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  1. Where I am fishing (delta del ebro, mediterranean good spot) 20 years ago was infested, nowadays you can catch sometimes. This is my last cath one month ago, but hooked more than 20.
  2. Put the lemon in slices above olives, Between the olives and the cover. It prevens the olives to be in touch with the air. The risk of espoil is less. Better conservation
  3. Nice!! Put some herbs, garlic and lemon for diferent tastes.
  4. I do my own olive oil and save it more than a year without turn rancid (in a clean, dark and fresh place lifted of the ground) Butter and sunflower oil for some recipes are great, but good olive oil (first natural pressure extraction without heat) is the king of kitchen
  5. Looks great Frizing it brakes fibers and make it tender.. Beat up makes it tender.. Frighten it also.. (put in and out 20 seconds 3 times in boiling water).
  6. Try to grow cornison du paris.
  7. Sure it taste great but looks crazy at all
  8. You are welcome my friend. I hope this serve to you. I know it's dificult to find bomba rice there but not imposible.
  9. 2.5 parts of broth/liquid for 1 part of rice thats the rule for bomba, 22-25 minutes cooking. Normaly round/short rices 2 parts liquid/broth for 1 part rice, 18-20 minutes cooking. Bomba rice can take more liquid than other rices. The best thing: if you don't eat all, tomorrow it still great. Never cook paella with water, broth makes diference. Bon appetite
  10. Most times, empty bag, some days crazy bite
  11. Good luck and be carefull with chamaquitas
  12. May be banditos or zicata killer waves
  13. Enjoy your own wine is priceless. Do all the process with your family or friends is a great experience. Don't waste your time waiting if you can be drinking.. Young wines are great.
  14. If you are not sure don't eat them. All mushrooms can be eaten, but some only once.
  15. Bomba rice is the best for paella, 22 minuts cooking, 2.5-1 proportion and wait 5 minuts for eat. If you can't find bomba try short round varieties and less time cooking. If you can catch blue crabs, are awesome for it. Don't keep moving rice it is not a risotto