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  1. I agree with all of this. Fish where others are at and be cool about it. I have learned just as much through tackle shops and people around me fishing as on this site probably more. Before the virus really kicked in I must’ve talk to 20 people over the last 2 to 3 weeks and everyone has been cool and given advice. The guy from the Tackle Box in Hazlet literally told me where to go and what to use. He also told me where not to go.
  2. In many ways I am in the same boat as you. I not an expert by any means but the reports for consistent plug bites started only a week ago. Yesterday was the first day I saw someone pull one in with a plug. Actually I saw about 3-4 brought in. I have caught 4 fish this season all on bloodworms and I plug while my rods are out. I am thinking things will start to light up in April, at least that is my hope. Bloodworms are definitely the easiest in the early season while the fish are “waking up”.
  3. Fished a pretty popular Bayshore spot today. The parking lot wasn’t as full as typically but was still pretty full. Not quite as many fishermen is typical but still a good amount. As I was driving up to the parking lot I passed a cop with my rods hanging out of the window he didn’t say a thing.
  4. Wait.....Tackle Box is doing pick up? I went there this past Saturday late and the guy said they were closing so I bought like 100 bucks worth of frozen bait.
  5. Deleted
  6. Can someone just post it here? I’m not seeing it.
  7. I wouldn’t mind having the actual site from nj so I can show to officials if I am confronted
  8. I bought two dozen bloodworms, 10 frozen bunker, and two dozen salted clams for this reason at the Tackle Box yesterday. I also bought Fin Essence in clam, bunker, and shedder crab to keep the bait lasting longer. Figured if stretched this I could get about 10 trips out of it. My trips only last 2 to 3 hours cuz I take my son. Worst comes to worst I have plenty of LMB fishing gear. Plus Walmart will remain open and they have enough stuff for decent LMB trips.
  9. I would literally pay to be deputized as a warden.
  10. I was thinking about it. I kept on staring at him and shaking my head over and over again. My kid was watching the whole time saying daddy I think he’s gonna keep that schoolie. I was like yeah it looks that way low and behold a solid 4-5 minutes later he kicks the fish back in. And here I am trying to teach my kid to be a proper angler. Anyway for my kids birthday the whole family went to a popular Inlet in Ocean County and got the skunk. Didn’t see a single fish caught between about a dozen guys fishing.
  11. Did the southwestern Bayshore again. Did one new spot and one old. Saw 60 guys and three micros caught. On a side note, is it customary for people at the Bayshore to beach their fish, leave it on the beach after unhooking, go wash their hands, rerig their bait, cast out again, talk to a friend, and then kick the fish back in totaling 5 minutes?
  12. Got the Intel that this works pretty well you take three or four worms wrap it up with this type of string they sell at bait shops and then soak it in either shredder crab or clam scented fin essence. You just keep on adding the oil and the worm ball can last for days when you want to freshen it up a little bit you just add another one. Probably gonna try it this afternoon
  13. No but one thing I have noticed about this one particular spot is that people do load worms on to the point where they form a ball. No mesh thought.
  14. What’s a worm bag? U mean worm ball?