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  1. My 8yr old son is my highlight of everyday. He went fishing today with me, although we didnt land anything he had a blast. Now that I'm having a daughter things may be different but always good to get them started with certain things when their young so they grow into it.
  2. Fished bayshore from 5-7:30 for opening day of fluke.Not a tap. Water was dead calm up until around 6:15 then started to blow like usual.Saw some bluefish going after some spearing schools, bluefish nearly ending up on land. Called it an evening at 7:30. Water still feels kinda cold for fluke. Anyone else have better luck with their opening day of fluke?
  3. Thanks a bunch. Time flys bye quickly so best to make use of our days while we still have them lol. Best of luck to you and your family as well.
  4. Opening day of fluke season starts tomorrow. Today's weather may probably of been the nicer of the two days. Forecast rain by afternoon and overcast. Guess its worth a shot reguardless, next week wife's giving birth to our daughter so that means less fishing more babysitting.☺️
  5. What ever happened to being nice to other fishermen.... the guy is looking for another dude to just hang out and fish with. We dont all have to be ball busters..... Nick, best thing for you to do is the more you fish the beaches the more dudes you will meet. Some are nicer then others. Nothing wrong with getting to know other fishermen.
  6. Go for it, now that the weather is warming it's almost certain more ppl will be flooding to the beaches. No one can tell you no anyways. Just be careful and keep a safe distance.
  7. Sounds about right except for the d-bags that are overfishing their limits and keeping to many, no way your eating as much fish as this clown keeps posting.
  8. Same guy that's been keeping stripers everyday and night posted this, overfishing your limit on blues..... people like that shouldn't be fishing if you can't follow the rules.
  9. I saw a 1 guy on a yak today. He did not venture far. Once that wind kicked up he headed in. I was expecting no wind today, in a matter of minutes it went from being a lake to a washing machine with white caps. Not a very good day of fishing. Guess these are the days when you put your boat in the water and you cuss at the weatherman for not getting the wind right.
  10. Gave it a whirl today out back from a bayshore town. Water was calm flat early morning, but by afternoon wind came out of nowhere and it was extremely choppy water. Fished 2 hours not a touch. Previous week and beyond that I was getting consistant hookups with bass in the area. My assumption is the fish left the area. I did not see any others get a bite today either.
  11. Yes you can go to a 5 or 6" white swimming mullet. Using the 4" you will get 90% shorts to 10% being the occasional keeper ratio. I noticed once I upgraded to a bigger size mullet We were catching more keeper fluke. Same method applies for the surf. You can always use your cast net and catch your own bait. When I was a youngster, my uncle swore to the squid/killie combo. That combination would catch keeper fluke. He was a diehard fisherman who lived and breathed fishing. I was lucky enough to go with him a few times on a party boat fishing the ocean for fluke and blues. I have always had luck with using squid and killie as a pair toghter. Until gulp became popular, I always used real bait.
  12. Anything's possible. The more action / Color / movement it makes jigging off the bottom should anticipate a fluke wanting to strike it. White has always been the best color for me, both bay and ocean. Gulp literally out fishes any other lure that I have tried. Last week I got a keeper striper on a white 5" swimming mullet that I normally use only for fluke fishing. Sometimes changing up the lure / color / presentation giving that extra tail flutter from the gulp is what they wanted that day. Soft plastics are great for multiple species and they give it that real swimming bait action.
  13. There are a few different ways you can do it with 2 teaser rigs then a weight on the bottom or just a weight ( I only use weight on bottom to avoid the snags) here are a few pics of some settups.
  14. I know exactly what you mean when you say snag city. One thing I know that has helped me was if your using a bucktail and then a teaser change out the bottom bucktail to a 1oz or 2 oz weight. Instead of having the bucktail snag the bottom ,the weight will just drag or hop along the bottom eliminating most snags. You can add 1 or 2 gulp teasers to make up for not using the bucktail if that makes sence. Now if I'm fishing an area with just mud bottom or relatively flat without rocks, boards, submerged pilings then I would be using a bucktail with a gulp teaser. Tip your bucktail with squid strip, bacon strip, bluefish or sea Robin belly strips and you'll be getting some really good bites, fluke can't resist that in front of their face.
  15. No problem bud, My son's birthday last year he made my wife go along and fish for a whole 2 hours lol. She is not into the whole fishing thing, she ended up landing 3 shorts and my kids and I all landed fish just no keepers. It's great when we can all get out with our kids and enjoy a nice day of only if the opening day would get here already..