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  1. How would they know if your using a beach lot or not?
  2. Had a good day with my son at the Bayshore the other day. Waders got me the bait out further so I was catching amongst a bunch of guys who werent. Almost every fish, all schoolie sized, someone asked if they could have it. I wasn’t happy. Last year at the bay my 7yo brought in a nice fat schollie, about an inch below keeper. Guy walks up and asks to keep it. After me saying no half a dozen times, he bypasses me and starts asking my son directly. My son stood his ground (which is a lot for him since he is shy). He then proceeds to offer my son 10$. After saying no he offers 20$ getting very aggressive. When I realized what was happening I walked up and we had a less than pleasant conversation to say the least.
  3. Thanks for the clarity report guys. Glad I went out yesterday. Chucked worms at the Bayshore for a few hours yesterday afternoon with my family and ended up picking up 8 schoolies with my son. Got skunked the last two times I took him. Nothing big (biggest was 26) but he just turned 8 so they were the perfect size for him.
  4. Anybody have an RB water clarity report? I went out yesterday afternoon and between the white caps and the chocolate it was unfishable. Way windier than my weather app said too. Wondering if its any better now.
  5. Thanks for everyone’s help. Already caught a handful on plugs. Nothing on bait tho yet. Reverse of last year.
  6. Yea he has a tica surge and penn fierce now. He can definitely handle an 8
  7. Verbatim. I remember because I was shocked too. Hoping he was wrong about that part.
  8. I wasn’t there but a guy that I run into a half a dozen times a year was and he’s no liar. He is actually one of the responsible locals around. Apparently that’s how thick they were that night. He was supposed to fish all night but bailed in the early evening because his arm hurt.
  9. Guys love tape worms at the spot you were at. They are always digging for them just north of where you were. They did very well on them last Friday afternoon/night in the wind. One guy was using bunker trebles and snagging keeper stripers with it. Some local residents called a game warden and he came down and told him to cut it out.
  10. If your talking about our typically spots, got out there before the rain really started, it was good. Probably even better after I left.
  11. You out again today?
  12. A boat came in pretty close to the surf today RB and caught a few schoolies as they drifted through. Some yakers I spoke with did well too. The early morning was supposedly good for surf and in the channel. I might even saw you out there today if you were fishing dead low. I got skunked but one guy hooked up to a few rats and a few guys walked way out and each caught a schoolie on plugs.
  13. Wish I could tell you girls are easier. Nope haha.
  14. I live in North Jersey but my mom has a little place off one of the SJ beaches so I frequently good down there. I am always appreciative when you share your knowledge. I haven’t really felt confident enough to bother fishing for stripers down there but I think this is the year that I’m gonna give it a go.
  15. Thanks man. If I remember you had a kid last summer right? We were talking a little as you and I frequent the same general areas in the spring I think. Been out yet? I think I might chuck worms this weekend.