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  1. About Power Pro braid, does anyone gets breaks when snagged? I was using 30lb PP on the surf with 20lb mono leader, hit a snag and it broke in my hand. I also hit a snag with 50lb PP from the pier with 30lb mono leader and it broke at the swivel knot (uni). Both PP bought from different providers. Funny thing, that Kastking braid never broke on me like that and always broke at the leader (20lb and 30lb). I like PP being thinner but it seems weak.
  2. Hello, Why more "connection" with the conventional reel? It's like mono vs braid feeling? (I haven't used a conventional reel, but thinking about it) Thanks.
  3. Hello, new user here, just to leave my feedback... I own the Okuma Rockaway 10' MH 1-4 oz. It's a great rod, light and strong, it can cast 2oz very far on the surf and I can feel everything (using 30lb braid). I love this rod.