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  1. In the end I mostly regret it. I mean it was cool look the way I did in my 20s and early 30s but not at the expense of the way I feel now. Also it messes with your ego looking like that then not. That whole “glory days gone” mentally has really set in. Though it’s better to have muscle than fat, in the end your body doesn’t know the difference in many regards. Lifting weights for mass is for pure vanity and has almost nothing to do with health.
  2. Yak tho right?
  3. Yep, started to feel it in my late thirties, like a wall. Doesn’t get better. Over 20 years of body building and powerlifting didn’t help. At 38, my body was like “your done”. Still workout, but nothing like I used to . Last summer I basically had to pick, workout that day or fish. Now that I am 40 I go much easier on my body.
  4. How big were the snappers? They were tiny the last time I was out there.
  5. Funny you mention this. Up north we are blessed with a short and deeper wash, then typically a nice lip and deep trough even at low tide. Down here is different. At low tide there is no trough, just a long wash for like 75 yards. It was even longer yesterday.
  6. Ahhh that’s is what I was thinking. My mom has a trailer off a south jersey beach I have to make the best out of family beach days.
  7. Thanks. Yea I checked and the 8’8 only goes to 2oz so that’s out. Just wish it was a tad shorter. I already have a Prevail 10’. Wanted something easier to get in and out of the car. Nice fish btw.
  8. Just curious, how much do these storms effect the surf? Cuts and troughs, etc. Reason I ask is because I found a great cut for kings and sharks in June. After the last storm the cut doesn’t even appear to be present anymore.
  9. How much difference do you see between the 8’8 and the 9’6? I really want the elite but I also wanted a 9’ rod. Not sure which to get. Wish tsunami made it in 9.
  10. Funny I saw the opposite of you. No people, tons of bait. Bunker and spearing were everywhere when I went. You in the boat?
  11. Yellow rooster tails 1/8th. Every crappie we caught this season was on one.
  12. Funny I hit about 4 RB beaches last week in the afternoon and they were vacant. A certain fluking pier however wasn’t. Guy every 3 feet. Didn’t even get out of the car.
  13. Fair enough and valid points but if your looking for something cheap and portable the intex works as long as your not rough with it. Had some great days with it this spring. Perfect for lakes.
  14. For a 10th of the the price you could get an intex mariner 4 inflatable boat. You can stand in it and throw a motor on it. You have to blow it up but I can be in the water in about 20mins. Fits in the trunk of my compact.
  15. Looks dark for a brown. Might be the lighting. Browns have a gray pinkish look to them. County would help.