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  1. Thanks, Bill!
  2. I'm a big fan of the Stormr neoprene socks, gloves, and hat. Also, Under Armor makes a warm weather top/bottom set that I've been meaning to use as a base layer. At the moment, thermals and fleece under a Guy Cotton dry top.
  3. I also just found one with recessed eyes and grommets. I'll post pics of that one as soon as I have a chance to snap a few.
  4. The original owner was a collector more than a fisherman, and it is unlikely that he did any work on these, based off of the other gear he left behind.
  5. Hey, Bubs....check out this 1 1/8oz. That eye shadow is nearly identical. What size is the one you posted and did it have a weight written under the clear coat?
  6. That looks identical to the middle one! Great find! Thank you!
  7. They do look very similar......ever see them with the eyes set so high?
  8. Thank you for all the input, Charlie.
  9. There is clear coat over the eyes.
  10. I notice on the Bob Hahn's, there are grommets. Did he use them in his earlier plugs as well? And, have you ever seen his plugs without the eyes recessed? Are there grommets on the Beachcombers (hard to see in the pic)? I met Scott from Lex Lures years ago a few times staying with some mutual friends up in Mecca, and I thought they did then (early 2000's). It's also hard to tell, but the face of the Beachcomber seems to have more of a flat look than the ones I have. Obviously, designs are always changing, so I realize there are no absolutes here.
  11. Didn't fish much this spring, but when I did, I caught quality. This fall were more fish, mostly small, however, I did have one banner night of 3 PB's. Aaaaaaand.......caught me some blue dogs both spring and fall!!!!!
  12. Nice....you sound pretty certain. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, Tim. What's really throwing me off is the way the eyes are not recessed into the body. I also had someone suggest that they look like Big Don's as well, which I have been having a little bit of a hard time finding any pics of. I figure I've got most of the winter to figure out whether or not to throw them, anyway
  14. I just picked up a few metal lip swimmers that look to be a bit older, but unused. There is no artist trademark on them, but the weights are written under the clear coat and the eyes are raised (either glass or plastic). I'm not sure if these have been refinished, but I would doubt it by the looks of them. While I'd like to fish them, I'd like to know if they'd be better off on display. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.