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  1. gotcha. Was it the one dated March 1st? when I was in the store last week there was a sale sign advertising the unit and there was not a disclaimer nearby. when we were disagreeing on the price they had to go to the office to get the disclaimer. it was dated march 1 and the sale started march 4. they should have never put out that sale sign to begin with since they knew it was an "error".
  2. they were still advertising the g3 with MSI on the display unit as on sale with a sale sign? I know they were when I was in the store last week. I am still very unhappy that they wouldnt give me the sale price while they were advertising it on sale on the sales floor. I dont think they are done hearing from me.
  3. yes. I did hear of a store that honored it based on not knowing what the misprint was, but it was only one store. you are right about the price and I brought that up when I was at the register. the g2 is a discontinued model now and im assuming the g3 is taking its place. there is no way that both the g2 and g3 are $699 regular. the only things "correct" in the ad according to bass pro shops is the sku number. everything else is wrong. when I called, the department lead confirmed with me on the phone that the g3 with mega side imaging was on sale. whether he looked up the sku or looked at the ad or sale sign I do not know but he did confirm the g3 with mega side imaging as the unit on sale. when I filed the complaint I was told that the store manager would be contacting me within 72 hours (3 days) at most to address this issue. it has been 5 days now with no contact. very bad customer service.
  4. if i felt it was a legit mistake i would be understanding, but I dont. this ad started march 4th. the "disclaimer" they have is dated march 1st. given that, corporate was aware of the "mistake" 3 days before the ad went into effect. if they had no intention of honoring this ad then they had the responsibility to pull the ad before it went into effect, imo. instead, they released the ad. again, I can see the print ad because they are made in advance and mailed out and such. but I cannot see how it is okay for them to not edit the description of the online ad to reflect what is really on sale and let it go into effect when they were aware days before. Also, if the stores were aware of the wrong ad why did they put out the sale sign advertising the g3 with mega imaging after the disclaimer came out? as I stated before, when I was in the store there was not a copy of the disclaimer on the sales floor which they. as of 2:00 pm on saturday march 9, the online ad is still advertising the g3 with mega side imaging with no disclaimer.
  5. If this was not a bait and switch then they need to honor it, at least in my case and im sure im not the only one. Im sure im not the only one who was told in person that the g3 was on sale. if this was a mistake and it was know before the ad went out as they say shouldnt the marine electronics department lead have told me on the phone before I drove out there that it was a mistake and it was really the g2 on sale? shouldnt he have pulled the sale sign on the unit or not put it up in the first place? shouldnt they have edited their online ad to reflect what is "really on sale" or added a disclaimer to the ad? I think you do not know what bait and switch it.
  6. I think you are way off here. I would expect them to honor the price because they advertised it multiple times. they advertised this sale in print and online and then confirmed that model was on sale for that price to me on the phone and in store. where is the disclaimer? it is not online and was not next to the sale sign in the store advertising that specific unit. in fact it was no where on the sales floor. the original price is a lot more than the sale price, which is what makes it an attractive deal. but what you may not realize is that both the original and sale price are the prices of the G2 without mega imaging according to bass pro, which is the unit they "meant" to advertise. Also, that sale price is less than 30% off. that is a good deal but they frequently advertise deals as good or better than that which to me does not make it obvious that it is a mistake. plain and simple, what they are doing is wrong and there are laws against what they have done. it is 8:45 pm on 3/7 and the advertisement is still active online. They still have not edited the description to match the item they are trying to push and there is no disclaimer on their website about the sale.
  7. This sign was still up while I was being told at the register that they would not give me that price. When I asked to speak to the store manager I was told "he is in a meeting." but that they would go ask him. they came back 5 minutes later and said that he said he would not honor it. I am very upset about this, and if they do not make this right they will have lost a customer.
  8. I recommend that anyone upset by this false advertisement post on Bass Pro Shops facebook page. I did and it got a fair bit of attention, although still no unit. I am going to continue to pursue this because this is flat out wrong. At least in my case, I believe this is textbook bait and switch advertising which is illegal. I called to confirm the unit, price, and that is was in stock with the marine electronics department lead before driving over 2 hours to the store to get it. once in the store, the display unit had a sale sign again confirming this sale. at the register, they would not give me the sale price and said it was a misprint and that I could have the discontinued unit that was supposed to be on sale. meanwhile, this sale was still being advertised in the flyer, online, and on the display unit. Does anyone know how I can contact Johnny Morris?
  9. Yeah. I came across that a little while back when researching custom rods. has not one, but two separate funds for about 75k. edge rods uses NFC blanks to build their finished rods and they are quite high priced too.
  10. get bit is advertising the sale. They are also offereing free drop shipping from the manufacturer if you buy 6 or more. Im curious if this sale is only at get bit or if other distributors will be doing it as well. Batson enterprises, who is a partner in NFC, has done sales like this recently but when they did it it was through several of their distributors. my opinion is if you are seeking out a NFC blank, now would be a good time to take advantage of the sale but due to the really high price tag even being on sale is not a good enough reason to randomly buy one. If you are not seeking out NFC specifically there are plenty of blanks out there that would be very good that can be had for much cheaper. some even at regular price.
  11. yes, NFC is one of the new gary loomis new companies, and yes, it is a fact about the bankruptcy. I am not sure however whether or not they are closing and dumping inventory to get out or just trying to make some quick cash flow. I have heard both as rumors. Gary loomis has recently raised a lot of money on kick starter for another company, edge rods. either way, like has been said, even with the discount they are still too rich for my blood.
  12. My understanding is that they are really nice blanks. Having said that, I dont think I would buy them becuase they are way overpriced imo. Also, rumors of company closing shop due to bankruptcy.
  13. I am certain the IGFA would not accept it and being a IGFA tournament, neither should they. They did and whats done is done but it should never have been accepted in the first place. Im not sure as I wasnt there but just going off what I have heard. as I understand it the fish was never boated. they tried to pull it in backwards for some reason but you cant do that so the fish was never boated. so they towed the fish back to land and it got destroyed during the several hour trip in and was technically landed in 2 pieces since the fish separated in two pieces 30 something miles from shore while being towed in. still a hell of a fish, but in my opinion, does not qualify.
  14. honestly, that blue should be DQ'd too. should have never been weighed in the first place. SUPPOSED to be against the rules to accept mutilated fish.