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  1. Nj. I fish around fallen trees, lilly pads, underwater weeds etc
  2. Ok, another question. Rods and reels are quite expensive, but I do have a spinning setup with 35 lb braid and an 8 foot rod. It definitely wouldnt be sensitive enough to feel the fish much, but it could work. Would that be good instead of a baitcaster? Or could i just pair the heavy reel with a lighter rod? (Or i would probably need more power out of the rod right?)
  3. No leader at all??? Wont the braid be too visible?
  4. Theres so many factors, it could be anything
  5. Yes. It would be mainly for largemouth bass fishing in lakes. Probably 60 lb braid
  6. Hey everyone, looking for a baitcaster that has some backbone for bass fishing in grassy areas… i am new to baitcasting but want something that has the ability to pull bass put of some hairy situations, if a spinning rod would work just as good lmk i guess? But anyways someone in my area has a facebook marketplace posting of a lot of rods, so i might go check it out in the coming days. Any recommendations on what to look for? I was thinking a heavy action 7’ baitcaster, but if i am in over my head or you think i should be looking for something else drop a comment
  7. Ahh ok. I ended up using 2/0 circle hooks and shiner hooks, one on each rod, and only caught one short in 6 hours. I dont know what it is but my 16” fluke was the biggest of the day, from anyone on the pier, and fish were few and very spread out. Around 3 weeks ago i did very well in this same spot,,, i dont know if the water is warming, or something, but supposedly fishing there has degraded other days that i wasnt there as well
  8. I am fishing from shore, their is s fishing pier that goes out on the bay. I just went 2 days ago and it was the slowest I have ever seen it. I was there for 6 hours and caught one 16 inch fluke, which was the biggest of the day out of anyone there. I used the same rig/no bobber
  9. Well,, i just know that for fish nothing beats the real thing, as all of those baits are essentially just mimicking the bait fish they naturally eat. I havent had much luck fishing, but the limited success i have had as come from the senko worm, usually texas rigged. Thanks for the tips, i will look into more experimenting
  10. Going fishing tomorrow, usually when i catch fluke in this spot i use live minnows on a fish finder rig on 10 lb line. I usually catch 15-20 inch fish, and was wondering what kind of hook is ideal for this. Last time i had luck using circle hooks, a 2/0 i believe. Is there anything else that would be better, whether it be a different style of hook or different size?
  11. Found a spot recently that is decently pressured but still produces good fluke. Typically, i use a fish finder rig with live minnows and a 1 oz sinker, but it can be a little slow. Recently someone recommended i use a bobber to cover more water, but how would i do that?? I dont know the exact depth of thd area i fish, but it ranges from 3-8 feet. What should i do??
  12. How do you set up the rig?? Just tie a hook to a leader line and cast??
  13. Weighted?
  14. Hey, so i will be kayaking out on a public lake that is pretty much private, no one really fishes there, but i discovered it about 3 years ago. I caught my pb there on chicken that i still havent beat to this day, so i will be going back there soon. I am new to bass fishing, and that was the first lake i ever fished for bass. Any tips on how to catch the fish? In my area i have been having luck on senko worms from wacky rigging to texas rigging, but i also wanted to try live bait. I was thinking of using worms to catch bluegill then live lining them to catch bass. Any tips on how to do that? Whats the best way to fish around weeds/lilly pads? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. anyone know when the stripers will start biting on their way out of the hudson?