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  1. Who ever wants to be president of the u.s.a should say make social security it's own account instead of putting the money into the general fund and stop borrowing from it.then grow a set and when people come to this country to visit and need surgery tell them we r not paying for it out of our so called social security fund . thirdly make the employer maintain the current standard of matching the employees deduction at the current rate I believe is 1.5%. And as far as being poor get a job still don't have enough money get a 2 nd job don't be afraid to get your hands dirty ,don't count on your I'll gotten bonus,and it it's not beneath a milenialls dignity find a dare I say union job where they pay benefits and a defined pension plan.don't worry wall street is doing there best to get your 401k money.
  2. I Have a century 13 ft with the turbo top section only 2 piece and it casts like a howitzer .u may need 4 ounces to compress it for a normal standing cast. Penn 525,535,a b u 6500/6600,Diawa sla20 or 30 will get u well past a hundred yards .provided u don't have a level wind on the reel. The Diawa mag centrifugal brake will offer better distance with way less back lashes .you can use 20 lb mono with a 15foot top shot of 30 lb hollow braid use a thin film of gorilla glue and there is not any knots on your spool,attach a two foot high low rig with your favorite bait via swivel and you will catch what ever is out there not saying a keeper but it will be a fun day . The hollow braid will require a simple tapestry needle from any sewing type store .I've fished the glued top shot of braid as described for 4 outing without failure but ran the mono the full length of the top shot and it's beyond strong.I'm in the process of using 12 lb mono with the top of hollow on a football field just to get the distance confirmed. And only cast what the wind gives you. Sorry for the long reply
  3. Diawa20 on a cabella 12ft surf casting with 20lb mono with a 15 ft40 lb hollow braid top shot connected to your terminal tackle will get you a hundred yards from a normal cast the newer Diawa. with the CENtrifugal brake will get a little further but will cost you 75 dollars more. the cabella surf rod maybe difficult to locate but it's a workhorse. and when usin?g baitcasting /conventional reel from the surf only take what the wind gives
  4. Try hollow braid from the main line to the leader use gorilla glue to secure th end