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  1. Who is this fellow who created the Van Staal reels? Apparently he moved on, but is still making reels. An online article mentioned someone named Robert, and I seem to recall seeing his name here somewhere... Van Staalberg, Stahlenrolleschmidt, van Staalzee...???
  2. Not to be snarky or nothin', but I just put your question into the Google machine and it came back in 0.67 seconds with 6,127,011 results. With pictures. Just sayin.
  3. No, have not seen the Cabela's reel in particular. New reel, older idea that other companies have experimented with, like Abu, Omoto, Accurate and it seems Jigging Master makes one. Maybe it will catch on eventually. As said above, this one is an ice fishing reel. Not sure why this design would be suited to ice fishing, but okay...
  4. Or Incognito Reels, but then nobody would know what they look like or where to find them. Seriously, who is the lawyer for this unnamed other company that has nothing better to do than drum up frivolous lawsuits? Or, maybe it isn't so frivolous? I can understand the previous name change from Release, but what prompted this one? .
  5. Stay with it bro. It will come back. More slowly though... i am still stuck at 32" and haven't been able to improve. Will soon i hope... just picked up a new bike an hour ago. Inspired Fourplay.
  6. Oh yes; I tried it many years ago on a reef in Thailand. Thought it would be awesome, with all the hundreds of fish and very clear water, to see the lure working and see action as it happened. It was a bit of an anticlimax though. The vast majority of the fish quite honestly just didn't give a darn, the lure looked like a piece of metal on a string, which is exactly what it was, and managing the line underwater was a bit of a hassle. It was a fun thing to try though. About IRT, it is truly a commendable effort to found a reel manufacturing company. Their product answers to so many voices previously heard on this forum, wishing for a product made in the USA. I hope people are willing to lend support to them, and wish them the best of luck. .
  7. Actually, Jarden in its entirety including all the fishing companies was sold just the other day for $13B. I seriously doubt that has anything to do with the websites being down, unless the new owners had to install a new modem and couldn't find the password
  8. Just fwiw, i noticed that there was a thread about these reels two years ago on the 360 Tuna forum, in which engineer Tim W was very helpful about answering questions about the company and products. So like usual, it is probably better to simply ask them than to speculate. Perhaps one could even invite them over here. In any case, i wish them great luck in the future with this project. .
  9. ( Brian, yes-- among other things. Was intending to write some great big super revolutionary stun-the-world post about it, but never did. Yet. Got distracted by other stuff. Also, the end results weren't particularly stunning. Still have one other trick to try, but haven't quite gotten around to it. Yet. ) We now return to the regularly scheduled thread
  10. I found the website > About >> About IRT info tab to be particularly enlightening in that regard. Try that. Regarding the handle, it could be forged or milled from solid. Difficult to see from a pic. .
  11. I've known about them for a few years, and long wondered why nobody mentions them, especially on those tiresome-by-now-asian-vs-nothing-is-made-in-usa-manufactured-debate-threads. Yes, this company has longtime Penn employees and associates behind it and proudly proclaim the vast majority of all machining, manufacture and assembly to be Made In USA. If you really want to know, ask them. . .
  12. oh, okay. I didn't follow that. The thing is though, that the 5500D already has a complete and functioning antireverse disc and dog from the factory. The difference between this and a normal Ambassadeur is that the disc has a round hole (not keyed to drive shaft) and the main gear has a D hole (keyed to drive shaft). Adding a normal antireverse setup to this will make the reel very direct drive indeed, essentially on / off, with no drag at all. I had one of these that i converted to regular drive by boring out the D hole in the aluminum main gear, before i knew better. This must have been over twenty years ago, and the reel was later stolen anyway, so i'm not sure of the details. Regarding the OPs first questions, idunno... maybe if you find parts from the same time period they could fit, but really i think it would be far easier to just find yourself a new 6500 than try to convert the 5500D to something else. Schematics for your reel can most likely be found at the Abu-Garcia website. Good luck with whatever comes. .
  13. . Because this is the 5000D model. D is for Direct Drive. The handle rolling backwards as line is pulled out is one of its features; it was made that way. .
  14. Well, it is a thermoset resin, so it doesn't really "melt". Regardless of that, the "melting" point is very high. And no--- the temperature of a screaming drag does not exceed that of the drag washers "melting", which is one of the reasons this material is held in very high regard. The problem described here, is probably like Keltan said-- just a batch thing; they ran a little low on resin at some point and the layers didn't bond properly. I had a meeting with the company that makes this material several years ago, but don't recall the exact process used. I do know that Dawn chooses very particular thicknesses to piece together her drag packages for certain reels, but I don't think she bonds them herself. Even if she did, and the layers or glue somehow dissolved, i really don't think it would matter. The friction between the carbon washers is far greater than between the carbon and steel washers, so they would still perform together as usual. Don't worry about it. Just mention it to Dawn; I'm sure she will take notice and deal with it accordingly. .
  15. Sorry to hear that. Mind if I ask, did he post at the forum here? What was his screen name? I ask because even if you sometimes "know" someone from the forum and partake of their posts, one doesn't always know their real name. . .
  16. Haha, okay... vid won't load, but here are some screenshotted stills in the dark. That will have to do. I've been wondering about your moniker for years. You still ride? [img= Rob, who is probably personally responsible for most of the Youtube views of Danny MacAskill
  17. From the album This dude is crazy!

  18. From the album This dude is crazy!

  19. From the album This dude is crazy!

  20. From the album This dude is crazy!

  21. I bunnyhopped 32" flat-to-flat last week. Do i get any cred for that? .
  22. Yes I did, Brian. Long story. Been intending to post about it, but just haven't done so yet. .
  23. Thank you for saying that. Thumbs up. I agree. There is a lot of misinformation posted previously in this thread, by people who repeat dodgy sources on the internet or are just making stuff up. Please stop doing so; it doesn't help anyone. Actually, yes- but only on a very small, experimental basis insofar as to have made a few gears for reels, just for fun / experiment. Generally, titanium is not recommended as a gear material for reasons previously outlined, but as Steel Pulse mentioned, one would think that the would-be manufacturer would've quite likely thought of this himself already. (I only work with titanium occasionally, as need or interest arises, but have never had any difficulty doing so) .
  24. Looks like Paddington on vacation in the big city. He's probably back in the forest telling his bear friends all about it. .