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  1. like a dog and its red rocket
  2. How do you tell male from female?
  3. spinfisher vi 6500 is a manual bail close, good gearing inside, aluminum rotor. $160 seems to be a good price.
  4. 5 years ago when I first started surf fishing, I put a whole bunker on a hook and cast about 30 ft. I got skunked a bunch at first, but I learned & now I always catch. Maybe not keepers, but being on the surf, with noone nearby is golden. Ive seen horses & foxes on the beach. Being there, doing nothing, but doing something, is refreshing
  5. I live in PA, but fish VA. For Rock (stripper) Va has coastal & bay rules. Coastal now is 1 @ 28"-36". These fish move through here. Had a fishing "buddy" get me on coastal side schoolies & kept them. I aint talked to him since.
  6. Me too. I like to eat fish & I wont buy it. I only eat what I catch. My 8 yr old son is so proud to catch & eat.
  7. If its not going home for dinner, keep it in the water. If you take it out, hold its tail till its ready to go. If you keep it, eat it. Is it rocket science?
  8. I only counted 29
  9. Got them about a week and a half ago, local place called French Creek Outfitters is getting rid of their fishing dept, everything's on sale. Pliers were $27. I looked online to see if the calcutta (CALCUTTA!) pliers were any good and couldn't find anything about them either. But I had watched scoobydoo's plier video about a week prior & figured the hell, they look damn near the same.
  10. I have TA clips, they dont have this gap. I never used the rosco clip before, trying to find out if I got garbage, or if this is how rosco does theirs.
  11. Bought rosco ez-clips online, they came in unoriginal bag & have a gap that looks untrustworthy. Are they really designed/made this way?
  12. stainless steel, cut hooks fine
  13. I picked up a pair of calcutta heavy duty offshore pliers at the local gun/field/stream store. They look identical to the sargent sportsman, but with only 1 side cutter. I'll post a pic when I get home.
  14. +1 on a good old post +1 on the copper nickel lines replaced a brake line on my 99 F350 last year with copper nickel, super soft, easy to bend and match what comes out. I crashed my 02 Yukon XL last year cause of brake line rot. Backed out of my driveway, everything was fine, went 500' to the stop sign and had no brakes. Rear ended a little high school chick and ran over the street sign/stop sign trying to miss her. What a s*** show.