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  1. The first confirmed shad of 2021 in Western Mass was caught yesterday.
  2. It's that time of year. Shad Fishing is around the corner and I thought I should start a thread for them since the weather is warming up and the water temps are rising.
  3. Wow you can catch em on dry flies. That's pretty wicked
  4. Ive always wanted to fly fish for shad but I don't know the rig to do it. Im looking for something for the Connecticut River and its tributary's.
  5. From February to April Walleye fishing in Massachusetts can be on fire becuase thats when they spawn. If you know where to look and what they want you can have double digit days in New England waters. My biggest is only 24 inches and the smaller one is 22.
  6. A Fenwick Eagle would be a good rod under 100$. The 7' variation is only 70$