disney fairy tale offensive, find god offensive unless it’s in god we trust from free money via joes money t I t … , erase your history, control the vote, get the guns, control the demedia, weaponizing the fbi , the d o j , crt, sex to k-3rd graders … the list is endless …. No they aren’t democrats they are just out and out communists … save the cut and pastes the only ones who are in denial are the leftists…. Lol lol lol …. The leftists are getting svished around like a fly on a donkeys rectums by a c h I t t y tale and loving it
  9. I have up on braid and spinning reels years ago…. Just to many hassles
  10. Oooha the illegals and the sanctuary cities … lol lol lol … it doesn’t matter what city the illegals are in ….the legal taxpayer will pay for them thru your social security fund …. Suckers …
  11. What human of sound mind or college edjumacated maggots are for any one that butchers children, woman , civilians …. Hmmm sounds like the same mental midgets who believe in abortion up to birth…. Oooha that would be the lefties, wookies, domestic communists , progs,indoctrinated students…if you feel so badly for the terrorist groups go visit some families from 911… or the people who were hurt in the first bombing of the World Trade Center … hmmm or the bombing victims from the Boston marathon bombing… and go to the Middle East …. And don’t let the customs gate hit you in the a s s on the way out f america …. Rectums
  12. Oooha the labor unions …. Hmmm some folks don’t like them because it means a smaller I’ll gotten bonus ….bu bu bu now don’t tell us the price of goods will go down when you get rid of labor unions… lol lol lol ….
  13. Some folks know when there’s a communist in the house …
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