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  1. This culture of sharing with limited number of friends sounds fun to me and that's what I was hoping for via cb or ham. I hear rumors that CB is coming back in some places. It may be because of the novelty of using old technology instead of cell phones. I'm not sure. I hope that it comes back. It would be nice to be able rag chew on CB about surf fishing while waiting for my chunks/bloodworm to get bit. I'm surprised it's not little bit more prevalent. Beach buggy's are prime for having a CB/Ham radio. That's what I thought. Despite above, I think I'm gonna rig a CB radio because the hardware is so cheap. (less than 200$ with all the wires and stuff) I'm probably going to add a DMR radio HT to the mix and have a mount and remote antenna hooked up in the car.
  2. I'm starting to dream up my deal beach buggy. Probably getting a Nissan Titan in a month or two. I wanted to ask if anyone is using Ham or CB radio out there on the sand ?? I already have a General ticket, so I prefer Ham radios ...obviously. But, I'm not past installing both. Could you kindly let me know: -If you have a Ham / CB radio and if you use it on the beach ? -Is there any channel/freq any one has agreed to using that I can monitor while on the beach ? -Is there any "Fishing" net on any repeaters anywhere ? (that'd be fun)
  3. Nissan frontier. cheaper than most compact trucks and reliable.
  4. Exactly. I feel like Subaru can handle it, but I also feel like i would get **** from people if I ever get stuck with it. I'm thinking subaru is probably better than 4x4 with open diffs in most cases. But I still feel like I should get 4x4..... It's one of those emotions I can't overcome with logic. BTW, there are such a thing as a Subaru specialists ? I didn't think there were. who knew.
  5. I haven't done enough research to figure out which one I should apply for. But I'm just over the nj border in NY near Nanuet. So, I guess, somewhere in Northern NJ ?? I guess I should figure out what beach by doing some research first. If 4wd isn't required, I may try to go for it this year (2020) with my highlander. K
  6. I will go out of my way to spend at BM stores as long as it's within 10% or so of the online price. Even then when that 10% starts being 20$ or more, it's hard not to spend it online.
  7. I wasn't going to buy a 380$ reel, but just wanted to see if there are other reels on sale. I just went there. I don't see it ... the VR for 380....
  8. Sorry for the stupid question. And I'm probably being lazy too, I can probabaly find the info if I research enough. But, I'll ask the question and derail the thread for a moment if I may.... My lease on my highlander is running out in Jan 2021. I stopped thinking about buying subarus because I had an assumption that I would not be able to get a "Beach Permit" unless if my vehicle was 4WD. I started looking at Tacos and Rams in 4wd. Is my assumption incorrect ? Do any of the towns require 4wd as a requirement to getting a permit to drive on the beach ?
  9. Fathom ii is back up to 16x. $. darn.
  10. It wasn't an animal rights person. But, back when I used to smoke, I had someone just randomly walk up to me and scream "Don't you know that today is quit smoking day ??" and run off. I know it's not what you were asking for, but same in the way that it was a type of situation where one person is insistent on pushing their own values on someone else.
  11. My search did not find this thread. Thanks. I’m reading it now.
  12. Thanks guys. So, it appears that I'm not such a minority after all. (who prefers conventional reels) At NJ shore, I don't think sand is going to be too much of a problem unless if I trip and dunk the whole thing. I'm going to buy a rod and try out by Shimano Curado 300DSV on the sandy surf of NJ/LI. Some one above mentioned muskie rod. But, I've also read and found some Salmon / Steelhead casting rods that are 9' - 10' that sounds like it would work well. (e.g. Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon/Steelhead Casting Rod) And Lexa 300/400 reels looks nice. I watched a youtube video of a guy catching tuna with 300. It's amazing that it would handle that kind of fish in palmable size reel. Do let me know further if you guys know any specific rod that works particularly well ( 9' ~ 10 1/2 ' range | lure weight 2/3 ~ 3 ish) !! I'll try to report back next summer on whatever I end up using and how it held up. Ken.
  13. I'm an FW fisherman transitioning to Salt water, specifically for stripers. I really prefer conventional reels than spinning for most but the lightest application. I have a Curado 300DSV that I'd very much like to use for plugging off the surf. I'd like your wizdom on using Conventional / baitcaster reel for plugging. For the most part, Surf fishing for stripers seems to be done with Spincast reels. I see very little use of conventional reels with minor exception being when "Chunking". There seems to be very little or no use of coventional reels for plugging. From what I've gathered through all the searching/reading, the reasons seems to be that Coventional reels do not handle sandy salt water well. Few questions: -Is my assessment that Conventional reels can't handle sandy salt water correct ? -If, yes to above, are there any conventional reels that are specifically designed to tolerate sandy salt water ? -Is there any other reason for not using conventional reels for plugging. ? -If the consensus is that coventional reel can be used for plugging off surf, is there any 10' rod that is recommended. (Casting rod for plugging seems to be thin picking) Thanks guys and sorry to ask a what "Sharpies" may consider to be off the wall question.
  14. It’s fine. I’ll get a refund. I think they shipped an empty box so that amazon wont deduct the money from their account and they can hold on to the money A bit longer. Having a very long expected delivery date is a part of that game. I’m thinking that the scam is that they get the money and close the bank account before amazon comes after it. If anyone knowes better, let us know. I’ll get my money back easy , but im just curious.
  15. Ok my reel is delivered. Except when i came home with my new rod, it wasnt home. it Got delivered to east strousburgh, PA. I live in NY. Wth. Called amazon, theyll give me a refund if they cant get me the reel. No problems there. But i want my reel !! Had my 30# braid delivered friday too. What a disappointment. My st croix 10’ is lonely now.