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  1. The fish I caught this year appeared to be relatively clean. The fish I'm seeing online off the South Shore of LI and surrounding area have sea lice and lesions.
  2. From what I see on the net, a few bigger/larger fish other then what most of us been catching are off south shore of long island, assuming the fish pass our jersey beaches maybe we will see some bigger fish? I'm no expert, all we can do is keep trying and see if it gets any better before the fall run is done with this year.
  3. I agree totally that it is multiple states contributing to the factor of striped bass population. I was just stating what we see here in our state. I'm sure we have poachers here in jersey but sooner or later it catches up to them whether it's a fellow fisherman calling it in or a random check. I still say the boats out in the atlantic or bays contribute to striper depletion more then surf fisherman. The guys on the boats have a huge network of how they can get on the fish quickly and be in and out and ready for there next trip. And again I'm not bashing them, that's there gig, just saying it is what it is at this point. We need to accept the card we have been dealt with majority of our fish being schoolie fish. I suppose it could be worse and not catch anything, atleast to most of us, it's a hobby and not a business.
  4. Not to be the bearer of bad news but if you go to N J fishingdotcom you will get a good idea of why the size of stripers being caught on the beaches are few and far between. Lots of fish being harvested by fisherman because they pay $$ to be put on the fishing grounds.You do that day in and day out with multiple boats and sometimes 2-3 trips a day just for 1 boat and there goes your striper population. Look at the size of some of these fish,some well over 20-30 lbs.Sometimes the captain's tell them a smaller fish would be more beneficial but ultimately it's up to the customer.Bottom line people will continue to fish for stripers, I'm not against party boat fishing or anything like that but to blame guys for poor fish handling from surf fisherman is kind of a stretch to me.Thats just my opinion, enough said.
  5. Tried MoCo this morning, conditions deteriorating rather quickly, wind driven rain,rough surf, gave it 2 hours no takers. There was a few other guys nearby, didn't see anyone land anything. For the post above, the 1st of october I took a brief video of massive bunker schools in raritan bay, this was just 1 school close by but there were numerous other schools farther out. It was a nice evening with no wind, flat calm water so they were easy to spot. I snagged a few to use them for chunking for blues a few days after.The next day, they were gone. 20191001_184722.mp4
  6. Fished North MoCo this morning from 9-11 no takers, a seal popped up nearby and was swimming north, I figured that could be why there was no fish around. Got in the car at 12 and headed south, fished different area MoCo immediately saw lots of boats in the area, figured I give it a try. Fished several jetties and rock piles and was able to hook into a schoolie. He wanted that shad, he hit it hard. Overall nothing going on, very nice day with white water but difficult day of fishing.Wrapped up around 2pm. The guys in the boats are probably having much better luck. Gonna give it a try in the AM weather permitting.
  7. Add a teaser. That should help you out. I was never a big fan of the teasers didn't think they did much however I cant believe how many fish hit the teaser and not the jig or lure. Same thing goes for fluking, 90% of my yield has been on a teaser. Hope this helps you out some.
  8. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. From the picture posted online with the short on the tailgate it was just an open wound waiting for salt to pour in with everyone's opinions. With that being said, as long as the fish swam away it's good in my opinion. Now on the other hand, from what I heard today was a poacher got nailed with 2 shorts today at the hook. I was at the same beach where this took place however I must of left an hour or so earlier heading to different beach. From what sources say, poacher got his gear and fish seized along with a ticket. Those are the kind of guys we dont have any respect for or value the sport of fishing!!
  9. Decided to go out and give it a shot in NMC landed 1 fish.... still giving it a go in the rain.will update if anything else is caught...
  10. It's looking mighty windy with rough surf out there..... the days I have time to fish are always the worst weather conditions....
  11. Conditions unfishable, chocolate milk water, rough surf, threw everything at the water, bucktails, avas, shads, mag darter. No dice got skunked, better luck next time. Heres some vid footage of the rough white water. 20191118_155421.mp4 20191118_151043.mp4
  12. Gonna give it a shot at the Hook... will update ..
  13. Anyone hitting the beaches this afternoon/evening?
  14. Don't take it personal but I have always been told the passaic river is heavily contaminated. Ocassionaly when I am up that way for work I always see alot of garbage and debris floating around. Not to mention that the Passaic River is also is bordered by several low income filthy cities/towns as to where people are use to throwing there garbage on the ground or out there car windows, when It rains, drains Into sewers,then into the river. Be surprised if the fish that were caught would have 3 eyes and discolored bodies... zombie fish, just my opinion....
  15. What a waste.....keep that up and we wont have anything left for our future fishery!