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  1. Going out this weekend will get you all an AI and OC report Monday....for what that’s worth
  2. Fished the OC beaches and inlet last Saturday and Sunday morning without a bite....tried a little bit of everything including different tides with no success. It was awfully rough out both days, but can usually still get a tap or two...nothing
  3. Specs and stripers were on plastics....they ranged from 14 to 22" with most around 17ish, although I lost one that was at least 24" right in front of me....slippery little sucker went right through my hands.
  4. Friday fishing in OC was phenomenal....under size stripers to 24", and big specs right on the beach. Was able to catch only one decent striper on Saturday, because it was blowing 50 mph. Had a blast Friday....suffered Saturday.